Finding Contentment and Fulfillment For A Happier Life

PinExt Finding Contentment and Fulfillment For A Happier Life

d34da085 459a 46b8 881a 656758a550a6 Finding Contentment and Fulfillment For A Happier LifeAre you happy with your life? Happiness and fulfillment come from a sense of contentment. How does one become content? Well, I think it starts by realizing we have enough.

We often drive ourselves crazy pursuing more. In fact, constantly wanting more is what has pushed America into a recession. Greed, envy and an obsession for more has taken it’s toll. Let us now pursue contentment!

Three fantastic articles about contentment and having enough

There is no better time to become content with what you have. We are richly blessed! When was the last time that you even had to concern yourself with the basic necessities of life? Many struggle every day just to survive. We need to remind ourselves of this more often!

1. Accept that your paycheck is enough!

I really enjoyed David’s article this week over at MoneyNing. He wrote 5 Surefire Ways to Stop Thinking Your Paycheck is Never Enough. I’ve been guilty of this. Again, we make plenty. We simply get caught up in thinking we need more. Raises will probably be conservative in 2009 for most people. David’s advice to stop comparing yourself to others and to avoid jumping your lifestyle ahead of where it should be is very timely.

2. Material possessions do not make us happy!

David at My Two Dollars wrote Finding Contentment While Others Around You Want More. He warns us not to fall into the trap of believing that a new possession will make us happy. I’ve made this mistake a ton of times in the past. I, like David, have experienced the rush of making a new purchase only to be let down in a few weeks or a few days. David shares some great ways to help us avoid repeating this mistake.

3. Start enjoying today right where you’re at!

Rather than continually seeking happiness elsewhere, become content right where you’re at! Sara at On Simplicity shares some Simple Ways You Can Start Enjoying Today. I like her suggestion to stop saying, “I’ll be happy when…”. Again, been there, done that! We are in control of our lives so, why do we continually make ourselves so miserable by always wanting more? Why not just enjoy what we have? If we don’t, life will be over and we’ll have wasted it.

Happiness is a choice!

We have the power to be content with our lives and savor the good things in it. It is a choice that we make every waking moment. What will you choose today?

Here are a few other articles I enjoyed reading this week:

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PinExt Finding Contentment and Fulfillment For A Happier Life

14 thoughts on “Finding Contentment and Fulfillment For A Happier Life

  1. Jeff, with all of the negative media right now, it’s pretty easy to feel anxious and insecure, but you’re absolutely right that most people reading this post have *more* than enough. We have health, shelter, food, and love in abundance. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for that.

  2. I don’t think that we should accept that our paycheck is enough.
    But striving for more money as the end point isn’t right either. Money is nothing but a tool. A means to an end, and you should use it to help you reach your goals.
    Your sentiments about comparing yourself to others though is spot on. Other peoples possession and goals are not your goals.


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  3. This is something I am working on myself. My husband and I have acquired some credit card debt because we always felt like we needed more possessions to be happy.

    I now find my happiness in the thing that matter most…our family. I also remind myself how lucky we are to have our jobs and our home when so many are struggling during these hard economic times.

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  4. Hey Jeff,

    A pleasure to meet you and read your blog.
    I concur with all your points. Can
    I just add, that when humanity learns to disempower the ego, we will be empowered. The ego WANTS us to feel inferior to our well-dressed, high-flying, go-getting counterparts – so it can stay in control.
    With our empowerment comes loving acceptance of who we are (not what we possess) and our fellow-man. Happiness is a by-product of this loving acceptance, and is elusive in it’s absence.
    I wish you and your readers a Happy Life.

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  5. Not long after the Thanksgiving holiday, I wrote a post on my blog about contentment because that is what I’m really seeking. When I thought about it, I realized that gratitude is a key to contentment. When we are grateful for everything in our lives, it’s much easier to turn off the ego that says we need more.

    Although I do agree that most material possessions do not make us happy, I have one possession that absolutely brings me happiness every day. My motorcycle has brought new friends, new adventures, and pure joy into my life. I’m sure that others have similar possessions that bring them joy too. I think it’s the endless striving to get more possessions or to upgrade those possessions that leads to unhappiness.

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  6. For some strange but albeit natural reason we tend to always want more, more and more.

    Happiness is a choice because of one reason: happiness is a feeling rather than an emotion. Emotions need something to precede them whereas feelings can just happen at any time through habit or will.



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