7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your Creativity

PinExt 7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your Creativity

windowslivewriterxgreatwaystosparkyourcreativity 67a0pablo picasso thumb 7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your CreativityThe chief enemy of creativity is “good” sense.
~Pablo Picasso

Creativity is the true starting point for all accomplishment in life.  I supposed Pablo Picasso knew a little about creativity.  In 2006, one of his paintings sold for over $95 million in an auction at Sotheby’s.  How did he create such masterpieces?  He was a rebel of sorts in his day.  He liked to challenge the status quo.  He pushed the envelope of people’s comfort zones with new styles of art that hadn’t been tried.  He was a creative genius!  It takes guts to be creative.  You have to be willing to put the result of your creativity on display for others to admire and criticize.  Of course, creativity is the source of all innovation.  We need to nurture our creativity to live life to the fullest.

Creativity seems to breed creativity.

We have to use it or we lose it.  Are you being as creativity as you could be?  It seems we all have a knack for creativity when we are kids, but then we tend to lose it as we grow older.  We become stifled.  We worry to much about what other people will think.  We suppress our creativity and then we wonder why we aren’t achieving much in life.

I challenge you today to rekindle your creativity.

Today, I want to share with you some excellent ways to spark creativity in your life.  This is for your own good.  Go do something that takes you outside your comfort zone.  Get in touch with your inner child that loves to finger paint, make mud pies, and dance in front of an audience!  Take a risk!  Show the world what you are made of!

1.  Observe the creativity of others and copy what they do.

This is a secret of creativity that many successful people use.  You didn’t think that all the great ideas in the world were original ones did you?  The idea that creativity is 100% original is a farce.  Many great artists had mentors that they learned their techniques from and then added a twist to make it their own.  Find someone that is doing something highly creative that you like, learn from them, and then add your own creative genius!

2.  Begin by creating your own space for creativity.

You need a creative project to get your juices flowing.  A great place to start is to find and customize yourself a work area for your creative projects.  You need a place that inspires you.  The act of finding and creating such a space to your liking will help you reconnect with your creativity.  Here are some excellent tips that will help you get started.  Go to town!  Be creative and make it a place you love to be.

3.  Work on creative projects during your best period of the day.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?  If you aren’t sure, then do a little experimentation.  You will likely find that there is a period of the day where your creativity flows more easily.  You can then further enhance this natural time of creative genius with various types of stimulation.  For instance, I like to read inspiring books just before I write.  For you, it might be listening to great music or watching a movie that fires you up.  The key is to catch your mind at its peak and then to stimulate it to a crescendo!

4.  Pursue ways to open your mind to new ways of thinking.

windowslivewriterxgreatwaystosparkyourcreativity 67a0leap thumb 7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your Creativity Creativity flourishes where thinking is unrestricted.  There are many ways to open your mind to new ideas.  We tend to be creatures of habit even in the way we think.  However, by pursuing new experiences, we can open ourselves up to creative thinking.  Try doing something you’ve never done before.  Read a book that expresses opinions different from what you commonly hold.  Daydream about the impossible.  Build or create something from scratch.  These techniques can expand your thinking and get your creative juices flowing.

5.  Let go of your fear and take a chance.

One of the biggest obstacles to creativity many of us face is fear.  We fear that we will be criticized or that we will make a mistake.  I’ll admit that it takes courage to express creativity.  However, there are also great rewards that come from being creative.  The sense of accomplishment and meaningful contribution is enormous.  Where would we be if creative geniuses like Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, and Alexander Graham Bell had been too afraid to express themselves?  We can’t be certain that our ideas will be accepted, but it is worth the risk!

6.  Explore online resources for igniting your creativity.

As you know, the Internet is a goldmine of resources.  Well, guess what?  There are a ton of excellent sites that can help you rekindle your creativity.  One technique I found that I especially like and use quite often to assist me in the creative process is called mind mapping.  It is a fantastic way to help open yourself up and let the ideas flow.  When you use mind mapping, write down ideas as soon as they occur to you.  Don’t worry about organizing your ideas.  That comes later.  The key is to quickly capture your ideas and to let your creative thinking flow.

7.  Set a creative goal to achieve to keep you going.

Write down a creative goal that you dream of accomplishing.  You need a purpose for rekindling your creativity.  Maybe you want to write a book or a blog.  Maybe you want to redecorate your house or create a handmade masterpiece.  There are any number of possibilities.  The key is to have a specific reason in mind for pursuing this goal.  This will help keep you engaged even if the process is difficult.  Depending on how long you have let your skills in creativity lay dormant, it may take awhile to revive them.  A goal will keep you focused.

Don’t let “good” sense rob you of your creativity!

It is easy to let that negative little voice in our heads talk us out of our creative pursuits.  It might remind you of how your last endeavor didn’t work out or of how someone in your past told you weren’t any good.  Don’t listen to this voice.  You have to work through these things.  The tips in this article will help.  Once you’ve had some success, you’ll thank yourself that you pressed on.  Who knows?  Maybe one day in the future one of your masterpieces will sell for millions of dollars!

In what ways do you stimulate your creativity?

Photos by oddsock and Lil Erna

PinExt 7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your Creativity

20 thoughts on “7 Great Ways To Rekindle Your Creativity

  1. Many of us fear expressing ourselves creatively because we do not think that our pieces will resemble anything close to a picasso painting or a Mozart classical. However, creativity is something that can be developed. It is also a very unique expression that can be translated into many forms. When we are creative, we can also begin to explore the extent of possibilities.

  2. Very interesting message Jeff! One that inspire me very much is your 7th step… A purpose, it’s indeed very important to rekindle creativity. Each of us has limitation, but when we have purpose and goal, we’ll become creative, isn’t it?

    Thanks for compiling this.

  3. Jeff,
    Fear of criticism is one of the major reasons why most people bury their own creative genius. It takes courage to be a rebel like Pablo but we have to remember that this life is to fully explore the unknowns and at least to try our best to go where no one has ever gone before. Needless to say, I’ve stumbled this excellent article.


  4. @Evelyn – I agree that creativity can be developed. Art and creativity is often in the eye of the beholder. We all need to learn to express our genius in a wider array of ways.

    @B – I don’t know that I’m artistic in a traditional sense either, but creativity is not limited to just art. Inventors are creative, but often very technical. I think you can be creative in just about any area. It is really about creating value, not art.

    @Robert – Having a goal is important. It drives us to innovate. A big goal will push us outside our normal boundaries. This is where we become creative!

    @Shilpan – Fear of criticism is certainly a barrier to creativity. Of course, people often only think of it in the negative sense. Creativity also opens the door for extreme success. The likes of which cannot be realized without taking a chance.

    Your comments are excellent!

  5. This is a wonderful post for anyone out there who only talks about doing something creative. You have to DO, set goals, and not worry about end results right away–just get that creative flow going, and the rest will take care of itself. You hit the nail on the head! Thanks!


  6. Your inability to understand the impact of Picasso – you have to mention a $95 mil pricetag in the sentence after bringing him up to ascertain his creativity! – screws the rest of your content. I suggest you have a lot to learn about creativity. You could start by Googling how many paintings van Gogh sold in his lifetime.

    Dollars and creativity have no intrinsic link.

    The pursuit of ego gratification – press, prestige, financial success – has confounded many a great talent, both those who were rewarded and those who weren’t.

  7. @Mike – I read over and over that the best way to overcome writer’s block is to just write. There is definitely something powerful in taking action that seems to grease the wheels of creativity.

    @Dr. Nicole – Sounds like a great problem to have. I’m sure it has served you well over the years.

    @Ariane – I think I see your point, but I think you are reading too much into it. I’m not saying Picaaso’s creativity was greater than everyone else’s because someone paid $95 mil for one of his paintings. I’m simply making the point that if someone is willing to pay that sum, then Picasso effectively used a process to create what at least what one person considered an absolute masterpiece. I believe this is an effective and valid conclusion. I stand by using this as an illustration in my article.

    Thanks for your comments!

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  10. Great post…I recently started my own personal blog aside from the regular blogs I write for so that I would have an outlet purely for expressing my creativity and so that I would have a place to write where there were no guidelines…however when it came time to write my first post (and even others after that), I struggled to find my voice…it is something I am still struggling with. It’s almost as if professional writing has somehow stilted my ability to express my own personal feelings about things…weird!

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  12. I can really relate to #3. I frequently make resolutions to complete all my work and my daily tasks and then, in the evenings, work on my blog. I almost always discover that in the evenings, I’m too tired to write anything substantive. Then I go back to writing in the morning, feel guilty about it and the cycle starts again! Excellent article.

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  14. I’ve spent the last couple of years or so rummaging though Google for answers to my artistic dormancy, and for the first time since I graduated, I can say that an article helped me cope, and gave me hope. This was that article. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the sincerity of the writing, maybe it was my good mood, maybe it was my music playing, maybe a couple of stars lined up just right or something, but now I feel like actually taking these tips to mind. Who knew a 4 year old article would be the pep talk that I needed?

    Thank you, Jeff, for giving me a first step out of a very deep, and very serious slump. I have goals again. I have motivation.

    • Anthony, that’s awesome! Thank you for letting me know. I wish you the best and I hope you take this spark that you have right now and run with it. You just never know where inspiration will come from and you never know who your creativity can further inspire. Go for your dreams!

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