How Are MacBooks Better Than Windows Laptops?

PinExt How Are MacBooks Better Than Windows Laptops?

sweet macbook How Are MacBooks Better Than Windows Laptops? MacBooks intrigue me enough that I want to buy one.  However, I have been a Windows person my entire life and I’ve never owned one of Apple’s laptops.  So, I’m calling on all you Apple lovers out there to educate me.  I’ve heard for ages now that MacBooks are better, but I want to know why so I can make up my mind about buying one.

I want to make a smart decision.  One that I won’t regret.  I’m looking for a notebook that will help me produce more impressive results in less time.  I’ll offer details below about the specifics of what I hope a MacBook will do for me.

I know what the competition can do, so now I hope you can help me understand what MacBooks do so much better.

Are MacBooks just sexier or will they actually enable me to produce better results in less time?

What specifically about Macbooks makes them better?

I’ve done a little research.  I’ve read articles like 10 reasons a MacBook Pro is better than a PC laptop.  However, reasons like longer battery life, better security, and a backlit keyboard are all pretty utilitarian.

I’ve even watched the videos Why I love my MacBook more than my PC and More reasons I love my MacBook more than my PC.  Unfortunately, these didn’t really help me either.

So, I’m hoping that by extending this question, you will be able to provide me more specific and relevant information.  I know this is an old question and that’s why I thought there would be a lot better answers available than what I’ve found so far.

The things I would use a MacBook to do

The three main areas where I hope a MacBook can help are:

1.  Publishing my blog – Running my blog encompasses several different activities.  First and foremost, it involves creating interesting, attractive content.  Presently, I use Windows Live Writer on my PC notebook to do this.  I write the article text, search for related content to link to, and browse Flickr for eye-catching photos.

Second, I constantly tweak my blog’s theme to keep it fresh and to add value.  I administer WordPress, edit CSS, and I recently started playing around with PHP.  In addition, I transfer files via FTP.

Lastly, I interact on other blog sites and social media sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter, and most recently on Tip’d.  Of course, I subscribe to a plethora of sites via RSS and try to comment regularly.

All this takes time so what features of the MacBook will help me publish and promote my blog more effectively and efficiently?

2.  Creating good-looking graphics – I’ve never been successful creating really good-looking graphics on a PC.  Simple things seem too hard.  I often know what I want, but can’t get the result I desire.

I’d like to think Macbooks handle this better.  I’ve always heard about the superior graphics capability of Macs.  Is this fact or fiction? 

I’d like to be able to whip up some nice looking graphical ads for my site from time to time.  I doubt it would ever be anything to involved, but it has to look good without eating up a ton of my time.  Will the software that comes on a MacBook help me do this?

I’d also like to be able to produce more appealing presentations.  The ones I create with PowerPoint always seem so blah.  I want some that really look beautiful and will knock people’s socks off!  What can the MacBook do here?

3.  Editing amateur video – I like to record and edit video.  I’ve been doing the editing using Sony Vegas on a PC.  It produces great results and has pleased me so far.  However, if I buy a MacBook, then I’ll probably start using it for editing.

I hope the MacBook is as good or better at this than the PC with Vegas.  My only complaint editing video now is mainly centered around fairly slow performance.  Would a MacBook improve this?

Is the video editing software in iLife ’08 as good as Sony Vegas or would I need to buy something else?  Would I be able to produce even snazzier videos in a shorter amount of time with a MacBook?  I’m thinking of producing some online videos.  How would the MacBook facilitate this?

What MacBooks have going against them

The MacBook has a bit of an uphill battle to win me over.  Here are some of my concerns:

  • I already know Windows so there is going to be a learning curve to overcome with OS X and Mac software.
  • There is a ton of software available for the Windows platform.  I’m not sure I can find as much good stuff for the Mac.
  • Not only is there a lot of software available for Windows, but a lot of good stuff can be found for free.  It seems that much of what is offered for Macs you have to buy.
  • Some of these 32 reasons a PC is better than a Mac concern me.

I’m not sure whether my concerns are well founded or not.  Please feel free to debunk any myths that I have expressed here.

Any tips about how to buy MacBooks?

I’m looking at buying the 13-inch refurbished MacBook 2.4GHz Intel that is selling for $949 on Apple’s site.  I’ve also seen what looks like some decent deals in my area on CraigsList for this notebook.  I’ll be paying cash and I’m trying to keep the cost down to around $1,000.  Is this unit a good choice and are these good buying options?

I have no experience buying MacBooks so any information you can provide that will help me get the best deal possible for a quality MacBook preferably with some warranty coverage would be greatly appreciated.  I might forgo the warranty if the price is right.

Looking forward to lots of great feedback on MacBooks

Come on all you MacBook zealots out there.  Tell me what you think!  One thing that has always impressed me is the passion with which you love your Macs.  You don’t find too many Windows users that have the same strong feelings about their machines.  I’m trying to learn something here.  Please don’t hold back. 

Also, be sure to pass this along to other Mac lovers so they can enlighten me as well.  I want to get as much input as possible.  Make me a convert!

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PinExt How Are MacBooks Better Than Windows Laptops?

61 thoughts on “How Are MacBooks Better Than Windows Laptops?

  1. I prefer the Lenovo w520. Why because it has shock proof hard drive and the keyboard is spill proof on a level desk. The Maclaren racing team use them in the pit lane and for the car design. so yes to me the lenovo is hip and trendy i like the black tablet shape I like the feel of the keyboard and the four mouse buttons,I like the finger print reader and the mechanical strength of the metal internal frame and solid hinges I like the down lit keyboard. and the battery life is excelant. I am sure the macbook is good product but I dont like the look or feel or the vulnerability from liquid spills and the sharp edge where your wrists rest, I dont like the cheap feel of the keyboard and the single mouse button and I dont like all the magnets in the case for the lid latch and the power lead.

  2. So here are a few important reasons you should choose a macbook. This is for any person who requires a computer for any purpose.

    First off, I must mention as an Electrical Engineer cheaply designed notebooks with powerful gaming graphics cards tend to have a terribly lower reliability since the extreme temperatures and electrical current flow adds a hefty toll on the computers components. If you are a gaming person and requires a gaming laptop – Don’t expect it to last long. Manufacturers tend to add more power in a gaming notebook than what it can truly handle.

    That being said all Apple Products are designed with the utmost scrutiny. The Mac is no exception. You will being paying a premium up front for an Apple computer, but its resale value holds up the highest in the computing market. MacBooks/pro only depreciate 20% every 2 years. Thats better than any computer. The only electronic that does better are video game systems.

    The Main reasons to get one:

    1. Flawless operation (The tag line “It just Works”) – Very rarely will you encounter an Apple computer fail at performing a task. This due to the Operating System (OS) “called OSX”. It is designed as well as the rest of the computer. Unfortunately their is no other OS that is designed as well as OSX. The most popular MS Windows and Ubuntu Linux suffer from lack of testing on a specific hardware. Linux is still extraordinary but nobody stands up to the mountains of test Apple does on OSX.

    2. All Apple Devices are beautifully and seamlessly connected – This well save you the most time and aggravation if you have an Iphone, Ipod or Ipad. They all work seamlessly together.

    3. Safety and Security – Browsing the web is absolutely amazing. You do not need a care in the world when you browse on Safari. You will never get a virus and adware ever on a mac. Macs are are definitely susceptible to viruses. But its unbelievably rare.

    4. Ease of Use – This is the primary thought behind every Apple product including the Mac. If its not easy to use, redesign it till it is. Do not be afraid of a learning curve if you plan on switching. Apple products again have the smallest learning curve. (This is why the BlackBerry Playbook failed miserably. It has a poorly designed OS and was extremely hard to learn. The playbook was not intuitive.) Like the rest of Apples products like Ipad, Iphone and Ipod. Everything makes sense. If you don’t know what to do. You can probably guess and you would get it right the first time.

    5. Reliability – Well the Macbook is designed from solid aluminium metal. The screen is one of the best in the industry. The power adapter alone is from JAPAN and has a smart connector that prevents you from destroying your computer if your trip on the cable. This is more of an extension of reason 4. The computer is easy to use, but its easy so that there is very little physical strain on the computer. This reduces allot of failure on a computing machine.

    Now I know, this sounds like I want to have Apple babies. But I was always an Microsoft user. Part of why I became an Engineer was to design products that works well since I was so frustrated at products that did not. This was largely from Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista. I have spend a great deal of my life fixing friends computers. We live in the future and computers are fast. There should be no reason why they perform otherwise and that should be our standard for living. Do not settle for less when you know you have the right to so much more.

    It is true – Once you go Mac, you won’t want to go back! Unless you are to ignorant to learn a computer that was designed to be easy to learn.

  3. Here’s my comparison; Honda vs Mercedes… At the end of the day they both do the same thing, get you from point A to point B… Just had a lady came into my shop with a Macbook Pro and left. Guess why she left? The keyboard which need replacing (she spilled tea on it) cost $85.00, plus my time to do the repairs, which usually cost more that windows laptop because if I break something in the process of doing the repairs, I’ll have to buy the part, which is VERY expensive (3 times more that windows).

    Having worked for Intel Corporation (in manufacturing) who by the way sells processors to both computer types, I know that “You really do not need a Mac to get work done”. Nowhere in my college experience did they specify the benefits of using a Mac. I have built websites, write computer programs, played extreme games, developed graphics, created flash/after effects, all done on a windows computer… Never once did I feel the need to buy a Macbook, but, for the sole reason that I am a repair tech and need to know all there is to know about it… Hopes this helps.

    Another thing… The only reason why Macs are attacked less is that someone writing a virus can do more damage on Microsoft OS because they are everywhere… Keep in mind the more popular Mac becomes, the more attention it will get from the authors of viruses. Nothing is fool proof and everything breaks…

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