Doing Good Benefits You: Kindness is King

PinExt Doing Good Benefits You: Kindness is King

flower offer thumb Doing Good Benefits You: Kindness is KingWhat good have you done lately?

Doing good for others has some pretty nice benefits for you.

Performing simple acts of kindness and compassion will make your life more enjoyable, satisfying and complete.

If you want to live a truly great life, then perform sincere acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.  

Trust me, the benefits will come.  They just can’t be the primary reason for your actions.

Three Ways Doing Good Benefits You

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This old world could use a few more people willing to help others when they need it most.  I think we all know that Emerson’s quote above is true, but maybe a little reminding of exactly how doing good will benefit you (even though this shouldn’t be the primary motivation) will serve as inspiration.

Here are three ways doing good will benefit you:

1.  What Goes Around Comes Around

As the quote above states, it is really impossible to help someone else without helping yourself.  When you do good, you feel good.  I’ve experienced this many times myself.  I don’t know exactly why, but I know that if I volunteer my time or perform some other good deed, I walk away with a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. 

Also, when you freely give to others, it is more likely that they will reciprocate when you need a favor or some help yourself.   It is just human nature.  When someone helps us, we feel indebted to that person.  Therefore, in a sense, when we help others, we are storing up in them goodwill toward us.  This is a nice side benefit.

2.  Gives You a Greater Sense of Self-Worth

When you help someone else in need, it gives you an increased sense of self-worth.  You learn that you can make a difference.  This is an important acknowledgement that can really make you feel good about yourself and your capabilities.  After all, if you can truly help someone, then you have a tremendous value to offer the world.  Of course, we all have something to offer so this works for everyone.

Hopefully, this increased feeling of self-worth will propel you to do even more good deeds.  As you do, you will begin a cycle of positive emotions and actions that will become a rich and rewarding life.

3.  Relieves Boredom and Promotes Gratitude

The best cure for feelings of boredom, stagnation and lack of fulfillment is to reach out and help another human being that is less fortunate than yourself.  In fact, this therapy is so effective that it will heal your symptoms overnightI challenge you to give this a try and see if I’m not right.

In addition, to serving as a remedy for boredom, doing good will also make you feel more grateful for what you have.  It makes you keenly aware of just how blessed you are to have all you do.  Practicing gratitude is a key contributor to real happiness.  Therefore, doing good makes you happy.

Doing Good Benefits You and Others

Bottom line, the beauty of doing good is that it helps others and you at the same time.  It is a true win-win.  You just can’t help others without helping yourself in the process.  If you want to make a big improvement in your life, then get out there and help someone else.  It isn’t hard to find an opportunity.  The world is full of needs that you can meet.  Go do some good today!

Join the 31 Days of Kindness Project

Need a little inspiration to help you get started with kindness? 

You can download a FREE copy of A Manifesto for Making Kindness a Daily Habit

This free guide was compiled by Alex over at The Bridge Maker as part of his 31 Days of Kindness Project that starts today.  In it, you will find 132 ideas from 29 talented bloggers for simple acts of kindness. 

Alex is challenging us to perform one kind act per day for the entire month of March.  I think this is a wonderful project and that is why I’m helping to promote it.  Ah-ha!  I’ve performed my one simple act of kindness for today by sharing Alex’s free manifesto with you.  icon smile Doing Good Benefits You: Kindness is King

I hope you will download the guide and join in spreading kindess around the world.  Remember, it will benefit you and others too!

Have you experienced the benefits of doing good?  If so, share what you’ve learned by leaving a comment below.

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PinExt Doing Good Benefits You: Kindness is King

8 thoughts on “Doing Good Benefits You: Kindness is King

  1. I have found that even the smallest, easiest acts of kindness improve my mood and outlook. Just pausing on the road to let another driver pull into traffic gives me a boost. I am a stay-at-home mom of four with a husband who travels every week for work, so I am rarely able to devote a lot of time to volunteer work, but I have found that spending an hour once a week with a knitting group making blankets and scarves for the sick gives me almost the same feel good benefit as spending a week on a Habitat for Humanity build. I am excited about this challenge. Thank you so much for sharing it. I had not heard about it anywhere else.

    • Jeri, we often get deluded into thinking that just because we can’t do something big, that we can’t do anything at all. As you point out, small acts of kindness are powerful in helping others and helping ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

    • Alex, Hey I’m just following your lead. I love the idea of your kindness project. I hope it helps people to become more conscious of their actions. We all get in such a hurry. It seems like we don’t have time for simple acts of kindness anymore. That’s pretty sad. I applaud you for taking this on and trying to make a difference.

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  3. Hi Jeff,
    Love your blog as always!
    Have you seen the musical Avenue Q? It’s very silly and very funny but there’s a line in it that says, “When you help others, you can’t help helping yourselves!”
    I haven’t updated my blogs much recently because I was on an 8 day silent retreat – I rediscovered there the truth in your statement, “Doing good benefits you.” Another retreatant asked me (in a hushed whisper) to go walking with him because he had mobility problems and needed help walking. I ended up walking with him every day and I learnt so much from him. I suspect I’ve also made a friend for life in him!
    JenP´s last [type] ..My silent retreat … shhh…

  4. Nice piece here, Jeff. Indeed, kindness is a silent power that continues to run and overflow. More often than not, it’s always around us and surrounds us but we’re just too demanding or uncaring that we don’t notice how it has touched us. But if we, ourselves, do random acts of kindness, purposeful expressions of gratitude and put genuine effort to reach out, what a surprise it would be that ten-fold or more comes back to us. And most of all, the goodness that we do makes us feel so much better about who we are, what we do and why we are alive!
    arina nikitina´s last [type] ..12 Reasons to Become a Vegetarian- Notes of a Renegade Meat-Eater

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