Get Into The Good Habit Of Looking At Life The Right Way

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goldfish Get Into The Good Habit Of Looking At Life The Right Way Good habits are our autopilot to success.  Training ourselves to have a good attitude toward everyday tasks is a huge step in the right direction toward living life to the fullest.  It is easy to think negatively about the routine of life.  Of course, this bad habit simply undermines our happiness.  It drains us of our motivation and sets us on the wrong path as we go through our day.  Positive thinking in everyday circumstances is one of the good habits we can develop if we apply ourselves.

The good habit of automatically thinking positively

Our thoughts often seem automatic and what’s the harm anyway in how we think about a routine task?  Well, I think developing the good habit of thinking positively about our daily lives is crucial.  Take a look at the list of tasks below and evaluate your own habit of how you think about these things:

Gotta Do It

Get To Do It

  • gotta get up
  • gotta go to work
  • gotta watch the kids
  • gotta fix dinner
  • gotta deal with traffic
  • gotta go to church
  • gotta go to school
  • gotta pay taxes
  • gotta pay the mortgage
  • gotta finish my to-do list
  • gotta fix a problem
  • gotta change my attitude
  • get to have good health
  • get to earn a living
  • get to have a loving family
  • get to eat when I’m hungry
  • get to get out of the house
  • get to worship how I want
  • get to educate myself
  • get to live where I have a voice
  • get to enjoy a nice home
  • get to contribute to a goal
  • get to make a difference
  • get to look through a new lens

Is your habit to think positively or negatively?

What is your tendency?  Are you more prone to look at your routine tasks as something you gotta do or something you get to do? 

How we look at the way we spend our time has everything to do with our motivation toward it and the level of satisfaction we enjoy.  If we don’t feel what we are doing is significant, then it won’t be. 

Get into the good habit of training yourself to see these things in a positive light and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Making this a habit takes practice, but it is worth it

Developing a good habit takes awareness and some effort.  You have to become conscious of when you have a wrong thought.  When you do this, you will probably be amazed at how many times within a day that you stray from the kind of thinking that you desire.  That’s okay!  At first, cut yourself some slack.  Starting to realize how you typically think is the first step toward curing yourself.

Of course, if all we do is recognize our mistakes without taking any action to correct ourselves, then we aren’t really going to improve.  The next step is to start replacing our erroneous thinking with the kind of thoughts we desire. 

When I catch myself, out of habit, thinking that I gotta do something, then I simply remind myself this isn’t something I have to do, but something I am choosing to do.  I also state either aloud or in my head why I am making this choice.

It usually takes some time, but soon I find my thinking changes.  I start instinctively thinking positively which is exactly the good habit I want to develop!

Life is more rewarding with this good habit in-place

Once you have trained yourself to think more positively about the routine tasks you face everyday, then you will eliminate a huge source of negativity in your life.  This will make you enjoy life more fully. 

You will see more clearly the value of how you spend your day.  Your brain will be less stressed which will open the door to more creativity.  With this creativity, you will find new ways to turn the mundane into something more significant and beneficial to everyone involved!

As you can see, there is a compounding positive effect of developing the good habit of positive thinking.  Our thoughts are something we all have complete control over if we simply apply ourselves. 

Stop making yourself unhappy by thinking negative thoughts!  This is one of the most powerful things we can do to live a rich and rewarding life.

How do you typically think about your everyday tasks?  How does this effect your attitude?

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PinExt Get Into The Good Habit Of Looking At Life The Right Way

7 thoughts on “Get Into The Good Habit Of Looking At Life The Right Way

  1. I love the little chart. I’m generally pretty positive, but seeing it written out like “got to” and “get to” I see a whole lot of room for improvement.

    What a great post. Thanks.

    Read valerie´s lastest article – Thanksgiving 25

  2. @Kevin – Thanks for sharing this with others!

    @Evelyn – Our attitude has a lot to do with how much we enjoy life. It is our choice how we view the things we get to do in our lives.

    @valerie – The chart is enlightening, isn’t it? I’m in the same boat as you. I have a lot of work to do in training myself to be more positive.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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