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Do you want to be luckier?

You can literally change your luck and experience a better life.  Scientists have found that luck is largely a result of behavior.

You can put away all the old superstitions about four-leaf clovers and other lucky charms.  These do nothing to help you.

What you need to do is embrace the behaviors that open the door to good luck.  If you do the things lucky people do, then you can start counting yourself as one of the lucky ones.

The Role Luck Plays in Our Lives

If you’ve ever read about the lives of highly successful people, they almost always attribute some of their good fortune to luck.  They feel a certain amount of serendipity helped them along their way.

Take for example, Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.  Back in the early 1900s, Fleming was researching how to develop better antibiotics.  He had been looking at bacteria in flat petri dishes under a microscope to gain a better understanding of them.  He inadvertently left the lid off one dish and some mold fell into the dish.

By chance, the mold contained a substance that killed the bacteria in the dish.  When he noticed this, he worked hard to identify exactly what it was in the mold that did the job.  What he discovered was penicillin and it all happened because some mold luckily fell into the right petri dish.

Does good fortune like this happen to you?  Are you usually lucky or unlucky?

According to Dr. Richard Wiseman in The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles, it is possible to improve your luck and therefore live a better life.  He believes there are some simple things all of us can do to significantly increase the amount of luck we experience.

Four Simple Things You Can Do to Change Your Luck

I don’t believe in hocus pocus and neither does Dr. Wiseman.  He has found that lucky people exhibit certain attitudes and behaviors that lead to their good fortune.  If we do the right things, then we can increase the amount of luck in our lives.

Here are four things that you can do to change your luck for the better:

1.  Build and Maintain a “Network of Luck”

Dr. Wiseman maintains that the more people you meet, the greater your chance of encountering a positive opportunity.  It only stands to reason that you have to get out there and talk to people if you want to run into new and exciting breaks.  The more you do this, the greater the probability that you will meet someone that can help you along your path to success.

Lucky people are more likely to strike up a conversation with a total stranger in a coffee shop or at the train station.  This behavior of connecting with a wide-range of people often puts them in the right place at the right time.  If you want to experience more luck, then get out there and socialize with new people.  These are the folks that are going to help you find your undiscovered “chance” opportunities.

2.  Listen to Your Inner Voice

Most lucky people follow their intuition which more often than not guides them to exciting, fortuitous happenings.  On the other hand, unlucky people tend to ignore their gut feelings which generally leads to disaster.  It is better to trust your inner voice.  Most people have a very strong ability to accurately judge people and situations.  Lucky people are more in tune with this guiding light and benefit from its promptings.

To improve your ability to hear your inner voice, you should take time to think in quiet solitude.  Keep a notebook with you and write down the thoughts that occur to you about important situations in your life.  Reflect on these thoughts and follow their guidance.  You will find that this will help you to take advantage of opportunities that arise and avoid situations that can turn against you.

3.  Expect Good Things to Happen

Good things happen to those who expect it.  Lucky people are more optimistic about the future and their chances of succeeding.  In other words, just believing you are lucky will improve your luck.  You need to reaffirm in your mind that you are lucky.  One way to do this is to think back on your life and recall times when good fortune came your way.  Record these positive events and reflect on them regularly.  It will help you to be more confident and positive which naturally attracts good things to you.

You can also spend time daydreaming about lucky breaks you desire.  You want to condition your mind to believe that luck is on your side.  This will give you the confidence needed to act upon favorable circumstances when they arise.  This is a hallmark behavior of lucky people.

4.  Transform Bad Luck Into Good

Lucky people do not get discouraged when a little bad luck comes their way.  They tend to believe that, in the long run, things will turn out in their favor.  This ability to shrug off negative circumstances leaves lucky people open for their next big break.  Unlucky people tend to dwell on their bad luck believing this is just more evidence of how things never work out for them.

In order to improve your luck, it is important that you learn to look on the bright side of the events in your life.  One way lucky people do this is by practicing gratitude.  They look at how fortunate they’ve been in their life and convince themselves they are lucky things aren’t worse.  They have a way of finding the silver lining in every circumstance.  You may have a little bad luck going on, but there are always people worse off than you.  Believing and thinking this way makes you one of the lucky ones.

Change Your Attitude to Change Your Luck

As you can see, a lot of changing your luck is about changing your attitude.  How you view and process the events of your life has a lot to do with how lucky you are.  You need a positive, optimistic attitude that invites good fortune your way.  This will ensure you experience a better life.  A sourpuss is rarely going to attract the people and circumstances into their lives that lead to lucky breaks.  With just a little adjustment in how you view your life, you can make a big improvement in your luck.

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PinExt How To Change Your Luck for a Better Life

19 thoughts on “How To Change Your Luck for a Better Life

  1. Hi Jeff,

    very nice article! I was making some preparations to start writing for luck, and found this article – nice advices.

    I think that if a person is focused on a goal, luck may affect the achievement, but will not distract the person totally. Being determined to succeed, is one of the strongest forces in society and focusing that inner force guides the person towards the goal.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..How to Define Happiness =-.

  2. Yes I tried it and things are going better ,
    I have a good luck charm ,when ever
    I get badluck I think my good luck charm will
    help me and live with a positive feeling
    I am still not that happy but things are good
    as compared to before .

  3. This is crap! I am a very upbeat person and strongly agree with the perspective that there is someone else far worse off. You always try to look for that silver lining but dammit…I never find it! I have the worst freakin for an above average schmuck! I can’t catch a break if my life depended on it. My health is in the toilet, my finances completely ruined and my daily existence plagued by circumstances that transcend probability. Youo try to constantly hope for the best but as of tonight I give up. I have had far too many years of disaster or part of events beyond my control. I do believe there is a secret to a lucky life filled with wealth, health, good fortune but it isn’t this self motivating garbage here. The worst slime-balls on earth tend to have all of the luck. Despite their negativity, the horrid way they treat others, they some how consistently tend to be very prosperous and or land on their feet even when it looks doubtful. I have seen it with my own beady eyes. Sheer animals getting richer and having their heaven right here on earth even though they think it is a personal hell.

    I believe the secret to a lucky and ultra rewarding life is based on some sort of supernatural comprehension. I don’t necessarily believe in hocus-pocus type stuff but I do believe that “winners” are not necessarily “lucky”. Winners know something the rest of us don’t. It goes beyond being in the right place at the right time. The statistics dictate that this cannot happen all of the time yet for winners it does. A winner knows it’s gonna happen and expects it to. There may be a science but it is based on some sort of higher awareness than just a happy go lucky attitude. I promise you this…I am know on a search to find the master key to this type of enchanted luck. The kind of luck where everything you touch turns to platinum!


    • You are somewhat right but even having a right attitude is a part of many things which are needed to be done for success and luck. Why don’t you try astrology? I know it’s not a proven science but still it has worked for many people. I have met many astrologers who have revealed many secrets of my life and even all the diseases I suffer from by just taking down my birth time & place. Even doctors can’t say that by just looking at me. They need medical reports. I don’t completely believe in astrology but still I see it works but I don’t know how…

    • I agree with u 100%. I am in the same shit.year after year
      Can’t catch a break.and I am all of the above still no luck
      I can honestly say I am a good person.WTH

    • Yeah, I have been through the same things too. 6 months off work in a year due to injury, illness, financial ruin because of the gfc, lost my wife and kids to another man who moved over 400km away, Had money stolen, became chronically depressed, developed a gmabling addiction. But do you know what, I too could blame all this on bad luck, or I can stand up, admit the mistakes I have made(which are plenty, as I am sure are yours), realize that I probably contributed to the bad luck that came my way after these events because of poor attitude and poor decision and am picking myself up and rebuilding an empire bit by bit, accepting good luck that comes my way(which i get a lot more of in this mind frame), and ignoring any obstacles or what you would call bad luck and building around them. I started the rebuilding with no family or friends to count on, no access to credit, $40,000 in debt, no recognizable skills or education and I am back on my feet so if you want to wallow in self pity, go do it in your own time away from where people are genuinely trying to make a go of things. Good luck everyone, if you truly believe in yourself, that you deserve the best, and are willing to put a bit of work in to get what you want, then I am sure your life will change for the better.

    • I agree with ~D~. I do think positively. Deep down,I always feel that something great will happen for me, yet… It rarely does. I’m of the belief that luck id kind of like everything else in the universe. Sort of like, “for every action, there is a reaction” kind of thing. “What goes up, must come down.” A right for every wrong. For there to be people with billions of dollars, there has to be people who live in squaller. Its balance. I totally believe that there are people pre-positioned to have good luck. For them to enjoy that, there have to be people pre-positioned to have terrible luck… Balance in the universe. Which group you fall into is determined at birth by factors such as where you were born, when, and to whom you were born. I like to play a particular scratch off lottery game. I purchased several losing tickets in a row. Odds, and logic told me that after this almost record streak of losers, that a big winner was coming soon. I thought positive and told myself, “I’m gonna get that big winner!” I ran out of money, and had to run home for some more, the round trip took about 15 minutes. Now, having kept a close eye on the ticket numbers in rescent days, I knew nobody else had been buying this older, almost expired game ticket but me. When I got back to the store, for the first time all week, somebody else, a woman I was told, had purchased two of those tickets. Now, there were 30 different kinds of tickets to choose from, but on this day… she bought mine. I bought a few more anyway…all losers. I later found out from the clerk, she had won $1,000.00 on ticket #33. I had bought #19 through #32 in the previous 2 days. I prayed extra hard, and felt extra confident because I was in financial dire straights and new the powers to be would help me through this time. I have since learned that the woman is a regular that drives a $80,000.00 car, married into big money, never smiles or says hello, and even talks to people as if they are beneath her. That thousand dollars meant nothing to her. It would have caught up my rent, fed myself and my son for the month, and paid off a delinquent support payment that was threatening to put me in jail, and take me away from my son for awhile at a time when he really leaned on me. I like to play the games, and insist that I will win big… At least thats what my mind says. The tickets however, keep coming up losers. I then see on the lotto website that the “evil woman” won a thousand dfollars, 3 times in two months. I’ve been playing for years, and never have I won more that $50.00. You see, I set that first win up for her. My sweat, my tears, my time, my effort, my worry, my money… I did the legwork, the heavy lifting if you will. She swoopt in, and without a thought, stole it from me. Thats just life. Thats just who I am, and who she is. I suspect much of her life has been as rosey? She couldn’t have that life though, without me having mine… You see? Balance…

    • I know what you’re talking about. People who are like animals getting ahead. I wondered and wondered about this unfairness in life, and then one day there I was feeding the ducks. Was it the nice, friendly ducks that got all the bread? No, they had ‘bad luck’ getting the bread, the pushy, violent mean ducks got the bread. So when people say to me, I’m a nice person, why do I never get the breaks. I think of the ducks. And People. There is a saying: Some people regard niceness as weakness. I’d add to that, MOST people regard niceness as weakness, especially if you are going for or have already what they want!! Unless you’re aware of this you’ll be pushed out of the way like the nice ducks, and all the ‘lucky’ pushy ducks will get the bread/dough/good jobs/good spouses.

      Another thing, have you noticed that some days, when you have tried your very best for everyone, everything goes wrong? You have no money for the parking meter, and the traffic warden is there, so you’re driving around under pressure for time, trying to get where you need to go FAST. (Why not ring and cancel?) It will usually be the time your child/spouse/self gets sick and you get no sleep right before an exam or interview. Your heating oil at home runs out and you’ve no money for more, etc etc, STRESS. All this stress does is bring unpleasant circumstances, you act desperately, and more unpleasantness happens. The more you fight against it, the worse things get. You forget your phone, you keep driving urgently though the oil light is on, Really? you are just driving nowhere. You may leave your child with somebody who doesn’t feed them properly or keep them warm – MORE sickness. And you desperately need to improve your situation, but you’re on a downward spiral and under so much stress. Tried that?? Me too, when I was in my 20s and 30s. And now I say, it isn’t worth it. I need to take care of the sickness/oil light/ myself – whatever FIRST, the exam/interview etc, MUST wait. I put myself first, I don’t bend for everyone.

      Funny thing is THAT change in thinking changed my luck. I avoided stupid jobs, I missed cars breaking down and parking/speeding tickets. But the stress I missed, no-one can put a price on. And really, really, if that job is meant for you, you WILL get another crack at it. I used to FORCE myself into situations, then wonder why I was a babbling mess when everyone else at the interview was composed, focused. I looked on cancelling an arrangement or interview as a personal admission of failure, so I would push myself through hunger, extreme exhaustion – anything! not to let someone down. And, you guessed it, I never got those jobs anyway. Probably something to do with the desperate, on the edge vibe I gave out.

      When you look and see the people who quite calmly don’t come to work on a rainy day, who go home early and everyone thinks they are great, remember this. People will take care of you, you will be lifted up in their opinion when you firstly think highly of yourself and put yourself first. Be ruthless, don’t let anyone take your bread, but take care of number one, go at your own pace, go the path that is really yours (not something you feel obliged to do) and you will have less stress and more good luck. You will be in control and avoid a lot of unpleasantness at home and in work too.

  4. I think it’s crap also.. No matter how positive I think or try to be.. Lady luck is never on my side no matter what.. I went back to school twice and both times graduated with honors.. I have been searching for a job for 3 years and can’t land a fulltime job.. I can find casual p/t. I am a hard worker but can’t catch a break at anything I try.. I give up very easily theses days.. I can’t help it.. I don’t feel lucky ever ever.. I am very sad these days..I don’t want to feel this way anymore..


    • Know matter how bad it is you just can’t give up. I know it seems like everything is against you especially when you try to better yourself it it seems you take two steps up the ladder and backslide five or six steps down. I have been there and this week seems like I am working my way up from the basement.

      Please don’t take what What I am about to say as a suggestion for you. I am merely sharing my personal experience with you. As bad as things are now, they were worse at one point. I went to see someone who was very “spiritual” who helped me BIGTIME!!! I mean after spending a week with her and participating in various rituals, things did CHANGE! I mean overnight! Since things haven’t been so well lately, I am considering looking into that kind of thing again. The woman I saw in the past died, otherwise I would be doen there right now. That service was not free. It actually cost my mother $2K. My mother referred me to her. I was very skeptical until I got there. I saw that she did a lot of good for the poor and abandoned. I would never classify her as doing the “Devil’s” work but definitely living her life as a good christian. Her methods may seem unorthodox to many particularly Christians who would claim she practices “black magic” but I would disagree with that because of the prayers that we would say during these rituals.

      There are occult shops near my home. I went in there to improve my situation with gambling. I must say things did improve for me personally and for my business but I did not do so well gambling. I got mad one night after dropping $300 bucks and throw my talisman across the casino floor. Since then things have been bad to the point I am going to go back to the occult shop and buy another one.

      Whether or not you believe in occult aids or not doesn’t matter. You have to create your own opportunities and have a plan, a prayer and a commitment to your own success.

      I have not worked since 2000. Although, my business is nothing substantial, I am able to barely support my family and meet our needs every month. Of course I am trying to go beyond just barely surviving but if I give up I would be even more defeated. Just making it sucks especially compared to my previous salary levels. I mean I was foreclosed on all my homes and investment properties. I am renting an expensive piece of crap apartment because my credit rating is shot. But I wake up every morning with a new plan and one day if Murphy’s Law is true…I will beat the odds and achieve those goals.


  5. Brock,
    I will agree that some elements of astrology DO play a big part of a person’s mental, financial, physical, healthy, etc. state. I am not an astrology fan either but I do see the evidence of certain signs being effected by planetary positioning.

    I try to avoid certain retro-grade positions if I am trying to implement something.


  6. you’ve written something good. start something of yurselves is the right beginning. change luck by changing our character first. luck will following people who keep optimitic and straight look forward

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  8. You do not make your own luck, Luck makes you!
    You have to have seen statistics like I have to understand that no matter how possitive and how hard working you are, luck will be the element of the up or the down of your life.
    I challenge anyone to believe they are more possitive than I am, even after some incredible luck stories I am still an anti negative person with a negative result more often than not.

  9. On reading this article and the various valuable comments, must admit that positive thinking and being optimistic is the key….that being said, its easier said the done.
    When life gets you down, whether by ones own mistakes and blunders or by circumstance, its not always easy to look at the situation and then get a feeling of optimism.
    But, everytime, and for all the time we spend looking for that break, spending time waiting, thinking, being depressed, what is actually happening is that life is passing us by ….we miss out on today hoping for a better tomorrow.
    If you are blessed with a loving famly, wife, kids, siblings, parents, freinds, then beleive me when I say it, that is your wealth.
    We came to the US 7 years ago, lost everything in one mistake after the other, but it was family, freinds and people who care who gave us a chance, and now even though we are leaving to move to another country, with the help of family members, we know we will have a better tomorrow.
    You are, where you are, because God intended for you to be there.
    Eventually it will all be better and you will be at peace.
    God bless us all. All wll be well.

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