Links For Super-Charged Living – August 30, 2008

PinExt Links For Super Charged Living   August 30, 2008

dancing at beach Links For Super Charged Living   August 30, 2008

What made this lady dance?  She just discovered my super-charged blog searchicon smile Links For Super Charged Living   August 30, 2008  

It is an easy way to find great blog articles fast!  If you know of a great blog that you think should be included, please contact me and let me know. 

Give it a quick try.  It will make you jump for joy!

Here’s this week’s awesome articles in each key characteristic of super-charged living:

  1. Strives for Excellence     
    5 Steps to Supreme Productivity
    What’s More Beneficial – Single-tasking or Multi-tasking?
  2. Financially Wise      
    10 Truths About Frugal Living Revealed By 5,000 Reader Comments
    How to Win the Lottery
  3. Committed to a Cause    
    The No. 1 Lifehack You can Implement Today to Make the World a Better Place
    Change is a Community Project
  4. Leadership by Example      
    Planet Of Dreams
    How to Become a True Friend
  5. Entrepreneurial Spirit      
    My New Retirement Lifestyle Cash Flow
    The Power of an Abundance Mindset
  6. Continual Learner   
    120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power
    Six Lessons I Could Only Learn by Letting My Blog Go
  7. Adventurous     
    70 Things To Do Before Having Children
    The Simple Benefits of Pets

I hope you have a super-charged weekend!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this week’s links.

Photo by mikebaird

PinExt Links For Super Charged Living   August 30, 2008

3 thoughts on “Links For Super-Charged Living – August 30, 2008

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for linking to my article “120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power” — I really appreciate it!

    It’s amazing: I had the idea of creating a custom search engine with good personal development blogs just yesterday! Now I know I don’t need to — thanks! (and please consider adding to the super-charged search engine if you feel inclined! ;) )

    All the best.

  2. Hey Jeff, thanks for including my post on Planet of Dreams. Really appreciate it!

    Once again, you’ve got some amazing links here. I also like the picture and how you introduced this week’s round up.


  3. @Luciano – I loved your article. Lots of great tips. I’ll definitely add your site to my blog search.

    @Evelyn – Your posts are great! I always appreciate Stumbles!

    Thanks for the comments!

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