Make It a Good Day Because Bad Days Suck

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Is today going to be a good day for you?

We all have good days and bad days.  The good days RAWWWKKK and the bad days suck.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could control how today will turn out?

This begs the question, what determines which way this day will go?  Is it pure chance?  Is it a combination of things?  What exactly is involved?

These are some interesting questions to ponder.  I’ve been wondering about it a lot lately.  After all, I’d like to avoid as many bad days as possible.  Wouldn’t you?

I mean it only makes sense.  If you have a choice, wouldn’t you choose to make today a good day?  I definitely would.  Let’s look at this and see what can be done.

The Good Day vs. Bad Day Dilemma

A dilemma is a situation where a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives.  Please notice the emphasis on the difficulty involved in this choice.

Every day has the potential to be either good or bad.  So, how do you decide which bucket to put today in?  It is normally based on what happens, right?  If good things happen to you like you get promoted or you close a big deal or you get along especially well with your spouse today, you count it as good.

If bad things happen, like you have a flat tire on the way to work or your computer crashes losing your latest project or your client chews you out for something that was beyond your control, then you feel like you’ve had a bad day.

For the most part, you likely decide whether today is good or bad based on circumstances.  Circumstances that are often beyond your control.

Here’s where the dilemma comes into play.  You choose.  You decide.  You pick.  In your mind, you determine which way today is going.  It is no doubt a difficult choice, but it is definitely a choice.

Why would you choose today to be a bad day?  Bad days SUCK!

It is hard when circumstances don’t go as you desire to choose to have a good day anyway, but it is a choice that you can make.  In fact, it is the best choice you can make.  The only other alternative is to have a bad day and why in the world would you make that choice?

7 Strategies to Help You Make It a Good Day

As I’ve already said, I know the choice to have a good day is difficult sometimes.  When you are temporarily caught up in this dilemma and trying to decide which way to go, it is smart to have a few strategies available to help you make the right choice.

Here are seven quick strategies you can use to help yourself make it a good day when circumstances seem to be taking it in the other direction:

1.  Stop Rehashing It

When something “bad” happens, we tend to want to rehash it over and over again in our heads.  This will almost certainly ruin the whole day.  Instead, do something simple to comfort yourself, let it go and move on.  This will help you make today a good day.

2.  Do Something Fun

If you’re mad or frustrated, you need to find a way to release it.  You’ve got to get your mind off the bad thing(s) and lighten up your mood.  The best way I know to do this is to engage in something fun.  This has a really good chance of turning your day around.

3.  Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music has a powerful effect on our emotions.  You can leverage this to your advantage.  If your day feels challenging, then crank up your favorite songs and let them carry you to a better place.

4.  Go for a Walk in the Woods

This one is a two-fer really.  A brisk walk will make your body produce endorphins which naturally improve your mood and being out in nature is additionally relaxing.  This is a quick and easy way to make it a better day.

5.  Get Something Done

You always feel better when you accomplish something meaningful.  Therefore, if you are struggling to make it a good day, you can declutter and organize your area to improve your mood.  It will get your mind off the negative and make you feel a sense of achievement.

6.  Snuggle with Your Honey

If you need a quick pick-me-up, ask your honey for a hug.  There is nothing in this world that can turn your day around quicker than simply feeling loved and cared for.  This will remind you that your life is good and that the really important things in your life are okay.

7.  Get Some Help

You may need help overcoming whatever obstacles are challenging you or you may simply need help choosing to make this a good day.  Either way, asking a good friend for some support is a great way to get things headed back in the right direction.

Do Something to Make It a Good Day

The choice about whether today will be a good day or a bad one really is up to you.  If it seems to be going the wrong way, then use one or more of the strategies above to help yourself make the right choice.  Do your own intervention to save yourself from having a bad day.  Obviously, the list above is not all-inclusive, but it should stimulate your thinking in the right direction.  If you need more, then check out this list of 52 Ways to Change Your Mood.  I hope you have a good day!

Do you struggle with choosing to have a good day when circumstances are working against you?  How do you deal with it?  Leave a comment on this post and let me know.

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PinExt Make It a Good Day Because Bad Days Suck

8 thoughts on “Make It a Good Day Because Bad Days Suck

    • Justin, I appreciate what you’re saying, but “feelings” are very fickle if we don’t control our emotions. Therefore, you can have a bad day when you didn’t really have to have one. I think it is important to use various techniques, like the ones I mention above, to manage your feelings and thereby reduce the number of bad days you experience. What do you think about this?

    • Joe, I like to exercise right after work each day. It helps me to dissipate the stress and switch gears for family time. This makes my day finish on a positive note.

    • Sherri, it is amazing how we like to think that external factors decide for us whether our day will be good or bad. I guess this relieves us of the responsibility for making the hard choice.

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