Customer Service: Enthusiastic Phrases I Would Like to Hear

PinExt Customer Service: Enthusiastic Phrases I Would Like to Hear

happy customer Customer Service: Enthusiastic Phrases I Would Like to Hear Are you happy with the customer service you get?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a consumer, entrepreneur, manager, employee or volunteer.  Customer service is a topic that has significance for us all.

We all want good customer service when we are doing business with someone and it is important to acknowledge others want the same from us.

Customers are what makes the world go around for organizations of all kinds.  Without customers, citizens, donors or bosses to serve, we have no jobs.  Your livelihood would cease to exist.  When the pocketbook closes, paychecks stop coming.

It is a good idea to occasionally stop and ask yourself, “Who is my customer and how well am I serving them?”

Poor Customer Service Phrases We Hear All Too Often

We have all heard some pretty ugly customer service horror stories.  MSN Money even conducts an annual Customer Service Hall of Shame survey to chastise those companies that do an exceptionally poor job of meeting customer expectations.

Hopefully, your organization is not a part of the hall of shame, but we’ve all probably been guilty of providing less than stellar service.  We’ve all also probably been victims of it.

Here are a few poor customer service phrases we hear all too often:

  • The computer won’t let us do that.
  • I don’t know and don’t care.
  • You’ll have to call or come back later.
  • We can’t take care of that here.
  • That is not my responsibility.
  • I can’t help you with that.
  • You’ve called the wrong number.

I’m sure this list could go on and on, but you get the idea.  On top of these poor customer service phrases, we often get caught in perpetual automated phone system hell!  You know what I’m talking about, “Please press 1 for…”  Of course, none of the options ever match what I need and there never seems to be an easy way to access a real, live human!

Okay, just thinking about these things raises my blood pressure!  Let me move on before my blood starts to boil.  icon smile Customer Service: Enthusiastic Phrases I Would Like to Hear

Enthusiastic Customer Service Phrases I’d Like to Hear

What is it that our customers want and that we want when we conduct business?

I think mainly we want someone who will listen attentively to our issues, take ownership of the situation and do their best to make us happy so we will return, ready to spend our money with them again another day.

Basically, we want companies to make it easy for us to do business with them.  We want them to remove as many of the obstacles as possible for us.

Customers are valuable and often hard to come by.  You know this if you ever been in sales or if you’ve operated your own business.  Every customer that is willing to give their money to you in return for your product or service is a gem that you need to protect and coddle.

The difference between good and poor customer service has a lot to do with how you make your customer feel.

Here are some enthusiastic phrases we’d all like to hear more often:

  • I can take care of this for you in no time at all.
  • I’m going to personally make sure this gets resolved for you.
  • This is a little out of the ordinary, but I can handle it for you.
  • I’d be happy to help you with this.
  • I’m not sure, but let me find someone that can help you.
  • What can I do to make this right for you?
  • We stand behind our products, so this won’t be any trouble.
  • You don’t have to wait, I can take care of you now.
  • We’d be happy to refund your money if that’s what you want.
  • It won’t cost you anything to get this corrected.
  • We’ll be there today to make this right for you.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority.  What can I do for you today?

Beyond these, you might also want to check out The Top 7 Phrases to Use With Unhappy Customers.  This article is just one of several I found on Top7Business that I thought were very useful and practical for improving customer service.

We Are All in the Business of Improving Customer Service

It is in our best interest to please as many of our customers as possible.  Giving them what they want will ultimately lead to us getting what we want.  It really doesn’t take all that much effort to impress customers with our level of service.  We just need to put ourselves in their shoes.  Treat others like you want to be treated and your service will be golden!

What enthusiastic customer service phrases would you like to hear?

UPDATE: This article received a very nice write-up on MSN Smart Spending that really compliments what I wrote.  I’d encourage you to check out Customer-service phrases we hate.  I hope you enjoy it!

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PinExt Customer Service: Enthusiastic Phrases I Would Like to Hear

16 thoughts on “Customer Service: Enthusiastic Phrases I Would Like to Hear

  1. Great post and I wrote something similar recently in why we need a new paradigm in the field of customer services! It’s amazing how much of a difference these small things can make and I believe it comes down to better leadership.

    Have a fab new year, it’s been a pleasure discovering your blog! :-)
    .-= Amit Sodha – The Power Of Choice´s last blog ..For 2010 – 10 Unusual Places To Get Inspired For The New Year =-.

    • Words mean nothing, action means everything.

      It boils down to employees wanting to help customers, not follow procedures for a paycheck.

      • Troy – This is very true, but management must let employees know that they won’t be punished for bending the policies to make a good customer happy. It has to be a top-down policy. Of course, this doesn’t keep an employee from doing their best within established guidelines!

        I agree that more companies need to turn down the hype and turn up the action. Well said!

  2. While I do agree that service can be lacking, some of these phrases on the “hall of shame” are entirely appropriate. I work in retail and there are times that I am incapable of getting around a computer. You must remember that employees are 15 times more likely to steal from a company than customers .: we are usually working with our hands tied around our back by the company.
    Ranting aside I’m glad you offered what you believe can ameliorate the situation. Unlike MSN who writes something just to get a rise out of readers by upsetting them.

    • David – I do understand that retail employees, in particular, often have their hands tied. It is up to management and business owners to empower their employees to provide top-notch customer service.

    • David,

      So true!

      Until folks have actually worked in retail for themselves, they have no clue how hard it can be to do certain things. Often, company policy or the computer really DOES bind our hands.

      And let’s not forget unreasonable customers who make ridiculous demands that no company could possibly honor (ie, asking for enormous discounts, or wanting something that would put the company or its employees in danger, or some impossible request that even Superman would have trouble fulfilling), and then get mad when the poor employee can’t fulfill their outlandish requests, and said bad customer storms off screaming about “horrible customer service”.

      But even some of the phrases to ‘make it all better’ may be impossible for an employee to fulfill. We can’t always refund money at will, or offer a ‘no-cost solution’. There are sleazy customers who love to bully companies into refunding money for products that the store doesn’t even carry or for stolen items. So many scammers try to take the adage “The Customer is Always Right” and use it to essentially steal money and merchandise from the store.

      And yes, for smaller companies, it DOES break the company to just go along with the scammers and give them what they want, for the sake of offering great customer service to everyone. It’s a shame that bad apples have to spoil the whole bunch.

      • BD – Again, I recognize that retail employees have to be empowered to make good customer service decisions for themselves. This means they should be given the ability to help a good customer when the situation warrants. Obviously, I’m not advocating that companies bow to the unreasonable demands of ripoff artists, but all too often the pendulum swings way too far in the opposite direction. This costs a lot more in the end than letting a few bad people get away with something.

    • As an accountant, I have full understanding of the controls and constraints placed on a system to prevent fraud. My complain however is with the following statement: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but that is beyond my skill level.”

      I understand that this woman’s role at UPS was only to repeat what the screen told me. What I really wanted to know is where my package was located and who locally I could have a discussion as to why my package was a week late being delivered. A better response would have been. “I’m sorry that I cannot help you, however, let me refer you to my supervisor (or anyone with a higher skill level with more access to information.”

  3. Good customer service is what keeps me coming back to any establishment or remain brand loyal. Having been in the hospitality industry it’s amazing how many people don’t “get it.”

    It made me a heck of a lot happier when I went out of the way for a customer because then they’d become my raving fan, compliment me, and even ask to speak to my manger. Why wouldn’t you want to help someone? Just be nice, honest, and try your hardest to make the customer happy… so simple.
    .-= Ryan @ Planting Dollars´s last blog ..Find a Penny, Pick it up? =-.

    • Ryan – Thank you for speaking up! It really doesn’t have to be complicated. You hit the nail on the head in terms of what it takes to please customers. I hope people learn from your fantastic example!

  4. There is a huge advantage to management and business owners hiring employees that can use logic and common sense to service customers. It is an even bigger advantage to them if they allow these employees to use these skills. This is one reason I love Zappos, their customer service is impeccable.

    One example of poor service, my family used to order from the local Pizza Hut every week. Once we had a Pizza Hut coupon, but they wouldn’t accept the coupon because it was a Pizza Hut/WingStreet coupon and they were not a WingStreet location yet.

    They were adamant about this, so we explained that we would pay for our meal without the coupon, but that would be our last time giving them our business. They lost a loyal customer for $5.

    • Towanda – I recently tried to take advantage of Pizza Hut’s “Any Pizza for $10″ promotion. However, our local restaurant was out of all the popular toppings! We left and went to a competitor. You’d think that Pizza Hut would have been better prepared so their promotion wouldn’t have backfired on them. It sounds like they have all kinds of service issues going on. Some companies get it and some do not.

  5. My favorite phrase to hear is :

    “This is a little out of the ordinary, but I can handle it for you.”

    I tend to have unusual requests, and rarely hear this. On the flip side I try to use this often with my customers. For example, I had a new customer for Internet service ask if I could pick him up near by, on my way to install service at his house. My response, “sure”.
    .-= marshall |´s last blog ..Managed Expectations for Satellite Internet =-.

  6. Customer service is the most important thing to any business. Without customers you have no business. That’s why its so annoying to the businesses that out source to India. They don’t know our language and are hard to understand making it more annoying to talk to anyone. I called AT&T the other week and I had the most friendly and helpful phone rep, it actually blew me away. Good article
    .-= Ben@BankAim´s last blog ..Raise Your Rate With Ally’s 2 Year CD =-.

  7. It all comes down to treating the customer with the respect, courtesy, and effeciency that you want. Sometimes that is hard when you deal with the “hard customers”. That is when after you hang up, you can get mad. In my years of food service and other customer service roles, customers just want to be informed. Whether the product will be late, or short, or more expensive. They pay our bills…

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