Keep Christmas Simple: 5 Quick Tips to Help Stay Focused

PinExt Keep Christmas Simple: 5 Quick Tips to Help Stay Focused

Christmas time Keep Christmas Simple: 5 Quick Tips to Help Stay Focused Does Christmas stress you out?

Christmas should be simple and enjoyable.  It shouldn’t be a time that adds burden to your life.  It should be a time of reflection and celebration.

Of course, it is incredibly easy to fall into the traps that complicate and distort our Christmas.  They often sneak up on us without us even realizing it.

Five Things You Can Do to Keep Christmas Simple

Now is a good time to take a step back to see where we are at.  Are you keeping Christmas simple?

These five quick tips will help you evaluate yourself and realign your efforts:

1.  Remember that true joy is often found in the simplest of things.

We are often happiest when our life is the simplest.  Take a moment and read the 7 Ways to Find Happiness Through Simplicity.  Are you incorporating these principles into your Christmas?  We often let family, retailers and our desire for the perfect holiday work us into a frazzle.  A simpler approach is less stressful and will probably be more enjoyable for everyone.

2.  Don’t let good things crowd out the best things.

Shopping, decorating, traveling, visiting, baking, cooking and cleaning often crowd out the best things about Christmas.  Making Time for Family is really what is important.  Many times by the time Christmas Day actually arrives we are too tired to really enjoy it.  Is anyone going to really notice if a few things don’t get done this year?  I doubt it.  Scale back on the good things so you can savor the best things this season.

3.  Give gifts that really have meaning and purpose.

Finding the right gift for that special someone is often very stressful.  We can spend hours fighting crowds, traffic and our own indecisiveness only to wind up with something that falls flat on Christmas morning.  I like the idea of getting your significant other a gift with purpose as presented in 10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Married Couples.  These gifts are easy to find and are of true value.

4.  Spend less this year.

We all know we should spend less, but it seems like we never do.  Many people have serious regrets when the bills start arriving in January.  Why do this?  Can you even recall what you spent so much on last year?  Christmas doesn’t have to be a dud just because you are thrifty.  Check out Buying Bargains: How We Will Spend Less But Give More This Christmas for some great ideas on how to cut back.  Heck, you can even Save Money on Gift Wrap while still making everything look beautiful.  Don’t ruin your Christmas with too much spending!

5.  Contribute online to making someone else’s Christmas special.

Do your holiday giving online this year!  It is quick, easy and a little donation can really go a long way.  In fact, just $5 provides more than 45 pounds of food or 10 bags of groceries to a family in need at the One Dollar Give where they are Feeding America.  This is a great opportunity to make a difference without ever having to leave your computer!

A Simple Christmas Is an Enjoyable One

These ideas will help take a lot of the stress and frenzy out of your Christmas experience this year.  Of course, no one can make it happen but you.  Choose a better Christmas for yourself and your family this season.  Keep Christmas simple!

What other tips can you offer to help keep Christmas simple?

Photo by Michal Osmenda

PinExt Keep Christmas Simple: 5 Quick Tips to Help Stay Focused

6 thoughts on “Keep Christmas Simple: 5 Quick Tips to Help Stay Focused

    • Positively – I hope these suggestions serve as a reminder to stop and breathe this Christmas season. I’m glad you found them useful!

    • Dustin – That sounds like a great tradition! It is such a busy time of year. I think it is great that you intentionally take family time. I can certainly understand how it has become your favorite week of the year.

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