25 Absolute Best Ways to Comfort Yourself

PinExt 25 Absolute Best Ways to Comfort Yourself

comfortgirl 25 Absolute Best Ways to Comfort Yourself Do you need a little comfort?

Life is hard sometimes.  It is important to take timeout once in awhile to soothe yourself and relax.

We tend to burn the candle at both ends.  We push ourselves until we just don’t have anything left to give.  Then we wonder why we fail to deliver our best performance.

You’ve got to take time to recharge your batteries.  The good news is that the simple things in life are really what bring the most comfort. 

I’ve created this list to help remind you of how you can pamper yourself without spending a fortune or a lot of time.  I’d encourage you to take a minute now and comfort yourself with one of these convenient balms.

The 25 Ways to Comfort Yourself

The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it. 
~ Samuel Johnson

1.  Drinking A Hot Cup of Coffee

A hot cup of Joe is like an old friend.  It is always there when you need it.  Drinking a nice cup of coffee on a cold morning is soothing and warming.  Soldiers in the field have long considered this the must-have comfort no matter where they are.

2.  Feeling the Warm Sunshine on Your Face

I think the look on the woman’s face in the picture above says it all.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin is relaxing and can melt your troubles away in just a few minutes.

3.  Wrapping Up in Your Favorite Blanket

Blankets have long been the comforter of choice for children and many adults as well.  Being wrapped up can make us feel safe and cared for.  Snuggle with your favorite blanket and you’ll feel better in no time.

4.  Receiving a Heartfelt Hug

A strong hug is a universal comfort.  It conveys acceptance and love.  It tells us that everything is going to be all right.  If you need comfort, go ask someone for a long, heartfelt hug.

5.  Eating Chocolate

Chocolate is not just a great treat.  It also causes our brains to secrete serotonin, a natural antidepressant, and endorphins which produce pleasurable sensations.  Chocolate is a great comfort.

6.  Making Love

Like chocolate, making love causes your body to release endorphins that give you an instant boost in your feelings of well-being.  Of course, it usually involves lots of hugs and unconditional acceptance which also comforts us and helps us to feel better about everything.

7.  Indulging in a Hearty Meal

Some individuals overuse food for comfort, but when used in moderation, food can be an excellent soother.  A full belly of hearty comfort food almost always makes a person feel better.

8.  Taking A Long Walk

Getting away from it all and exercising are both excellent ways to calm yourself and put things back into the proper perspective.  Of course, the fresh air you get on a walk can’t hurt either.

9.  Watching a Sunset

The beauty and serenity of a sunset can remind us that the world isn’t all bad.  Soak it in and let go of all the negativity and stress that is weighing you down.  I like to drink a glass of wine as I watch the sun dip below the horizon for an extra comforting experience.

10.  Spending Time in the Woods

Nature is rejuvenating.  The beauty, the solitude and the peacefulness all combine to provide just what we need when we are feeling overwhelmed with life’s demands.

11.  Talking With an Old Friend

Sometimes you just need to reach out to an old confidant to get something off your chest.  That’s what friends are for, right?  Telling someone else your troubles can be a cathartic experience.

12.  Taking a Long, Hot Shower

Hot showers sooth your muscles and help your body to relax.  A relaxed physical state helps you to unwind mentally.  Get in the shower and clear your mind, you’ll feel better afterwards.

13.  Petting Your Faithful Dog

Researchers and medical professionals have found that there are a number of emotional and psychological benefits to pet ownership.  If pets are good enough to be used in serious therapy, then they are surely a good choice when you need some comforting.

14.  Enjoying a Leisurely Nap

When was the last time you allowed yourself the luxury of a leisurely nap?  Naps have been shown to enhance mood and mental performance.  It might be just the kind of comfort you need if you are overworked and underappreciated.

15.  Spending an Hour at the Beach

The sound of the crashing waves, the feel of the sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun all combine at the beach to create the ultimate in soothing environments.  Take an hour at the beach to regroup and reclaim your day.

16.  Reading an Engaging Book

Books can be a wonderful escape from the stresses of life.  They transport you to another world where all your troubles can fade into oblivion.  Borrow one from your local library if you can’t afford to buy.

17.  Lighting a Scented Candle

Pleasing aromas can stimulate certain moods in us.  Find a candle or some incense that makes you feel calm and relaxed.  This can be a great way to comfort yourself during difficult times.

18.  Meditating in Solitude

Get away from everyone and everything for thirty minutes and you might be surprised at how good it feels.  Use some basic meditation practices to focus your mind on positive thoughts or affirmations.  This can really turn your day around.

19.  Cleaning Up Your Space

When our space is cluttered, then often so are our minds.  Cleaning up can make you feel good about your accomplishment and give you a sense of control.

20.  Reviewing Inspirational Quotes

Reading over inspiring quotes, scriptures or other writings can help lift you out of the doldrums.  Often we just need a foothold to help us pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off before we move on after an especially tough break.

21.  Going Home to Your Mom or Dad

Mom and dad were your original comforters and for many they still provide a safe haven where you can regroup and recharge.  Spend a day with those that love you no matter what and you are sure to walk away with a better outlook on life.

22.  Getting a Massage

A professional massage therapist can do wonders for one’s mental and physical state.  They’ll rub the worry right out of your body.  Treat yourself to this special luxury when you need a real chance to unwind.

23.  Watching a Favorite Old Movie

A couple of hours of downtime on the couch watching a favorite old movie might be just the ticket for you.  It will give your mind and body time to rest and recuperate. 

24.  Drinking a Beer

Alcohol is a depressant that can help you to unwind when used in moderation.  A nice, cold beer is a fantastic way to chill out after a hard day.

25.  Counting Your Blessings

Finally, when things look bleak, you need to sit down and count your blessings.  Remind yourself of all that you have to be thankful for in your life.  It is easy to get tunnel vision on just the negative.  A few minutes of intentionally focusing on the good can make you feel better instantly.

Take a Few Minutes to Comfort Yourself Today

Comforting yourself is good for your mental and physical well-being.  It gives you a chance to refuel and regroup before you face another challenge.  I hope this list has helped you identify at least one way that you can comfort yourself today.

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PinExt 25 Absolute Best Ways to Comfort Yourself

9 thoughts on “25 Absolute Best Ways to Comfort Yourself

  1. Great list and appropriate timing with the cold creeping up on us.

    I like the idea and am inspired to make a list of my own to remind myself.

    #1 on my list. Use the outdoor fire pit to cook some hot dogs over the coals.

  2. Great list!

    I just wanted to emphasize how great #13, your faithful dog, can be. Research shows that simply petting a dog reduces heartrate, reduces anxiety, and helps to focus on the present as opposed to whatever it is that is worrying you. And not just dogs! Cats, horses, gerbils, and even tanks of fish have been shown to have positive effects on stressed humans!

    I like to combine #13, #8, and #10…taking my dog for a walk in the woods, for the ultimate comfort!

    Thanks for a great post.
    .-= Daniella´s last blog ..Preparing your Pet to be a Therapy Animal =-.

  3. This is a great list. I’m with Daniella about #13–dog power. :) My best combo is #8, #13, and #15–walking my dog on the beach, which I’m fortunate enough to get to do daily.

    This list reminded me that I made what I call a “Happiness Touchstone” list a few years ago. I wrote down all the little things that bring me joy. The idea was to turn to it when I was stressed. Instead, I relied a bit too much on #5 and #7 and gave food too much attention.

    So I’m digging out that list. And I’m seeing some fun ones: Blow bubbles off the back deck, taking a long soak in my jetted tub, watch the squirrels play in my yard, and draw.

    Thanks for the reminder of how important these touchstones are for staying grounded!
    .-= Ande´s last blog ..The Cluster Theory Of How To Break Bad Habits =-.

  4. Hey Jeff! I was like laughing like silly. Only two here are not on my list. But in their place, I comfort myself with tending to a few potted plants inside the house. I’m oh-so-glad we could do that cozy routine without having to endure the harshness of weather. And next, I like to lie down on the grass on a starry night. And have Frank Sinatra or Louis Armstrong singing their masterpieces. Awesome.

    Now let me go back to laughing at the two things I don’t have on my list. :) And yeah, it doesn’t mean I don’t give myself enough comfort.

    Keep it up, Jeff. Well, I know you would but I just wanna say it.

    .-= arina nikitina´s last blog ..What Major Change in Your Life Led You to Have Greater Self-Belief =-.

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