Examples of Vision Boards for Inspiration

PinExt Examples of Vision Boards for Inspiration

vision board Examples of Vision Boards for InspirationHave you discovered the power of vision boards?

Your mind is a powerful tool.  Your job is to direct it toward the things you want most from life and then watch how quickly it produces results for you.

I’m not talking about any hocus pocus and I don’t believe that just thinking about something will manifest it in your life.  However, I do believe that visualization of your goals and dreams is a proven technique that you shouldn’t ignore.

If you are a visual person, then images are an extremely effective way for you to focus your mind.

A photo can literally speak a thousand words to that magnificent brain of yours.  You should leverage this capability to maximize your achievements and success.

Vision Board Examples to Inspire You

I’m a big believer in the use of vision boards.  There is just something very powerful about them.  Your mind is a waiting receiver.  What you feed it determines what you get out of it.  A vision board is an effective way to consistently nourish your brain with motivating images of the life you most desire.

I’ve written before about how to create and use a vision board.  Today, I want to inspire you by showing you some examples of what vision boards look like.  I hope this will encourage you to make one if you’ve never done so or, at the very least, to revisit a board you created in the past.

Here are some great examples of inspirational vision boards:

1.  Wellness Board

vWellness Examples of Vision Boards for InspirationWhat do you most want to stay focused on?  You should center your vision board on this one thing.

In the example shown, personal wellness is the specific topic.  All the words and images that appear have meaning that would keep you mindful of the value of taking good care of your mind, body and soul.

Board by WiseWellWoman

2.  Masculine Board

vMasculine Examples of Vision Boards for Inspiration

Got testosterone?  Your board should reflect who you are or want to become.  Obviously, this example is very masculine, but it is also very well done.

It doesn’t leave any doubt what it is about.  I love how the words reinforce and amplify the meaning of the images.  This is powerful stuff that is inspiring, motivational and designed to hold the viewer accountable.

Board by Ron Sombilon Gallery

3.  Travel Board

vTravel Examples of Vision Boards for InspirationTraveling the world is a passion of mine so, I truly appreciate boards with this type of theme.

If you have the desire to travel, then you could create a board that displays images of the specific places you most want to visit.

You could use your vision board as a kind of bucket list.  This is a great way to remind yourself of what you are working so hard to achieve.

Board by LizaWasHere

4.  Flexible Board

vFlexible Examples of Vision Boards for InspirationI like this example because it shows a different approach.  In the examples above, the pictures are pasted on to poster board, but in this case, the pictures are just tacked to the board.

This technique gives you some flexibility to change the board with time.  You can adjust it as your interests and goals evolve.  Very smart!

Board by Natecull

5.  Artistic Board

vArtistic Examples of Vision Boards for InspirationFinally, your board doesn’t have to use actual photographs.  If you are an artist, then you may choose to create your own images using your favorite medium.

This might even be more effective because the images you create go along with a specific vision in your mind.  The options for how you create your board are truly endless!

Board by queercatkitten

Be Inspired to Create Your Vision Board

These examples prove there is no one right way to create a vision board.  You can be as creative and clever as you want to be.  The idea is to get those mental images you have in your head out where your mind kind process them and start to guide you toward the actions to make them a reality.  What are you waiting for?  Go create your vision board!

Have you used a vision board before?  Was it effective for you?  Leave a comment letting me know of your experience.  It will be useful to the others that read this post.  Thanks!

Photo at the top by SharonaGott

PinExt Examples of Vision Boards for Inspiration

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