Life Is An Adventure – Here I Go!

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I am going on an adventure the week of Feb 25-29 to sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  There will not be any new posts while I’m gone.  However, there are many new, exciting things I have planned for the site in the coming months so please stay tuned!

windowslivewriterlifeisanadventurehereigo 695fpvsunset 3 Life Is An Adventure   Here I Go!Adventure is the spice of life! 

We energize ourselves when we explore new places.  I love broadening my horizons by traveling to places with new cultures.  I think it is a key aspect of living a super-charged life.  I will be going to Puerto Vallarta next week.  I have never been there before and I look forward to seeing a new place and to having all kinds of new adventures.  It is exciting and stimulating.

Puerto Vallarta is a seaside paradise.

Puerto Vallarta is located on the west coast of Mexico in the northwest corner of the state of Jalisco.  It has both mountains and beaches.  It faces Banderas Bay which is the largest natural bay in Mexico.  I just checked the forecast and the daily highs will be in the mid 80s.  This a nice contrast to the weather here in Oklahoma City where its usually in the mid 30s and 40s in February.  I am looking forward to wearing shorts and sandals for long, lazy days of basking in the sun!

Opportunities for adventure abound.

windowslivewriterlifeisanadventurehereigo 695fpvwhale thumb Life Is An Adventure   Here I Go!There are tons of things to do in Puerto Vallarta.  My wife and I are planning to go on a  whale watching tour and an outdoor adventure tour.  Humpback whales come to Banderas Bay every year from December to March.  It is supposed to be one of the best places in the world for seeing these amazing creatures.  The bay is also home to Bottlenose dolphins and giant Manta Ray.  I am fascinated with the underwater world.  It is just so bizarre to a guy that has always lived in a land-locked state.  We have gone to Cozumel the past couple of years which offers incredible snorkeling and I have enjoyed it immensely.

Our outdoor adventure tour consists of a speed boat ride to a secluded beach at the edge of the jungle and a 4×4 ride in a Unimog to 2000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Madre Mountains.  From the base camp, we will take a mule ride higher into the mountains and subtropical forest.  We will then take a series of zip lines, rappel down a waterfall, cross mountain bridges, and splash through streams to get back to the bottom.  What an adrenaline rush!  I can’t wait.  This is ecotourism at its best!

Fun is on the menu.

Puerto Vallarta has over a thousand restaurants!  I doubt I’ll get to visit them all, but I’m going to try.  I love experiencing the cuisine in other cultures.  The seafood is supposed windowslivewriterlifeisanadventurehereigo 695fmalecon 3 Life Is An Adventure   Here I Go!to be amazing.  I love fresh seafood which is hard to find in Oklahoma. 

We are also looking forward to some fun nightlife.  The Malecon or boardwalk is home to Mariachi bands and street vendors in the evenings.  There are also numerous dance clubs featuring hot Latin beat music.  Puerto Vallarta boasts more than a hundred places offering all sorts of live music – romantic, jazz, blues, Peruvian, and Cuban.  It is going to be a blast exploring it all.  I hear it all in my head right now so don’t wait up for me!

windowslivewriterlifeisanadventurehereigo 695fhammocks 3 Life Is An Adventure   Here I Go!Rest and relaxation is right around the corner.

I’ll be thinking about you while I’m lounging on the beach, dining in great restaurants, listening to awesome music, and going on thrilling adventures.  Okay, maybe not. 

It is great to get away.  Rest and relaxation in a setting that totally gets your mind off your real life is in my opinion is an essential element of a fulfilling life.  I hope by describing my plans that I have inspired you to pursue an adventure of your own.  I can assure you that you won’t regret it.  Don’t forget, if you don’t already have a passport, then apply for one early.  They are required now and it takes several weeks to get one.  Happy traveling!

Photos by waywuwei.

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PinExt Life Is An Adventure   Here I Go!

8 thoughts on “Life Is An Adventure – Here I Go!

  1. @Ron – We are definitely looking forward to an amazing trip. Thanks for the well wishes!

    @FrugalDad – Don’t work to hard! You need to plan a vacation!

    @Peter – Maui! That sounds awesome. April is just around the corner.

    Thanks for the comments! I’ll be in touch when I get back.

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