25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life

PinExt 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life

father kiss 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life Are you teaching your daughter what she needs to know to become a confident, well-adjusted woman?

Yesterday, I wrote about how our daughters are under attack in our toxic culture.  I expounded on all the messages they hear that are leading them astray.

Today, I want to offer what we as fathers must be teaching our daughters if we want them to grow up to be happy, independent and productive.

Teach daughters these 25 things and they will love you for it!

These are the things I want to teach my two daughters.  I am convinced these are the things necessary to counteract all the other crap they hear elsewhere.

1.  Family is forever

I want her to know that I will always love her mother.  Her family will always be here as a complete unit for her to depend upon.  I will model the loving marriage I want her to have.

2.  She is beautiful just the way she is

I will tell her this regularly to affirm her belief in it.  I will let her know that her natural beauty is all the attractiveness she will ever need and that I love her just the way she is.

3.  She is enough and capable of anything

I will reassure her regularly that she has all the intelligence, confidence and capability she needs to conquer anything she wants to do in life.  She is more than enough!

4.  How to say “no” and mean it

Over the years, her girlfriends and boyfriends are going to ask her to do things that aren’t good for her.  I will teach her it is okay to say “no” and stick to it.  Practice makes perfect!

5.  What I believe is right and wrong

Where else are our daughters going to get moral clarity?  We must teach them what we believe is ethical and right so they have a measure to live by.

6.  Humility

Yes, I want my daughter to be confident and independent, but I also want her to respect others and to treat everyone with dignity.  I want her to give due regard to those in authority such as teachers, public servants and her parents!

7.  How to eat to remain healthy

I want my daughter to have a healthy view of food.  I don’t want her to overindulge, but I also don’t want her to be obsessed with dieting.  Modeling a healthy diet and lifestyle are vital.

8.  Men should treat her with gentleness and respect

She will learn this by observing the way I treat her and her mother.  I will teach her that she should refuse to accept anything less.

9.  Modesty

It is much more attractive to create a modest and authentic look.  Young women that wear clothes that are revealing are crying out for attention.  I will teach my daughter that there are boundaries to what is acceptable.

10.  Relationships and family matter most in life

I will teach her that most of her joy and fulfillment in life will come from the relationships she builds.  It is of the utmost importance that she chooses and acts wisely.

11.  Not to drink too much and to stay away from drugs

Alcohol consumption in excess is dangerous and impairs judgement.  Alcohol before she is an adult is especially harmful.  Educating her on the perils and providing firm supervision is paramount.

12.  Her father will always defend her

She needs to know that if someone wrongs her, that I will defend her.  I will be her champion and hero.  She will never need to look elsewhere to find protection.

13.  How to manage her money

I will teach her that debt is dangerous and that thrift and frugality are wise.  I will show her how to budget her money and ways to save.  I will involve her so she can learn from an early age.

14.  The value of honesty and integrity

I want my daughter to understand that you are only as good as your reputation.  If you lie or cheat, word will spread and you will be discredited.  It is always better to tell the truth.

15.  Patience

Wait.  Wait to have sex.  Wait until you find the right man.  Wait so you can finish college.  Wait so you can travel.  Be patient.  There is no need to rush into things.

16.  Keep things simple

You will never regret keeping your life simple.  Complexity is burdensome.  It is tiring.  The simpler the solution, the more eloquent it is.  Keep your life simple!

17.  Put God first

God is your compass.  He will show you the way.  I will live so she knows what God means to me and that I have a relationship with Him.  He will never fail her.

18.  How to pray

Lift up all your concerns and thanksgiving to God!  It will help you to always remain humble and grateful.  You are blessed!

19.  We have more than enough

Be content.  Don’t fall victim to hyper-consumerism.  It will put you in a hole that you won’t like.  Recognize when you have enough.  Give generously.

20.  Appreciate nature

A good deal of the wonder and beauty in life is found in nature.  Spend time outdoors.  Take care of the environment.  Take time to appreciate all nature has to offer.

21.  Be persistent

Perseverance is one of the key characteristics of the successful.  Don’t give up too easily.  Stick with things until you conquer them.  Try and try again.

22.  Be practical and pragmatic

Stay grounded.  Look for solutions that work.  Solve problems for people and they will appreciate you.  Keep your head about you.  Be logical.

23.  She alone has authority over her body and life

Don’t let people push you around.  It is okay to be nice, but you also have to know when to put your foot down.  Draw the line when it is necessary.

24.  Ask yourself, “So, what can I do about it?”

This goes along with being practical.  Follow the wisdom in the Serenity Prayer.  It will decrease the stress in your life and increase your effectiveness.

25.  Your father will always, always, always love you!

I want her to know above all else that my love is unconditional.  I may not always like her behavior, but I will always love her.  She needs to understand this separation.

This is a big job, but I’m up for it because my daughters matter

I’m not  going to kid you.  Raising a daughter in today’s culture is a big job.  The stakes are high.  The opposition is fierce.

However, I will not give in.  I am drawing a line in the sand today.  I will be a father to my daughters.  I will fight for them.  I will live as an example.  This world and our society will not claim them as victims.

Time is wasting.  I’d better get busy!

What did I leave out?  What else do we need to be teaching our daughters?

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PinExt 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life

85 thoughts on “25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life

  1. I am trying to teach my daughter that she is beautiful. The difficulty is when people see me. I am so handsome that it is not really fair to expect anyone to match my beauty.

  2. Great article. I think that point #3, it’s important to tell her this, but not too often. Sometimes the best show of confidence is not saying much, if you tell kids how special/capable they are too often, it can have the opposite effect. Having a quiet confidence, and not worrying too much about her performance is a great confidence booster.

  3. You should teach her humility, that you aren’t a hero or champion but a human being that can make faults/mistakes. Teach her that her life isn’t worth more then anyone else’s and that with others help she can make something in this world. Life will never be perfect so don’t stress when it isn’t.

    Also, this 25things shouldn’t include religion because not ‘every’ father is religious. Morality isn’t bound to religion and being a good human isn’t hard without it.

    • Agreed on the god stuff. That would have been my comment but you beat me to it. Was actually enjoying the list until it turned to talk on religionand praying…then I did not even want to finish it. My husband and I are not religious and we are loving parents who instill values and morality in our child, as were my parents.

      • I’m not religious either, but this is his list and if he is religious, that is fine. I just hope he does educate her on all religions so that she does not become close-mined. Same with morality… It’s good to teach her what you believe is right or wrong, but let her develop her own moral belief and be her own person.

      • Well chew the meat and spit our “your” bones…I was very happy that he mentioned prayer and honoring God…it is the lack of those two things that has our nation where it is today…I’m not religious either…but I can’t ignore the obvious especially after the miracle of having a baby…it’s so sad people choose to deny the existence of the very one who made them… Teach your kid to pray b/c one day they’ll need it and be glad they learned it from you…

        • People need to back off people for their beliefs. Everyone teaches their children how they believe and what they believe is right. Why should he change his beliefs or how he raises his children based off of other people? When he asked what else should we include that’s what he met, not what should I change. I love YOUR list.

  4. Religion (FAITH) Gravy, should be number 1… and i agree with the above statement… grass, outside, nature, teach her that life is wasted while staring at a computer or phone…

  5. I agree with everything. I think the God parts should be first. As for those that wanted to turn away because religion was included… really??? That’s whats wrong with the world, so quick to try to shut out “God”, our “Creator”, “Higher Power”, whatever you’d like to call our Infinite Creator… People now a days try to give themselves too much credit…

    Anyway, prayer / meditation & faith extremely important!

    This was a great read, good for raising both daughters and sons!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • 100% agree with you. I dont know how they dont going far away from GOD, Our creater. If they believe that a single part of car cant make by itself then how this complex universe make by itself. there should be Some one who make it and he is Our GOD,

  6. If only all men taught their daughters this….this world would be great. God bless you. It is sad that some are turned off with the mere mention of God. Why do they hate God so much to knock him not even knowing the certainty of an existence. Religion was not mentioned but God was. These posters must fear God.

  7. Wow! THis father luv his daughter a lot…
    I wish if my father would be this much loving and caring like him…..

  8. I read on past all the God stuff. it’s the guys choice if he wants to pass religion on to his child or not. Coming from Ireland, I know how distructive religion can be, but i respect someones personal choice.

    I love the list however, it obviously took some time and a lot of thought. I am grateful for the insight into the morals of another dad, as I am trying to be the best dad i can be myself.

    our girls are so special to us; so, thank you for the list! If it helps any dad improve his attitude to, and way of treating, his daughter, it will have been worth it.

  9. Again, another great article. I guess there are things that can always be added or taken away for each individuals circumstances.

    For me point 1 would be out, as me and my daughters mum are no longer together. I guess it’s important to teach the kids that ideally family should be forever, and the importance of selecting the most compatible partner in the 1st place. Although this does not necessarily mean that the childred will grow up any less rounded or well adjusted.

    Also religion is a deeply personal thing to each individual, and I understand how it can be important in life and for some people – although can also see the downsides to this (why the downsides are there – man’s choices etc is another topic)- and anyone with open eyes can see this. I’m more of an agnostic by choice – however I am cultural and follow certain traditions that are based around my born into faith.

    If my kids show an interest in this, I will endevour to engage them in this.

  10. You should tech your daughters to be good lovers by showing then how to ride and suck. I have taught mine everything and now she knows how to please a man and get what she wants too.

  11. Praying is not specific to only those who are religious. Yes — praying is practiced in religion — and God is the central focal point in this particular type of prayer — but prayer is a medium. Prayer cannot be claimed or owned — prayer is calm, quiet reflection in one’s thoughts. You might think actual words — you might simply imagine silence, as beautiful landscapes are painted before your eyes. Did God create that landscape? Depends — if the person praying believed in God or not. Two things I know for certain are absolute truths. [1] God exists — and — [2] In the end — we are one. There is no fight to fight — and I’ll gladly be the one man on earth who is always wrong, so every man, woman, and child can always be right. [J the flying C]

  12. Pretty solid stuff here! Though I would NEVER suggest to ‘wait’ to travel. The younger, the better. If there is the means, it’s the best education a kid can get. Otherwise, nice list!

  13. This is awesome the part of God should be number one,but overall its the best. We can try to avoid but one thing in life is that God does exist

  14. EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! ( the prayer and religous part as well!) it’s so sad the moment you mention any type of reverence or respect for God people people become so cold hearted…it’s sad… Denying their actually maker…

  15. She needs to know that her biggest battle is controlling her emotions and that men’s biggest battle is controlling their sexual appetite. A man produces 1.4 billion sperm a day. She produces an egg or two a month. It’s up to her to say no. Male approval is so important to girls. It should be important to her around age 26 when she has her degree or career and knows who she is. Her greatest contribution to society will be her children and she should have as many as she can afford!

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