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PinExt Creating A Good Life With Back To Basics Living

gambian smile Creating A Good Life With Back To Basics Living There is no better time than now to get back to the basics in living.  We are facing a lot of unknowns which means that many of us are hunkering down a bit.  I think this is a very good idea. 

I also think that a return to the basics is a great way to create a good life.  In many instances, we have overcomplicated our lives causing unnecessary stress, anxiety and tension.  We should take this opportunity to scale back and simplify.

How to create a good life with back to basics living

There are numerous things we can do to get back to the basics.  All these moves will help us to incrementally improve our lives

They will cut out many of the unneeded things that clutter our lives robbing us of our peace and sanity.  In addition, they will help create order and stability where it is badly needed.

Let’s take a look at some steps for getting back to the basics!  By the way, I have sprinkled links throughout this article to help you find more information on each step.

1.  Cut out everything but what you really love, use and enjoy.

It is time to do an honest appraisal of all the stuff cluttering up your life and your finances.  Take an inventory of all your activities and possessions.  Get rid of everything that causes you even an ounce of stress.  If you aren’t using and enjoying it, then sell it, donate it or trash it!

2.  Evaluate your stuff and activities based on three factors.

When you are trying to decide whether to keep something in your life or get rid of it, evaluate these three things:

  • Does it demand too much of your money?
  • Does it demand too much of your time?
  • Does it add enough value to your life to keep it?

Generally, your initial reaction or gut instinct is the best action to take.  Don’t deliberate too long.  Err on the side of back to basics living!

3.  Reacquaint yourself with the joy of simpler living.

It is likely that there was a time when you lived a much simpler life than what you have now.  You were less busy, had fewer responsibilities and your life wasn’t cluttered with so much stuff.  Chances are you were just as happy or happier then than you are now.  Why not seek pleasure and satisfaction in the simple joys of life again?  Take this opportunity to explore if you can be happy with less.

4.  Organize your personal finances with a budget.

How much money do you really need to survive and create a good life?  Where does all your money go every month?  A budget will help you answer these questions.  It will return a sense of control to your finances that you may not have experienced in quite some time.  Living on a budget is liberating and will reduce stress.  Need help getting started?  Check out this list of brilliant budgeting resources!

5.  Stop buying things you do not need and pay off your debt!

We need to differentiate more clearly between our wants and our necessities.  We seem to get confused.  I’ve been guilty of this.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve struggled with how to stop buying things I don’t need.  Over time, I’ve had to retrain myself.  As a result, my wife and I have frugaled up our finances and paid off our debt.  Being debt-free is awesome!  I now believe that being debt-free is the path to financial success!

6.  Be more content with what you already have.

We often become discontent when we compare ourselves to others.  We see other people that seem to have more than we do and we start thinking we need more.  However, more is usually what robs us of the very happiness we seek.  It steals our joy and makes us a prisoner to debt and obligation.

7.  Focus your time on significant activities.

A great deal of happiness in life often comes from the knowledge that you are  spending your time on things that have purpose and meaning.  It isn’t always about the bling!  In fact, many of the people that report the highest levels of happiness often have very little in terms of material possessions.  However, they do spend a lot of time with family and friends.  They invest themselves in relationships.  Focus on creating significance in your life!

8.  Take care of your mind and body.

You can’t truly have a good life without good health.  It is paramount that we take care of ourselves.  This means eating the right foods and getting some exercise.  In addition to our physical health, we should also pay attention to protecting our mental health.  We need to exercise our brains and take steps to reduce stress.  These efforts will pay some of the biggest dividends that we will ever receive.

These 8 steps to creating a good life will get you back to the basics

This is a time of adjustment.  It is a time to reflect on what’s really important and to get our affairs in order.  We could all use a shift to more basic and meaningful living.  I am convinced that the best that life has to offer is hidden in some of these 8 steps for creating a good life.  I hope you’ll click some of the links and explore it further for yourself!

What else can we do to get back to the basics and create a good life?

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PinExt Creating A Good Life With Back To Basics Living

13 thoughts on “Creating A Good Life With Back To Basics Living

  1. @Jonathan – This is one good thing that I think is coming out of the recession. People are simplifying and saving.

    @Maria – This really is an opportunity. I hope people take advantage of it!

    Thanks for contributing your thoughts!

  2. I think that your topic here is great and that your points may become characteristics that are more and more common during the recession. Due to our consumer-oriented society, hyper-consumption is the norm. With this, life becomes all too complicated. Getting back to the basics can help remind us what life is really all about, and it’s definitely not all about the latest gadgets and filling up the closest with unneeded items!

    Read Jason from MoneyTheory´s latest article – Can spending with actual cash help create financial discipline?

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  4. Great post! I love it. Here at the homestead I live a back to basics life style, we raise chicken,goats,pigs, honeybees,make some of our energy,working on making it all. We even make our soap,smoke our own meats garden. We do what it takes and love. Now after reading your post I find some more challenges. Thanks for the great post.Ya ever get to kick back pay us a visit,their are great resources that I use every day.
    .-= joe´s last blog ..Feb 21, So Cool I’m excited!! =-.

  5. Jeff,
    Are you open to having your 8 steps for getting back to the basics shared? I teach money management classes in the community (free through the Extension Service) and think you list would be very helpful to our clients.

    • Celia, I’d be honored if you used my material to help others. All I ask is that you include the address of my site on anything you handout. Thanks!

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