Back To Basics: 79+ Brilliant Budgeting Resources You’ll Love

PinExt Back To Basics: 79+ Brilliant Budgeting Resources Youll Love

no money wallet Back To Basics: 79+ Brilliant Budgeting Resources Youll Love A budget is the foundation of a solid personal finance strategy.  It is the plan that tells your money what you want it to do.  Without a budget, you flounder financially.  With a budget, every dollar that you make has a job that you assign.  Budgets are not limiting or restrictive because you decide how the money is allocated.  However, budgets do reveal to you exactly how you’re spending or wasting your money which many of us do not want to face.  Creating a budget is a necessity if you want to succeed with money.

The ultimate guide to personal finance budgeting.

Originally, I was going to write an article about how to put together a budget.  However, as I thought about it, I realized that I could never cover all the important aspects in just one article.  Besides, there were already a lot of great articles already written about personal finance budgets.  Instead, I decided to assemble this ultimate list of budgeting resources.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started creating a budget or if you are a budgeting pro.  You are sure to find some interesting, practical and useful advice below.

Why you need a budget

If you are aren’t even sure you need a budget to succeed with money, then this is where you need to start reading.  Below you will find explanations for why budgeting is crucial to getting ahead with your finances.

1.  A Budget Controls Your Money Like A Dam Controls A River

2.  Things I Learned Living on a Budget – Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3

3.  What is a budget?

4.  Creating Our First Ever “Real” Budget Was An Eyeopener

5.  Turning Around Your Financial Life (Part 2 of the story)

6.  Lessons from Grandma’s Cookie Jar

7.  In Defense of Budgets

8.  Top reasons people don’t budget

9.  10 Surprising Side Effects to Money Management

10. Realistic Budgeting- The Marriage Saver

11. Why Not Budgeting is More Frightening than Budgeting

12. The Scare of My Life, and Why Budgeting is Important

13. Having A Plan Allows Me To Enjoy Spending Money

How to create and maintain a budget

This is where the rubber meets the road in budgeting.  These articles will give you detailed information for creating and maintaining a personal finance budget.  Together these articles form a definitive guide to putting together a budget.

14. How to Implement an Envelope Budgeting System

15. Envelope Budget System Strategies To Take On the Road

16. Getting started with the envelope budget method

17. Keep Your Spending Tidy With an Envelope System

18. Budgeting For Dummies Part 1-  Creating a Budget

19. Budgeting for Dummies Part 2-  Evaluating Your Budget

20. Budgeting for Dummies Part 3-  A Budget You Can Stick To

21. How To Realistically and Thoughtfully Increase A Budget Item

22. Create and follow a Budget

23. Zero-Based Budgets for the Home- A Primer

24. Making Every Penny Count With A Zero-Based Budget

25. Family Finances- Our Modus Operandi

26. The Budget Toolbox- 13 Tools for Building a Better Budget

27. A Quick and Dirty Budget

28. Your budget- envelopes or a plan?

29. Budgeting 101- How a Simple Budget Helped Me – And Can Help You, Too

30. Guide to Budgeting & Tracking Money For Newlyweds

31. Budgeting For Two- Newlyweds Edition

32. Fixing your money mistakes- Create a budget

33. Budget Easy and Smart

Tips and Tricks for living on a budget

Adjusting to living on a budget will take you outside your comfort zone.  You will have plenty of questions about how to handle specific situations.  Therefore, I have provided you with lots of great articles that cover a plethora of budgeting dilemmas.

34. How to Handle Irregular Paychecks

35. The Readers Ask- “How Do You Budget With an Irregular Income?”

36. How Do You Handle Unexpected Expenses?

37. Could Your Family Live On One Income?

38. 9 Tips For Going To One Income

39. How To Avoid Buying Things You Do Not Need!

40. How do you deal with a budget deficit?

41. 10 Ways to Eat Out For Less

42. 3 Tips on Eating Out for Five but Paying for Only One

43. Make Grocery Budgeting A Game, The Price Is Right Style

44. How to work expensive ingredients into your grocery budget

45. What Is Your Weakness?

46. Winning the Daily Cash Flow Battle

47. 22 Money Maximizing Moves You Can Do Today

48. 34 Ways To Save Money On Car Expenses

49. How To Frugally Decorate Your House On A Very Tight Budget

50. How Low Can It Go? Shopping for Style on a Budget

51. how much do i need to earn? reverse engineering my ideal salary

52. Preparing a Budget- Ten Tips for Making That Budget Successful

53. Vacation Budgeting Hack – Don’t Forget About Tips!

54. 13 Free or Cheap Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

55. Are You Throwing Money Away? Unused Expenses and Untapped Discounts

56. Key strategies to a successful budget

57. Three Ways Falling in Love is Good For Your Budget

Budgeting mistakes to avoid

This section is the troubleshooting part of the guide.  Why make the same mistakes that others have already made?  By reading these articles, you can learn to avoid the most common pitfalls of personal finance budgeting.

58. Our Dumbest Purchase Ever

59. 10 Mistakes I Made As A First Time Home Buyer

60. My Biggest Budget Busters

61. What Busts My Budget

62. Don’t Make the Fatal Flaw in Budgeting

63. Money Mistake Monday – Watching Every Last Penny Syndrome

64. 5 Common Money Mistakes

65. If You Get Your Paycheck A Few Weeks Early – Be Careful!

66. Intentionally spend your money

Budgeting software to consider

Every remodel job is easier to complete successfully with the right set of tools.  There is a wide-range of personal finance software available to help you track and refine your budget.  The reviews and information below will help you pick the package that fits your specific needs.

67. My New Personal Finance Software- YNAB Pro Reviewed

68. Money Management Software Review

69. Mint- A Fresh New On-Line Personal Finance Tool

70. Mint Review – How Secure is it?

71. Mvelopes Personal Finance Software Review

72. Get Out Of Debt-  PearBudget Spreadsheet Hacks

73. PearBudget- An Effective Way to Dip Your Toes into Budgeting

74. A Free and Simple Budget Planner

75. Free Budgeting Tools to Download

76. An Introduction to Quicken Online

77. The Best Budgeting Tools

78. 10 Online Budget Tools

79. My Personal Excel Budget Spreadsheet

A budget will get you on your financial feet fast!

A good budget is a critical step toward financial peace and you will not find a finer collection of articles on personal finance budgeting anywhere!  These articles are practical and simple.  Anyone can benefit from their advice.  Do not delay!  The sooner you get started the sooner you will reap the rewards!

Photo by Jeff Keen

PinExt Back To Basics: 79+ Brilliant Budgeting Resources Youll Love

43 thoughts on “Back To Basics: 79+ Brilliant Budgeting Resources You’ll Love

  1. @MDP – A good budget will certainly help you catch those areas where you tend to spend too much.

    @David – I do hope that “regular” people will benefit from these resources. I feel strongly that a good budget is key to succeeding financially.

    @paidtwice – Thanks for writing fantastic articles for me to include here!

    @Ron – It did take a little time to put this together, but it will be worth it if it helps just one family get control of their finances before it is too late.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments!

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  3. @Angelsong – I’m glad you find this to be a useful resource. I hope many others are able to benefit as well!

    Thanks for letting me know!

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  8. Another website to consider is NeoBudget ( It is an online envelope-based budget management system with lots of great features to help track your budget. I would categorize it as a mid-level budget solution. It’s not completely dumbed-down, but it doesn’t require an accounting degree to use.

    Read Luke´s lastest article – Ignore your checking account balance

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  11. Brilliant suggestions indeed! Budgeting it is the key word when it comes to getting out of debt! And it doesn’t need to be burden!

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