7 Free Toys Your Kids Will Love More Than Expensive Gifts

PinExt 7 Free Toys Your Kids Will Love More Than Expensive Gifts

kid joy 7 Free Toys Your Kids Will Love More Than Expensive Gifts Want to get your kids some toys they’ll truly love?

Kids like what is fun more than what is expensive.  They might beg for the latest high-tech gadget, but in the end, they’ll drop it like a hot rock for something that engages their imagination and creativity.

As parents, we often spend way too much on Christmas and other holidays especially when it comes to our kids.  Hopefully, this list will serve as a reminder that this really isn’t necessary.

The Free Toys Kids Really Love to Play With

This list is one part childhood nostalgia and one part reality check.  It is fun remembering all the good times I had as a kid playing with these items, but is also a reminder that we don’t have to go broke trying to give our kid a good life.

Don’t you remember having great fun with some of the free toys on this list?  Are you going to rob your kids of all those wonderful memories by buying into the sales pitch for a bunch of stuff that will just clutter up their closet?  Don’t do it!

The seven free toys that kids love more than expensive gifts:

1.  A Big Cardboard Box

Kids love boxes and the bigger, the better!  I’ve not only witnessed my daughters playing for hours in a big box, I can remember doing so myself as a kid.  Cardboard boxes are wonderful fun.  They become clubhouses, vehicles, spaceships and anything else a child’s imagination can conjure up!

2.  A Super-Hero Cape Made From an Old Pillow Case or Bath Towel

Who doesn’t wish they were Superman?!?  The transformation for kids comes as easily as giving them an old pillow case or towel.  A cape was all I needed as a kid to immediately become my favorite super-hero.  I can remember zooming through the house with a towel safety pinned around my neck.  Now that’s a good time!

3.  A Balloon

Businesses are always giving away free balloons.  My girls can entertain themselves for a long while with this simple toy.  The keep-it-in-the-air game has got to be their favorite.  In fact, we played a game of it just last night.  The house fills with hoots, hollers and giggles when a good balloon is on the loose.

4.  Two Sticks

I’m not sure why it takes two, but it seems like it always does.  With two sticks you can have a mock sword fight or you can draw in the dirt or use them as pretend hiking sticks.  Kids love sticks.  They are the universal toy.  Of course, a good stick can also always work as a substitute bat in a pinch.  I used many a stick to guide other sticks down our creek when I was a boy.  There is nothing better than a stick boat making it through the rapids!

5.  Fort Made From Sheets or Blankets

My girls love setting up their own private fort with sheets or blankets draped over a couple of chairs.  I guess this setup serves about the same purpose as a good, old cardboard box.  However, there is something more exotic and magical about a tent-like fort.  Set one up this afternoon and see if your kids don’t love you for it!

6.  Empty Paper Towel Tubes

An empty paper towel tube is a great toy.  With one you can become a trumpet player in a band or a scientist gazing at the stars through their telescope.  Of course, it isn’t just paper towel tubes that make great toys.  You can also take two empty toilet paper tubes, tape them together and they become a pair of binoculars for exploring the jungle!

7.  Paper Airplane

I can’t even count the hours I spent as a boy making and flying paper airplanes.  We would see how far they would go or how many loops they could do.  We would start with one design and then modify it in an attempt to get more performance.  This toy is not only fun, but also teaches youngsters about the principles of aerodynamics and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime!

Give Your Child a Real Gift – Give Them a Free Toy

What would childhood have been without all these great free toys?  Some of my favorite memories come from playing with these things.  I’ve also witnessed my girls having some great fun with them too.  Don’t waste a fortune!  Give your kids the toys that will spark their imaginations and that they’ll remember for a lifetime!

What free toy did you enjoy the most?

Photo by Arkansas ShutterBug

PinExt 7 Free Toys Your Kids Will Love More Than Expensive Gifts

24 thoughts on “7 Free Toys Your Kids Will Love More Than Expensive Gifts

  1. Great ideas that I, 35 years ago enjoyed, and my kids now enjoy. Wrap it and give though – and look at the horror on their faces that a towel, carboard tube or box is a “gift”. Leave them laying around – presto – fun is getting created.

    How to make it a gift rather than being an accident? That is the challenge.

    • David – You are right that our kids probably wouldn’t appreciate these under the tree, but it does serve as a reminder that fun can be had even without spending a fortune.

      • If funds allow it include a box of crayons or markers or whatever with the box!!! Another or the same box could have a roll of tape included.

        Be creative, people.

        Open thine minds~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. I agree that these are good ideas. My kids played with these when they were toddlers/preschoolers. What I need are ideas for kids 11-18 years!! That age is very difficult.

    • Kelli – My suggestions probably do have an age limit. My girls haven’t quite reached the preteen and up years so I don’t have any experience there. However, I think the principle still applies. We all like things that engage our creativity and imagination. You just might have to be sneakier about ways to engage your older children in such activities.

    • yes children of small age gets happy with those gifts like paper airplane or balloon but it gets difficult when thinking to give children of 11-18 yrs age some gifts which they really would like to have.

    • Jason – Isn’t it funny how are opinion of our parents and their wisdom improves as we grow older? A strong imagination is a powerful tool!

  3. My kids love boxes and sheets for tents. We make telescopes to spy with out of the paper towel tubes. Doesn’t take much to make them happy really. Just get them away from the commercial junk and they will have fun.

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  5. Wow this shows how caring you are for your girl. i simply love the tips, i guess how it feel good for a kid when playing with the dad. I still remember the paper planes which my dad used to give me to make me feel happy.

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  8. Poke around. Plumbers for the BIG heavy-duty box the water heater came in. Appliance stores; any place/firm/etc where BIG heavy goods are delivered.

    So MANY things to be done with a box.

    If you have a yard…. let the older kids sleep in it outside… or inside the hovel.

    You do not have to exist at the extreme poverty level to toss a BIG or even smaller boxes at the younguns’ and shout “Happy Birthday” “Merry Xmas” or whatever.

    Corporate America has indoctrinated all too-well the human horde as to what is “proper” behavior.

    My inability to kow-tow to the ruling masters has led to a few females from rebuffing me.

    Law-abiding, high morals, but… I refuse to “prove” my love by purchasing an expensive bauble or trinket also known as jewelry.

    Fine with me.

    I refuse to be the typical USA slave to the ruling elites, corporate USA, etc.

    Gimme’ a gal who would rather play with a cardboard box on a rainy day!!!


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