Improve Your Life: Things I Love From The Disney Movie BOLT

PinExt Improve Your Life: Things I Love From The Disney Movie BOLT

disney bolt Improve Your Life: Things I Love From The Disney Movie BOLT It isn’t often that you can learn things to improve your life from an animated Disney movie.  However, I think BOLT has a lot to teach us about success, excellence and relationships. 

BOLT is about a dog that is raised on the set of an action-packed television show.  He believes he really has the superpowers to do the things he does on the show.  He’s never known any other life.  Of course, when he is accidentally shipped to New York City away from Hollywood, he discovers he’s just a regular dog.

Five Lessons from Disney movie BOLT to improve your life

I truly enjoyed BOLT.  It was entertaining and it had some good messages that I think can benefit our lives.  Here are the lessons I took away:

1.  We do not need superpowers to do great things in life

BOLT was forced to face the fact that he was just a regular dog.  He didn’t have any superpowers.  This was a hard reality for him to accept, but one that he had to swallow if he was going to accomplish his goal.

We also want so badly to believe that there is a secret formula to success in life.  Well, there are no superpowers.  Success is earned through hard work and excellence. 

The sooner we accept this, the more likely it is that we will accomplish great things in our careers, finances and families.  Real success takes time and determination!

2.  The way we perceive life is not always consistent with reality

BOLT had to wake up to a harsh reality.  For the first time in his life, he felt pain and hunger because he was no longer living in a fantasy world.  This new reality seemed overwhelming and made him want to give up.

Often, life throws us a curve ball that makes us realize something we’ve always believed in simply isn’t true.  We come face-to-face with reality and sometimes it isn’t pretty.  These situations are tough to deal with when they arise. 

However, just as BOLT discovered, when you press through the hard times, you often find something better on the other side. 

3.  We have to commit ourselves to a purpose to persevere

The thing in the movie that kept BOLT going was his love for “his person”.  He believed that he needed to get back to Hollywood to rescue her from the evil villain.  His commitment to this purpose was the driving force behind his courage.

We all need a purpose bigger than ourselves to help us persevere through The Dip.  BOLT was able to keep going because he loved “his person” and thought she was in true danger. 

Is the cause you’re fighting for worthy of the sacrifice it demands?  If not, then maybe it is time to move on.

4.  We need our friends and loved ones even if they are a ragtag bunch

In the movie, BOLT made friends with an alley cat named Mittens and a hilarious hamster named Rhino.  They both were unlikely allies, but they helped BOLT achieve his goals.

In the same way, we need others to help us along our way toward success.  Yes, our group may look a little different than what we imagined, but that doesn’t matter.  We all have our baggage that we bring into relationships.

The key is to recognize and value the relationships we have.  These people have committed themselves to being our friends and loved ones.  I have had to fallback on my family and friends more than once so, I can testify that good relationships are essential.

5.  There is a lot to enjoy even in a normal life

BOLT had always lived an extraordinary life on the television show as a super-hero dog.  He had to be taught that there is a lot of great things to enjoy in life as just a regular dog.  He had to learn about simple pleasures.

We often get trapped on the treadmill of striving to obtain and achieve more.  However, it is often the simplest things that give the most meaning to life

We need to realize that life is passing us by.  We need to drink deeply of everyday life.  It holds the true joy.

Following BOLT’s example will improve your life!

In the end, BOLT was able to embrace his new reality and accomplish a great feat.  He found “his person” and saved her from near doom.  In the process, he made some lifelong friends and began to enjoy living as a regular dog. 

What more could we possibly want out of life?  Oh yeah, BOLT lived happily ever after.


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PinExt Improve Your Life: Things I Love From The Disney Movie BOLT

11 thoughts on “Improve Your Life: Things I Love From The Disney Movie BOLT

  1. @Nicki – BOLT really did have a good message. It is nice to watch movies that inspire. It seems the animated ones are often the best at this.

    @FFB – BOLT is a great movie for kids. I’d encourage everyone to go see it. I know I enjoyed it!

    @Jeffrey – The directors did a great job on this one. I hope to see more movies like BOLT!

    Thanks for your comments!

  2. Nice article Jeff. I haven’t seen the movie Bolt, but I do watch quite a bit of children’s TV (eg Dora, Sesame Street) with my boys. I was thinking just the other day about all the great life lessons these shows contain. They say you can learn a lot from watching kids, but it seems you may also learn something from watching kids’ TV and movies!

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