70 Great Things About Having Children

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beautiful kids 70 Great Things About Having Children Kids are great!  They bring a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction to life.  In a way, having kids is the biggest adventure on earth.  Oh sure, children are demanding and time-consuming, but raising a family is also the most rewarding thing I ever done.  I love my kids and they make me smile and laugh on a daily basis.

Recently at Marc and Angel Hack Life, they posted an article titled 70 Things To Do Before Having Children.  This inspired me to create my own list.  I agree that it is often easier to do some things before kids come into the picture, but life doesn’t end when you start a family.  On the contrary, you come to discover that your children open up a whole new dimension of living.

So, today I thought I’d share my list of 70 great things about having children!

  1. Getting a goodnight kiss from a 3-year old.

  2. Seeing their beautiful smiles!

  3. Watching them pull up into the standing position.

  4. Having a tickle-fest!

  5. Christmas morning.

  6. Easter morning.

  7. Halloween night.

  8. Coming home is always a celebration even when you’re only gone a little while.

  9. Family hugs.

  10. Going on a family vacation.

  11. Taking them to the first day of kindergarten.

  12. Watching them learn to read.

  13. Being called mommy or daddy.

  14. Looking at pictures from when they were younger.

  15. Measuring to see how much the kids have grown in a year.

  16. Hearing them laugh for the first and every time.

  17. Throwing them a ball.

  18. Feeling pride the first time they catch it.

  19. Watching them perform in a school program.

  20. Seeing them do things on the playground that they used to need help doing.

  21. Experiencing their unadulterated excitement.

  22. Getting swept up in their excitement.

  23. Seeing the world anew through the eyes of a child.

  24. Helping them catch their first fish.

  25. Going camping as a family.

  26. Hearing them talk about God.

  27. Listening to them pray.

  28. Having them remind you that you forgot to say grace.

  29. Snuggling up to watch an animated movie.

  30. Having them crawl into your lap when they are scared.

  31. Watching them do something amazing like jumping off the high dive!

  32. Hearing them tell you, "I love you, Daddy."

  33. Sitting down to a family dinner.

  34. Seeing a great report card from school.

  35. Playing outside together.

  36. Teaching them to ride a bike.

  37. Watching as they get it and peddle away.

  38. Teaching them to love chocolate.

  39. Giving them more than you had when you were a kid.

  40. Hunting crawdads in the creek.

  41. Having "live performances" in your living room.

  42. Seeing how adorable they look in their new clothes.

  43. Marveling at their tiny little toes.

  44. Finding a baby doll on the floor after they’ve gone to bed.

  45. Kissing their little feet.

  46. Carrying them around the house wrapped in a towel after a bath.

  47. Seeing the joy a bubble bath can bring

  48. Giving them their first childhood dog.

  49. Reading their name in the newspaper.

  50. Hearing that they look just like you.

  51. Watching your parents become grandparents.

  52. Listening to them sing, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

  53. Witnessing their first haircut.

  54. Taking a picture of them without their two front teeth.

  55. Dropping them off for their first sleep over.

  56. Picking them up from their first sleep over.

  57. Throwing birthday parties.

  58. Hanging up the great picture of them in the living room.

  59. Having your refrigerator covered with their masterpieces.

  60. Spending an afternoon at the zoo.

  61. Seeing your kids wearing shades.

  62. Reading the book they love over and over and over again!

  63. Eavesdropping when they’re playing alone in their room.

  64. Building a snowman.

  65. Going down a water slide together.

  66. Blowing kisses from the car as you leave.

  67. Seeing their beautiful smiles.  (did I mention this already?!?)

  68. Teaching them the value of money.

  69. Melting when they make you feel really good about yourself.

  70. Having your eyes fill with tears because you love them so much.

Was there life before kids?

Whatever life I had before my children came along was nothing compared to the life I have now.  Yes, I occasionally miss the freedom and independence, but I would never trade my life now for it.  I love my kids!  They are beautiful and they make my heart sing.

What do you think is great about your life with kids?

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PinExt 70 Great Things About Having Children

33 thoughts on “70 Great Things About Having Children

  1. One thing I love is to listen to them laugh uncontrollably. That and to see them make a good decision on the basis of things you taught them.

    I’ve always said, “You only THOUGHT you knew about love until you hold your own child.”

  2. Nice article Jeff. It’s 6.30am as I type this, and by some strange coincidence at EXACTLY the same moment as I opened this article my oldest son, who is 19 months, woke up and started making noise.


  3. One of the greatest things about having kids is their ability to completely wipe away a bad day at the office the minute you walk through the door. Great article, Jeff! Thanks for putting this one together.

  4. Now THIS article I can totally get behind. Great list! I can’t possibly narrow doing from your list which ones I especially love – they’re all wonderful.

    Yep, it’s so hard to know how great having kids is until you have them yourself. Best and hardest job I’ve ever done.

  5. Having them climb on your lap while you’re reading a blog, an say “Mom? I pooped.”

    Knowing that a kiss makes most owies better.

    That feeling of tiny arms around your neck.

  6. @Glen – I’m blessed with two absolutely beautiful daughters. Of course, I might be a little biased. :)

    @Ron – The depth of our love for our kids is amazing! I never knew I could love someone so much.

    @Peter – They seem to have a second sense that notifies them when you are up and about.

    @FD – Kids can certainly make all your other cares fade in a wink.

    @Toblerone – Raising kids is hard. I guess the best things in life always are.

    @Rae – Great additions to the list!

    Thanks so much for your comments, Stumbles and Diggs!

  7. Thank you for this list! I read the list of the 70 things to do before having children and I thought of making my own list just like you did. Children help us see that it really is the little things that matter. And those who can find blessings and joys in the everday have found the secret to living a happy life.

  8. I can’t agree more! My kids have brought me a lot of joy. They have also taught me how to love selflessly and living in the moment. I express my gratitude for the happiness that they’ve brought me every day!!

  9. Thank you for your list! My son is twenty-two and most of your points are “but a distant memory”. It was nice to be reminded of some of the sweet moments. Was there life before kids? How about, “Will there be life after kids”? Enjoy them while you have them!

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  11. @Michelle B – I totally agree that true happiness is found in the everyday things of life.

    @Evelyn – Kids certainly teach us about living in the moment. As adults, we seem to lose that.

    @Mary – My oldest is eight now and I can believe how the time has flown by. I don’t want them to grow up!

    Thanks for adding your thoughts!

  12. Love this list Jeff! It reminds me of all the great things I enjoy about having the three of mine around. Sometimes it seems hectic, and sometimes there is fighting. But I can’t imagine life without them – your life really changes once you have kids of your own.

    Just the other day, I was coming home from work – and there at the end of the road was my youngest son on his bike – just waiting for me. Completely happy to see me coming, so he could “race” me home – his bike vs. my car. You can guess who won. It was so much fun for the block down the road that we went all out. He was lucky to beat me. Well, actually, I am the lucky one. I’m lucky he’s part of my life!

  13. Great post! Sometimes, I get caught up in all the craziness of life, that I forget a lot of the things on your list. It made me smile to remember all the things you mentioned about my own kids!

    I love when they have no idea that you are listening to them. Sometimes I just listen to my 2 kids and how my older son is so nurturing and sweet with my little guy. It’s so cute! Don’t get me wrong, they have their moments, but when they are sweet to each other, that’s what I try to burn into my memory.

    Have a great day! Thanks again for the post!

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  18. omigosh!

    this is all so true! I have a 2 year old and he really makes my world spin!

    that you are a dad, writing this is even more amazing. awesome-est!

    Read ruth’s lastest article – BUSY!!

  19. Oh, yes! I love this.

    Children complete a family. They help form a bond that tide over the little disagreements that husbands and wives may have.

    I think God made children so that we can learn from them too. I still remember reading that all people should be born old and grow younger over time. So leaders of the world would be children and life should be much, much better. As a father of 5, I can’t help feeling that there is lots of truth in this.

  20. What a great list!!! My youngest daughter had her first child a year ago…and to quote her,” It was love at first sight!” ( This was a baby she was told she could never have…God had other ideas!!!)
    Can this Grandma add something to your list? It would be:
    Watching your kids loving their own little ones!! Hey maybe someone should make a list “70 Great Things About Having Grand-kids”!

  21. @fathersez – I certainly learn a lot from my children. I think children could do as good a job of running the world as adults do!

    @Jan – Glad you enjoyed the list! Maybe someone will pick-up your suggestion for writing a similar list for grandparents.

    @Marc – I appreciate the opportunity to play off your original list!

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed this!

  22. What a beautiful list! I came her from Simple Mom’s site. Now that we are enjoying the life that our children bring to our home, we keep wondering how we ever lived before they came along!

  23. Wow, That was a great list! It made me ashamed of myself sometimes. I am a single mother of four kids. They are 6,5,4 and 18 months. It is very hard to deal with alone 2 have adhd and one has been diagnosed with bipolar as well as me just recently. I love my kids with everything in me. And its true you don’t know what love is till you have a child and when I was pregnant with my second I said how on earth can I love another as much as this one but you do there is plenty of love to go around for all of them.

  24. Sounds like kids bring you a lot of joy! 70 things to love about kids is A LOT for some people. It’s nice to hear from someone who actually likes their children, so many parents are complaining all the time.

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