5 Ways to Dispel Discouragement

PinExt 5 Ways to Dispel Discouragement

This is a guest post by Alden Tan.

dispel discouragement 5 Ways to Dispel DiscouragementLike it or not, there will always be negative, discouraging people in this world ready to bring you down.

Unfortunately, no matter how good your intentions are or how much effort you put into your hard and legitimate work, these people will try to demoralize you.

This is why dreams die; why many people live life according to the music for a while, but eventually wind up quitting.

They get discouraged along the way.

And they get lost.

Why People Put Others Down

Because we all encounter these people, it’s important to try to understand why they are like they are.

There are a number of reasons.

More often than not, people who intentionally put others down are suffering from their own insecurities.

They’re afraid to see others succeed.

They’re so used to a hard life that they cannot open themselves up to feeling good for others.

Your success threatens them.

So, it isn’t you.  It is them.  Understanding this is the first step to overcoming their discouragement.

Here Are 5 Ways to Dispel Discouragement

You simply don’t have to buy into those that spread negativity and discouragement.

Do yourself a favor and rise up. Become a champion, do what you love and achieve all your goals.

You are you and only you know what is best for you.

Here are some specific tips to help you dispel discouragement:

1) Know that Your Detractors Are Insecure

As I already mentioned, people who discourage you, shell out criticism and put you down are insecure in their own skin.

When a person is unfulfilled and feels a void in themselves, they attempt to fill that void by attacking others.

It’s not healthy at all, but that’s how negative people work.

So, realize that these people are very self-destructive and hold no power over you.

Don’t let them discourage you.  They’re not really experts and they don’t know better than you.

They’re just negative. And you shouldn’t have anything to do with that.

2) Realize It Is Just Mere Words and Thoughts

Discouragement, verbally or through text, is ultimately just mere words.

If you let them, they seep into your mind and run through your head becoming your thoughts, but only if you let them.

I’ll admit, how you think plays a big part in your life, but look at it this way: why should the words and thoughts of this one person matter so much?

You have all your talent and creativity to create new experiences in life. You have the right to live life – your life – the way you want.

So, don’t ever let the tiny words and thoughts of a discouraging person get you down.

3) Replace the Thought Immediately

You simply can’t let the words and thoughts of a discouraging person matter in the big picture.

You beat their negativity by turning it around and replacing the discouraging thought immediately.

It’s that simple.

If a negative thought runs through your head, recognize it and where it wants to go, but STOP it immediately! Don’t let it continue as it will likely cascade into more negativity.

Instead, creatively replace it with something more pleasant and uplifting.

So if discouragement comes your way, just let it pass in one ear and out the other. Then start replacing it with something better.

4) Start Hanging Out With Positive People

People discouraging you?

Drop them. Avoid the friends and even the family members that discourage you.

A lot of people think that it’s a fact that we have to deal with negative people no matter what. This is not entirely true.

You have a choice. You don’t have to continually allow negative people in your life.

Do yourself a favor and start hanging out with positive people.

Not only will you be free of discouraging and hurtful words, but you’ll get an uplifting effect from positive people.

And you’ll be surprised how far you can go with that.

5) Finally, Realize Most of What They Say Is False

Discouragement and criticism are rarely true.

Usually, they are nothing but exaggerated opinions that have no value at all.

Sadly, a lot of people take them in and believe them.

They let these false statements derail their enthusiasm.

Truth in your life comes from your own experience, followed by the thoughts derived from it. So start living!

Don’t let others discourage you and bring you down.

Live the life you want and create experiences for yourself to believe in.

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PinExt 5 Ways to Dispel Discouragement

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