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happy marriage thumb 10 Good Things About MarriageDo you appreciate the good things about marriage?

It seems that in some circles today that marriage gets a bad rap.  Well, I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of good things about marriage.  I should know.  I’ve been happily married for almost 20 years.

I think it is easy to underappreciate the alliance formed when a man and a woman pledge their love for one another in holy matrimony.

Maybe we need a reminder of just how valuable and attractive marriage can be.

Here are 10 good things about marriage that might get easily overlooked:

1.  Someone to Come Home to Every Night

Like a lot of introverts, I like my alone time.  However, there is nothing better in this world than knowing that you have someone to come home to every night.  When you are married, you know that no matter what happened in your day that you have a loving spouse at home looking forward to the moment you walk in the door.  This is priceless.

2.  Someone to Build a Life With

What is the point of building a life if you don’t have a spouse on the inside to share it with?  For me, this is what makes it all worthwhile.  I can endure a lot as long as I know there is a purpose behind it.  My wife and the family we’ve created together are that purpose.  They give everything I do a sense of meaning and value.  This is a huge bonus that comes with being married.

3.  Someone to Always Be Your Best Friend

People come and go, but your spouse is always there.  My wife is definitely my best friend.  For over twenty years, we’ve done pretty much everything together.  Sure, we fight sometimes, but we always work it out and move on.  That’s what friendship and marriage is all about.  We’ve got each other’s backs.  We love the same things.  We support each other through thick and thin.  It’s nice being married to my best friend.

4.  Someone to Catch You When You Fall

Sooner or later, life is going to deal you something that you can’t handle on your own.  When this happens, it is sure comforting to know that your spouse will be there for you.  My wife was there for me when we lost our home in a tornado and when my employer unexpectedly shutdown the company.  Having another pair of shoulders to help bear these burdens was definitely a big benefit.

5.  Someone to Tell You the Truth

The truth is sometimes hard to hear.  However, there are some things, even unpleasant things, that we need to know.  Often a spouse is the only person with a big enough vested interest to tell us the unvarnished truth.  Come on, you know you’ve avoided telling a friend some hard-to-deliver info even though they needed to hear it.  This is where your spouse won’t let you down.

6.  Someone to Hug You When You Have a Bad Day

There is nothing else in the world that makes me feel better when I’ve had a bad day than getting a big hug from my wife.  Words just can’t console you like a set of loving arms can.  In addition to just being there, my wife truly cares and empathizes which is what makes her hugs really help.  Knowing another person cares deeply that you’re hurting is the best medicine around.

7.  Someone to Make You a Better Person

All too often, we like to hide in our comfort zones.  Having a spouse is like having a built-in solution to this problem.  My wife is always encouraging me to try new things and to explore new places.  She keeps me from getting too comfortable which keeps me from stagnating.  You need someone continually challenging you to improve and grow.

8.  Someone to Know Everything About You

You need someone that knows everything about you and still loves you anyway.  Spouses, over time, generally learn the good, the bad and the downright ugly about their mates.  I find it comforting to know that I’m still loved despite what all my wife knows about me.  You need at least one person that knows the real, authentic you.  The intimacy of marriage gives you this deep partnership automatically.

9.  Someone that Shares Your Point of View

Sometimes you need a sympathetic ear.  You want someone that can see things the same as you do.  Because a spouse knows your history and is involved on a daily basis in all your trials and triumphs, they are in a perfect position to be your closest ally.  They’ll stand next to you and see things in the same light.  It is nice to know you’ve always got a die-hard companion when you need one.

10.  Someone to Love You Just the Way You Are

A good spouse will tell you the hard truth about yourself and they’ll push you to grow, but in the end they’ll love you just as you are.  Acceptance is something we all want and need.  It is also difficult to find.  The world can be cold and unfeeling.  That’s why marriage is such a great thing.  It gives you that one other person whose love you can depend on.

What did I miss?  What are some more good things about marriage?  Leave a comment below and chime in.

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PinExt 10 Good Things About Marriage

7 thoughts on “10 Good Things About Marriage

  1. This is a great list. But finding out that #3 and # 8 are no where close to true Is a kick in the teeth. Even worse when #6 is so far from truth that it’s ridiculous.

    Thanks for the list though. Something to dream about for sure.

    • Those numbers you listed are in fact some of the best! Please don’t say its a kick in the teeth, because some of us are truly in love, have a best friend in our mate. Sorry you had a bad experience. #6 is closer to the truth than anything!

  2. I have ALL of these and I’m not married, I don’t see the point of a piece of paper signed by a priest and a judge, and a mult-thousand dollar wedding to say I LOVE YOU, I’M YOURS FOREVER.

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