5 Steps to Rejuvenate Your New Year’s Resolutions

PinExt 5 Steps to Rejuvenate Your New Years Resolutions

spring flower 5 Steps to Rejuvenate Your New Years Resolutions

This article is just one in a series on rejuvenating your life hosted by the Life Skills Network.  You’ll find links to the other articles at the end.  Enjoy!

Do your resolutions need a little springtime rejuvenation?

This is a wake up call for us.  A quarter of the year is already gone.  We are at the beginning of spring.  Have you made any progress towards the resolutions you committed to made back in January?

Many of us can barely even remember what we so firmly resolved to do.  What were your resolutions?  Did you decide to eat healthier, start a budget or spend more time with your family?

For regular people, it is so easy to let our daily routines and life’s little “emergencies” to crowd out our important commitments.  Well, never fear because spring is a time of rebirth.

Let’s get things back on track and rejuvenate those resolutions.

5 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Resolutions

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”
~ Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

There is still plenty of time to revive your resolutions and accomplish your goals for the year.  Please don’t give up.  Throwing in the towel now only leads to certain defeat.  I want to encourage you to revive your resolutions.  With just a little effort, you can get things going again and improve your life.  You are so worth it.

Here are five steps you can use to get things back on track:

1.  Revisit the Reasons

List the reasons that you want to make the change.  This will help to rekindle your motivation.  Answer the following questions to revisit the reasons for your resolution:

  • Why did you commit yourself to your resolution in the first place? 
  • What benefits will you gain if you accomplish your goal? 
  • How will you feel when you complete your resolution?
  • How will you feel if you give up?  Which outcome do you prefer?
  • What do you stand to gain if you are successful?
  • Who else would benefit if you accomplish this goal?

I’d highly recommend that you record your reasons in a journal or in some other way so you can refer back often.  This is a fantastic way to stay motivated and to keep yourself focused.

2.  Forgive Yourself and Move On

If you haven’t done anything toward your resolution up until now, then you need to forgive yourself for your lack of progress.  Don’t let it discourage you and do not waste anymore time in regret.  This won’t get you anywhere.  The best way that you can make it up to yourself is to simply get things back on track as quickly as possible.  My recommendation is to forget it and move on!

You need a positive mindset to accomplish your goals.  You need to pat yourself on the back for your interest in rejuvenating your resolutions.  Congratulate yourself for reading this article and for resetting your commitment to a better life.  This is going to be the year that you succeed in accomplishing your resolutions!  I can feel that you are ready to get going in a big way!

3.  Clarify and Simplify to Amplify

Let’s do a little debugging to see if we can give your resolutions a jumpstart.  Often, the reason we don’t accomplish our goals is because they are too vague, too complicated and too broad.  We need to clarify and simplify our goals to amplify their meaning.

You clarify by making goals specific and measurable in writing.  For example, don’t just say or think, “I want to lose weight”.  Instead, write down, “I want to lose 10 pounds by July 1st”.  Go on to define the exact steps that you are going to take to accomplish your goal.  For example, “I will eat 1500 or fewer calories per day and I will exercise intensely for one hour at least 5 days per week.”  Do you see how this amplifies your goal?  It makes it clear and gives you specific instructions on what to do.

Also, check your goal to be sure it is simple and realistic.  A complex goal needs to be broken down into smaller baby steps.  For example, if you owe $50,000 on credit cards and student loans and your resolution is to become debt-free, then you may need to simplify your goal.  You might want to set up a debt snowball aimed at paying off one or two debts in the next six months.  This is realistic and again it gives you focus.

Having your resolutions well-defined on paper will go a long ways toward helping you to get back on track.  Your brain simply can’t handle vague instructions.  Give it something to latch on to.

4.  Lean Into It

It is easy to procrastinate on resolutions.  Sometimes it is because we simply can’t see the entire pathway to accomplish our goal.  In this case, you just have to lean into it and let things start to unfold.  I just recently read about this idea in The Success Principles by Jack Canfield which is my featured resource right now.

Let me give you an example to help illustrate the concept.  When I decided to start this site, I knew absolutely zilch about blogging.  I didn’t really know where to start.  I could have been so concerned that I’d make a crucial mistake due to my inexperience that I just gave up.  Instead, I leaned into it.  I did a little research, created a free site on Blogger and started posting a few articles.  Now I’ve definitely changed a lot of things since I started out and I have certainly made some mistakes along the way, but by leaning into it, I got started.  If I hadn’t just jumped in and developed some important beginning momentum, then the whole idea would have probably just evaporated.

Start doing little things to get your resolution going.  Lean into it and you will likely see things start to take off.  This is a valuable way to rejuvenate your resolutions.

5.  Act Boldly

Following Steps 1 through 4 above will almost certainly get things moving in the right direction again for your goal.  Now you need to act boldly to capitalize on your new momentum.  Take a daring step toward what you want.  Reach out and grab what seems just beyond your grasp.  Give it your all and your big push will likely pay off giving you some early success that will really bolster your enthusiasm.

A bold leap is a scary thing to take, but it is a great way to make a giant step forward.  Try quitting cold turkey, cold call a big account, approach a well-respected person to be your mentor, submit a guest post to ProBlogger or ask your boss for a raise.  Any one of these things could cut the time it takes you to reach your goal considerably.  Think big!

Don’t Let Your Resolutions Die on the Vine

Do something, anything, today to rejuvenate your resolutions.  You thought they were a good idea just a few short months ago so don’t give up on them now.  Follow these steps and you can make it happen.  When you do you’ll be so incredibly happy and it will all be worth the effort.  Spring is a great time to rejuvenate your New Year’s Resolutions!

This post is a part of a whole series of rejuvenation articles offered by the Life Skills Network.  You can learn more rejuvenation tips by reading these great articles:

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PinExt 5 Steps to Rejuvenate Your New Years Resolutions

10 thoughts on “5 Steps to Rejuvenate Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great tips Jeff. I especially liked number four. Wading into the pool to check the waters is a great way to see if you like something. My 10 year old son wants an electric guitar, a $1,000 electric guitar, even though he doesn’t know how to play it. I’m planning on buying one (as a birthday present) that costs $79 first to see if he keeps it up.

    “Leaning” can also save you some serious money! Haha!
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Rejuvenating Your Budget =-.

    • Ron – It sounds like you have an excellent plan to support your son and protect your wallet. This strategy helps to breakdown some of the obstacles to getting started in any endeavor.

  2. Leaning into it! Great picture of what we need to do to succeed. Hey, if you ever have some pointers for migrating a blogger blog to WordPress, would love your input :) I have to do that as one of my next steps. Living boldly certainly does give life the spice and zest it needs to be lived to the fullest. Thanks for the practical tips.
    .-= Steve-Personal Success Factors´s last blog ..Discover the Secret of Future Proofing Your Career =-.

    • Steve – WordPress does a pretty good job of importing posts from blogger. In fact, this site started on blogger. I don’t think you’ll have much trouble. If you have any questions once your over on WP, then give me a shout. I’d be happy to help as best I can.

  3. Great post and what a great time of the year to remind us of this. I’m a regular attendee of the gym and every year it starts to get packed in January with everyone who’s chosen exercise as their New Years resolution. And you’re absolutely right, it’s just about this time of the year when things start to thin out again. I’m still hanging in there with my resolution but I may need to act boldly to stay with it. Thanks for the reminder!
    .-= Tina@RideOnToys´s last blog ..The Brum Pedal Car =-.

    • Tina – I always hate January at the gym. It gets too crowded. :)

      As you’ve pointed out, most people start out strong, but give up after just a couple of months. That’s good news for the rest of us! Sticking to anything is a big part of what makes one successful at it. You’ve got to have staying power to win.

  4. Very helpful tips! Tip number 1, Revisit the reasons, resonates with me because I always remind myself to do that when I loose sight on my goals. I

    I really didn’t set resolutions at the start of the year. My whole philosophy is that everyday is a new beginning. Why wait until the new year to start a new goal or resolution, but that’s just me personally.

    But whether it’s a new years resolutions or setting goals it’s always helpful to list your reasons for doing them.

    Great article Jeff!!!


  5. I’ve completed all my goals so far plus more. I’m so happy and grateful for everything that I’ve achieved this year :) . Good point though but I think that new years resolutions are often just an excuse for people who don’t have the persistence to achieve goals. You can set goals now, you don’t have to wait until December 31st! It’s just a tradition.
    .-= Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com´s last blog ..Tabata Intervals : Day 30 (Post Mortem) =-.

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