Four questions to help redirect your life plan toward your dream

PinExt Four questions to help redirect your life plan toward your dream

train wreck Four questions to help redirect your life plan toward your dream Has your life turned out like you expected?

Sometimes even the best life plans can derail.  Even though we thought we were on the right track, somehow things don’t always wind up like we envisioned.

This can be discouraging and may even leave us somewhat disillusioned, but don’t give up!  There is still time to get your life plan rolling down the line toward your dreams.  You probably just need to spend a little time diagnosing where things went wrong.

Has Your Life Plan Gotten Off-Track?

Here are some common pitfalls you may want to consider in figuring out where things went awry.  It is likely that one of these will help you pick up steam again toward your goals.

1.  Do you have limiting or faulty beliefs holding you back?

As Jonathan points out in Are Your Beliefs Assets or Liabilities?, we often adopt incorrect or inaccurate thoughts about ourselves or our situation based on a few negative experiences.  These generalizations can severely limit our ability to accomplish our dreams. 

For instance, based on a little criticism we might have started believing we aren’t creative thinkers or that we aren’t good at math or that we can’t sing well enough to be a star.  Whatever your dream, examine your beliefs around your abilities to achieve it and see if something is holding you back.  Let go of the lies and you will soar!

2.  Are you following some inaccurate advice that limits your progress?

Sometimes we are just pursuing the wrong strategy to achieve our goals.  In The Last Monkey Jumping, Stephen illustrates how we might get misled into believing certain actions will produce the results we want.  Some people deemed gurus by our media, just got lucky once and then suddenly were crowned experts.

Take some time to verify the strategy you are pursuing is sound.  If you haven’t gotten it right, maybe it isn’t the way for you to go.  You might find more success via another route.  Back up and take another shot using a different approach!

3.  Have you really fully committed yourself to your life plan?

We often wander from one day to the next without really sticking to our plan.  Would an outside observer know without a doubt what you are trying to accomplish from watching your actions?  If not, then maybe you haven’t fully committed yourself to your life plan.

There are several reasons you might be holding back.  Run through the list Alex put together at 7 Things We Already Know About Our Lives to see if it helps you isolate what’s keeping you from putting your whole self into achieving your dream.  Get onboard and you’ll fly farther than ever before!

4.  Do you have a personality trait that is getting in the way?

Occasionally, we can be our own worst enemies.  It is usually very tough to admit it when one of our habits or personality traits is getting in the way of our success, but honest self-evaluation is crucial to getting the most from life.  After all, wouldn’t you rather own up to the issue and get past it so you can realize your dream?

You may need to redesign certain aspects of your personality to go farther in life.  Glen has laid out a great way to do this in Personality Development: Be Who You Want to Be.  His technique will have you back on track in no time!

Get going and live the life of your dreams!

You can accomplish all you’ve ever imagined!  It is possible.  Believe it.  Convince yourself first and the world will follow.  I hope these suggestions help you to get things headed in the direction you want.  Let me know about your success!

What’s holding you back from living life to the fullest?

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PinExt Four questions to help redirect your life plan toward your dream

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