Great Times Ahead: 10 Tips for a Tremendous Life

PinExt Great Times Ahead: 10 Tips for a Tremendous Life

big smile Great Times Ahead: 10 Tips for a Tremendous Life Want to expect great times ahead?

The best way to improve your “luck” and put a smile on your face is to take specific, intentional actions that are known to lead to success.  Doing this over and over on a daily basis is what produces a tremendous life.

Fortunately, the kinds of actions that lead to great times ahead are common knowledge.  However, they are not commonly practiced. 

It seems that only a small percentage of people ever use the known principles for success to achieve anything meaningful in their lives. 

Today, I’m offering 10 tips to help you get started toward great times ahead:

1.  Get Yourself Unstuck and DO Something

Just getting going is often the hardest part of achieving a great life.  As Henrik points out in How to Really Get Started with Making a Positive Change in Your Life, you’ve got to be willing to take a risk to move things in a new direction.  It is probably going to be a little uncomfortable, but won’t it be worth it?  Do something today to start making your life more of what you want.  You deserve it!

2.  Clear Your Mind to Let the Good Come Out

You’ve got a lot of potential, but it is probably trapped inside you.  It is buried under a lot of baggage and years of suppression.  I’d suggest following the advice in 7 Simple Ways to Clear Your Mind to unlock what you’ve got.  These exercises will free up your creativity and help you to release some of your pent-up positive energy.  This is a crucial step toward achieving greater success.

3.  Add a Healthy Dose of Optimism

You’ve got to start to believe that great times really are ahead before you will have the kind of hope necessary to realize your goals.  Optimism is a real asset.  In fact, Ayo Olaniyan suggests there are at least 45 Benefits of Optimism.  Take a look at this list because it will help convince you of how valuable and important it is to embrace optimism.

4.  Find and Use What Works for You

The path to a better tomorrow for you is uniquely yours.  You can’t find it in a book and as Stephen says, you need to avoid Going Gaga Over Gurus.  Yes, there are some experts on personal growth that you should study, but don’t believe for a minute that their system is the only path to success.  You’ve got to find your own custom combination of techniques that leverage your strengths.  Find what works for you and use it!

5.  Figure Out What Doesn’t Work

As equally important as finding out what does work is recognizing what doesn’t work in creating a better life.  Jonathan has done a great job of pointing out 67 Personal Development Pitfalls to Avoid.  You can undermine your own efforts if you aren’t careful.  You’ve got to weed out the behaviors that are killing you.  Otherwise, your quest for a better life is futile.

6.  Learn to Make Tough Choices

Life is full of difficult decisions.  Learning to make the right choices is often what separates the winners from the losers.  If you struggle with decisions, then I’d highly suggest reading The Secret to Making Life Decisions With Too Many Options.  The amount of information available nowadays is overwhelming and can often be counterproductive to good decision-making.  Don’t let yourself get bogged down.  Learn to make the tough choices necessary to realize good times.

7.  Begin Loving Yourself

I really like what Bud says in You Don’t Need Fixed.  We all have imperfections.  We are never going to be perfect.  You’ve got to start accepting yourself and using what you’ve got right where you are to live a better life.  We’ve all been told about our weaknesses for so long that we don’t seem to be able to love ourselves anymore.  You are valuable!  You are capable!  You are worth it!  Love yourself and make yourself a tremendous life.

8.  Develop Some Staying Power

I’m not necessarily talking about persistence and perseverance here.  No, I’m talking about What It Takes to Stay as Tara has so eloquently laid out.  She says, “Staying with continued feelings of gratitude and joy, navigating challenges in a way that creates even more love for what you’ve chosen; that takes serious strength and skill.”  She’s right.  We need to learn some staying power to have a life of real happiness.

9.  Discover Your Inspiration

The greatest success comes from a powerful inspiration.  I believe we are all more fulfilled when there is a well-defined purpose driving us to new heights.  You might find your inspiration in one of the The 7 Most Motivational Quotes Ever Spoken.  I love the Helen Keller quote in this article!  Find your true purpose and you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

10.  Don’t Stop or Give Up at 99%

Ninety-nine percent is not enough.  It just isn’t.  Good enough leads to mediocrity at best and complete failure at worst.  Jonathan Fields points this out clearly in The Final 1%: Where Dreams Are Vanquished Or Vanished.  We have to finish strong.  We have to rise up when the going gets tough and press on to the finish line.  You simple can’t coast to victory.

Which of these tips was most helpful to you?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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PinExt Great Times Ahead: 10 Tips for a Tremendous Life

9 thoughts on “Great Times Ahead: 10 Tips for a Tremendous Life

    • Jonathan – There is just so much awesome material out there. I like to bring it all together so people can find it and use it to improve their life. If a person just applies one or two of the ideas in the articles I linked to above, they could really make some tremendous strides toward living life to the fullest.

  1. It’s easy for you guys to talk, after establishing trust funds for yourself or so and prospering here for generations. What about the new immigrants that came over, especially eastern Europe, a land that was let to rot, to be, what we are now finding over colonized again(because getting PHDs and Engineers to cleaning jobs is nothing short of slavery) by the west, using the same exact doctrines that once it used to challenge openly and accuse openly of all sort of bad stuff. And indeed it was, we did suffer it, as it took everything away at one instant. Here it is going to take a while to sink in but the outcome is not going to change.

    90% that works for the 10%, that’s roughly 30 people working for 1 person here in US. Talking about pre-French revolution and the American dream.

    I’d like to challenge all you for REAL to start a new life for the n-th time, without any safety net to fall back – ie your daddy’s trust fund.

    Get real and stop this nonsense.

    • Pratorian – I certainly don’t have any trust fund. What I’ve accomplished in my life has been by my own effort and initiative. It is easy to blame circumstances and others for our lack of accomplishment, but accepting full personal responsibility for your situation is the ONLY path to a better life.

    • Richard – It is very true that giving up at 99% derails our success, but it is also true that accepting effort less than 100% is also a poor strategy. It is easy to let ourselves get away with doing a mediocre job. Average doesn’t cut it. You have to be remarkable nowadays if you want to succeed.

    • Stefan – Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for letting me know. It is encouraging to hear that you found it useful.

  2. What a top ten Jeff! What stands out for me is the good dose of optimism. You feature Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ here on the blog and in his era doctors would often simply subscribe some laughter or thinking optimistically. Now they pop pills. Oh to get back to the days when a positive outlook cured many ills and ‘complaints’. If the world as a whole was optimistic just consider what it might be like?
    .-= John Sherry´s last blog ..5 Secrets of Politics Revealed =-.

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