Fatherhood: 25 Things I Learned Playing Barbies

PinExt Fatherhood: 25 Things I Learned Playing Barbies

barbie thumb Fatherhood: 25 Things I Learned Playing Barbies “Wanna play Barbies?”

As a father of two daughters, I’ve heard this question many times and for the record I’ve spent my share of time in the floor pretending to be one of Barbie’s friends.

However, it wasn’t that comfortable for me at first.  You have to understand, I am guy who grew up in rural Oklahoma without any sisters. 

My brothers and I played army, rode dirt bikes and generally did whatever we could to get as dirty as possible.

There were certainly no Barbies in my house growing up.  Of course, things change.  As a father of daughters, I have had to expand my comfort zone and let myself enter their world. 

As a result, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons from Barbie.

25 things I learned playing Barbies with my daughters

Here we go.  I hope you enjoy the list!  By the way, these are in no particular order.

1.  Love can get you to do some things that you never imagined yourself doing.

2.  The reward you get for stepping out of your comfort zone is worth any uneasiness you may experience.

3.  Velcro in the back is a bad way to fasten your pants.

4.  Imagination is boundless and wonderful.

5.  You can never change clothes too many times in one day.

6.  You have to get down on the floor to truly see the world through a child’s eyes.

7Real fun is simple and doesn’t cost much.

8.  Your kids will remember the hour you spent playing Barbies in the floor with them more than they will the vacation that cost you a fortune.

9.  Children want our undivided attention more than they want anything else in the whole entire world.

10.  In a little girl’s world, being in charge of Daddy for awhile is terrific fun.

11.  In a house full of girls, Barbie is always the lead character and as the daddy you never get to be Barbie no matter which doll it is that you are holding.

12.  There are never any fights about money in Barbie’s world.

13.  You can learn a lot about someone by playing Barbies with them.

14.  Barbie is like the rest of us, she only gets a limited amount of time in the spotlight. Enjoy it while you can!

15.  Your heart will never be full of love to the point that it can’t hold more for someone.

16.  A bad hair day is a subjective call.

17.  Shoes are a hassle that are rarely worth dealing with.

18.  Having a body that is stiff and inflexible is no excuse.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

19.  The reputation you have and the controversy you create will be mostly ignored by your greatest fans.

20.  Regardless of your looks (good or bad), you can be anything you want to be.

21.  Even though you might lose your head once in a while, the situation can be fixed with a little effort.  Daddy’s are great at helping with this!

22.  Regardless of what you might think, Barbie is a low-maintenance girl.

23.  In life, you may get lost, but never fear because the one that loves you will search high and low until you are back in their arms.

24.  The love of a child can light up your whole life.

25.  You can still look good and do amazing things at 50 and beyond.  Happy 50th Barbie!

It is going to be sad when I no longer get to play Barbies

As I reflect on all I’ve learned from Barbie, I realize it is going to be sad when my girls outgrow her.  The innocence and pure sweetness wrapped up in these play sessions are near and dear to my heart.  Of course, I can always hope for granddaughters way out in the future!

Do you play Barbies?  What have you learned?

Photo by Brani’s fashion dolls

PinExt Fatherhood: 25 Things I Learned Playing Barbies

11 thoughts on “Fatherhood: 25 Things I Learned Playing Barbies

  1. Haha. Great list! My oldest daughter is 9 now and we wen through a BIG princess/Barbie phase. I’ve been to more tea parties than I care to admit. Being a Dad means sucking it up for the kids. And you know what? It’s good for us adults to play and pretend too! And through play we can also help teach our children ideals in a way they can better understand at that age.

    I’m going through the boy phase with my 2 1/2 yr old son now. Whew! It’s territory I’m more familiar with but the Barbie phase is just around the corner for our littlest daughter…
    .-= FFB´s last blog ..Our Switch To Netflix =-.

  2. My situation is the opposite. I have two sisters, gave birth to two sons. I learned very early that I LIKE playing Legos, trains, army and all that fun stuff. :)

    I really identify with what you said about being sad when your daughters outgrow their Barbie sessions. My (now teenage) sons no longer want to build trains on the floor or put together Lego warriors and have battles. There is so much that we no longer do, and I miss those things too.

    I’ve learned two things – one is that there is always something ELSE to do that you will love just as much. We go whitewater rafting, camping, playing full-contact keep away at the pool. We boogie board together at the beach. We cook together, go to concerts and shows and I absolutely radiate pride when they are on stage performing as they do now (theatre and music). The other thing I’ve learned is to be as completely and totally in the present moment as I can possibly be with them all the time now. Soon they will be off on their own and I don’t want to look back and feel that I missed anything.

    So you just keep playing Barbies, or anything else they want to do. Never let go of that feeling, and always stay connected.
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..…And the Best Part Is, It’s Free! =-.

  3. I have to say being the big sap that I am I was tearing up a little bit while reading this. I have two boys so my list would be different, and in fact I just may create my own list for boys this is a great tribute. For my son’s 6th birthday I purchased a full Darth Vader costume, built some foam light sabers for 15 of his buddies and battled all of them for about an hour. He and his brother still talk about it almost 3 years later, and my youngest will frequently ask me to dress up as Darth. These are the things they will remember all of their lives.
    .-= Paul @ Fiscalgeek´s last blog ..The FiscalGeek Cell Phone Trade In Program: Free Cell Phones for Life =-.

  4. I have one daughter and 2 boys (6yrs and under)so my daughter has no option but to be a tomboy but we try to keep her a girly girl! lol
    We play “kitchen” and “baby”. I am a 250lb father who loves metal (music that is) but yet I play baby, kitchen and dolls with my daughter….WTF? Love is crazy…

    Great job..

    PS….I will be sad when I no longer can play with dolls too!
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..This Father Cannot Wait for School =-.

  5. This is special, Jeff. I enjoyed reading this and even posted it to my Facebook page…now hooked up the RSS. Entertaining (Velcro pants) with some key messages about life. The simplicity of “real fun” is something we all need reminding of. We don’t yet have children, but articles like these remind me of what’s worth prioritizing now and when the time comes. I appreciate the posts!

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