Downsize My Life: Save Yourself From the Craziness

PinExt Downsize My Life: Save Yourself From the Craziness

stonepile Downsize My Life: Save Yourself From the Craziness Does your life need downsizing?

We tend to overcomplicate our lives.  We keep adding to what we have and what we do without taking anything away. 

We then wonder why we are stressed out, worn down and ready to give up.  Our lives need to be downsized, organized and simplified.

This process will help you clear your head.  It will bring you clarity and peace.  In the end, you will thank yourself for downsizing.

Downsize Your Overstuffed Life By Having Less

One way we overfill our lives is with possessions.  We think more stuff will make our lives simpler.  After all, the advertisers promised us more convenience.  Unfortunately, this rarely works out as planned.

Here are three ways that possessions overstuff your life:

1.  They Fill Your Time and Leave You Worn Out

Every purchase has a hidden cost.  It costs us time.  We have to spend time maintaining it, storing it and using it.  We rarely calculate this cost into our purchasing decision, but it is a hefty burden that should be added in and thought about carefully.  Ask yourself, “What kind of time will this possession require and am I willing to dedicate the required portion of my life to it?”

People that are selling things will always tell you that their item is virtually maintenance free.  I’ve fell for this line more times than I can count.  Everything you own takes up some of your time.

A few years ago, I woke up to this issue and sold a bunch of stuff that was stealing my time.  I was tired of letting my possessions rule my life.  I didn’t want to waste another minute dealing with them so I simply removed the stuff from my life.  It was incredibly liberating.  If you feel overwhelmed in life, then I’d suggest considering the same kind of move.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of time you can reclaim.

2.  They Take Your Money and Leave You Penniless

One of the things that can make your life seem crazy is a lack of money.  Strained finances are often responsible for marital issues, health problems and depression.  Have you ever asked yourself, “Where does all our money go?!?”  I bet if you stopped and analyzed it, you’d find that a big chunk is spent taking care of your stuff.

It goes toward maintaining the pool, storing the boat and powering the rest.  Even pets can chew up a lot of money with vet bills, boarding costs and the food they eat.  Little by little your possessions suck your money right out of your hands.

You can put a stop to it by simplifying and downsizing your life.  Sell the things that are a drain on your finances.  Dig yourself out of the rut you are in and take back control of your life.  It will restore your hope.  The things you think are precious are the very things that are leaving you feeling broke and forcing you to spend all your time working to pay for them.  How can you enjoy all your stuff when you are at work trying to pay to maintain it?  I’d recommend selling most of it so you can reclaim your life.

3.  They Fill You With Guilt and Leave You Distressed

Do you ever feel guilty about not using the things you have bought?  I certainly have.  I’ve felt guilty for not using my stuff, not maintaining my stuff properly and for the money my stuff is costing me.  All of this is emotionally draining which leaves you worn down with very little to give the really important things in your life.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

Have you ever considered the emotional toll your stuff takes on you?  This is why it feels so good when we let go of some of it.  It is a relief.  Unfortunately, we usually don’t let go of enough.  We cling to things thinking we love them.  Hoping they will bring us joy someday.  Well, getting rid of that same stuff will likely bring you joy now instead of later because it will relieve you of all the emotional baggage that comes with it.

A large number of possessions can come with a heaping helping of distress.  A simpler life with less clutter is much easier to navigate.

Cut the Crazy and Downsize Your Life

If you suffer from a lack of time, a lack of money and an overabundance of guilt, then try downsizing.  It is a fantastic way to reclaim your life.  Counter to popular thinking, possessions do not make for a great life.  They drain you.  It might “hurt” a little at first to get rid of your precious things, but soon you’ll wonder why you hung on to all of it for so long.

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PinExt Downsize My Life: Save Yourself From the Craziness

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