50+ Resources to Legitimately Raise Your Income

PinExt 50+ Resources to Legitimately Raise Your Income

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A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.
~ Jane Austen

We all want to raise our income, right?  Okay, maybe not Bill Gates.  Bill, if you are reading this, then you can move on.  For the rest of us, here is an incredible list of resources that will assist you in increasing your income.  It doesn’t matter if you are working in Corporate America, self-employed, freelancing, writing a blog, looking for a job, or staying at home.  You are sure to find something in this list that will legitimately help you make more money.  These resources are loaded with real ideas that we can all use.  I have personally screened these sites and I guarantee there are some ideas in here that you have never considered before.  I know that money cannot buy happiness, but it sure can make it easier to find!

Resources for Increasing Your Primary Source of Income

1.  How To Ask For (And Get) A Raise Like a Man – Excellent suggestions for men and women that will surely result in a raise.

2.  Negotiating a Raise – Here’s a great story about how a guy working for a university that doesn’t normally negotiate salaries obtained a raise.

3.  Requesting (and Receiving) the Raise You Deserve – Want to ask for a raise, but not sure how to go about it?  Here are some excellent tips.

4.  How to Win in Negotiation- 4 Key Steps to Help You Prepare – Knowing how to negotiate effectively is paramount to getting what you want.

5.  Salary Negotiation Tactics – Reader Question – Learn some interesting ideas on negotiating your starting salary at a new position.

6.  5 Steps to Negotiating a Raise – Kiplinger.com article that provides some good advice.

7.  6 Simple Ways to Significantly Increase Your Pay – Here are some ideas that I didn’t see in some of the other articles.

8.  Looking For a Hot New Job- Find a Headhunter! – Tips from a former headhunter on how to use a job placement agency to find a better paying job.

9.  Five Steps to Getting a Bigger Raise – The Automatic Millionaire tells how to get a bigger raise.

10.  How to Earn $10,000 in One Hour – This one will challenge your thinking about what you are really worth.  It is especially useful to those that bill hourly for their time.

11.  Pricing a Project – Setting the price of a project correctly is essential for entrepreneurs to make good money.

12.  Take a Cue From Loreal & Negotiate a Higher Nonprofit Salary – Even if you work for a non-profit you can negotiate better pay.

13.  How to ask for a salary increase, pay raise, increase in wages – Lots of good basics here that details how salaries are set and negotiated.

14.  The Computer Nerd’s Guide to Making More Money – This one is targeted at those of us that want to work in the IT industry.

15.  32 Reasons Why Geeks are Severely Underpaid – Here’s another one that helps IT people increase their salary.  Of course, the principles apply to everyone.

16.  PayScale – Salary Survey, Salaries, Wages, Compensation Information and Analysis – Get a free online salary report to aid in your negotiations.

17.  SalaryScout.com Negotiate with knowledge – Share with others to find out what you are worth.

18.  63 Salary Negotiation Resources – Big list of negotiation resources from SalaryScout.

19.  How to Earn More from Your Current Job (Without a Raise or Promotion) – This will give you some fantastic ideas on how to take advantage of everything your employer offers.

20.  15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career – Fabulous suggestions that will almost certainly result in more money.

21.  Most lucrative college degrees – Get the right degree and you could increase your pay substantially.

22.  How to write a masterpiece of a resume – When it is time to look for a new, higher paying job, then a good resume is important.

23.  Salary Negotiation Techniques for a Counter Proposal Letter – When the offer is enough here’s how to counter.

24.  10 Reasons I Won’t Accept a Job Counter Offer – Changing jobs is often a way to get more money, but be careful how you react when you tell your current employer.

25.  Accepting Counter Offer Can Be Risky Move – Here’s some more things to consider if you are turning in your notice soon.

Resources for Creating Additional Sources of Income

26.  How I Became a Millionaire While Working In My Pajamas – Story of a successful entrepreneur that operates her businesses from her home.

27.  So You Want to be a Landlord? Part I and Part II – How Do You Actually Make Money – Buying and leasing real estate can be a good source of income if you know what you are doing.  On this one, I’m giving two articles for the price of one!

28.  ‘My Two Cents’ on 12 Investing Mistakes and How You Can Learn From Them – Get your money to start working for you!  These tips will help you to make more money with your investments.

29.  13 Essential Rules for Investing – Read this before you invest a dime.  It will save you from losing your money.

30.  40 Ways to Make Money on the Internet – Here’s a list with some great ideas on ways you can create additional streams of income.

31.  20+ Free Passive Income Resources – Passive income can help you make more money now and possibly put you in a position where you can quit your job.

32.  11 Great Ways to Earn More Money – These ideas include ways to make more money via your job and through your other interests.

33.  40 Alternative Income Ideas and Resources – It never ceases to amaze me at how many ways there are to make money!

34.  9 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Income – Today – Our income is directly proportional to the service we provide.  Here are ideas on how to change our behavior to make more money.

35.  Are Your Odds of Asking(And Getting) A Raise The Same As Winning The Lottery – Interesting information to consider before going to ask for a raise.

36.  Tips for a Successful Yard Sale – We have generated several hundred dollars in the past by selling common household items we didn’t want or need anymore.

37.  How to Make Money From Your Blog – Writing a successful blog is one way to generate additional income.

38.  How I make Money Blogging – Discover the specific ways a top blogger makes money with his site.

39.  4 Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Taxable Income – Reducing your taxes will help your take home pay go up.

40.  Most Overlooked Tax Deductions – More ideas to reduce your taxes which will result in more available income.

41.  Top 5 Ways To Save Money Without Noticing – Spending less is a great way to give yourself a raise!

42.  12 Simple Ways to Save Money on Utilities (and the Planet) – Here are some more simple things you can do to spend less.

43.  Extra Income Opportunity- Online Tutoring – There are a wide-range of opportunities available to make extra money by tutoring students of all ages.

44.  Geographic Location- How it Affects Your Wealth – You might consider a move if you want to make more money.

45.  Making Money When Things Get Slow – Ideas for freelance creative types for finding additional revenue streams.

46.  How not to get super-rich- the passive income scam – Learn what the super-rich do and copy their techniques.

47.  101 Essential Freelancing Resources – An incredible list of resources that you can use to assist you in making money with your freelance work.

48.  Freelance Writing – Learn about and find freelance writing jobs.

49.  10 Absolute Nos! for Freelancers – Freelance Blog + Passive Income – Avoid these mistakes and you will make more as a freelance web designer.

50.  Use Guru.com to find freelance work of all kinds – Find freelance job opportunities that you can use to generate more income.

I hope you enjoyed the list and I wish you luck in all your endeavors!  Please give this a Stumble or Digg by clicking the links below.  Thanks!

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PinExt 50+ Resources to Legitimately Raise Your Income

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    Call me prude but I don’t want my work associated with pay-for-porn websites.

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  20. This is one of the best lists of increasing and creating additional sources of income I’ve seen on the Internet so far. It’s quite useful. Thanks for sharing!

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