Money Wisdom: 10 Ways to Be Wise With Your Personal Finances

PinExt Money Wisdom: 10 Ways to Be Wise With Your Personal Finances

money2 Money Wisdom: 10 Ways to Be Wise With Your Personal Finances Are you wise with your money?

Financial wisdom is an important part of living life to the fullest.  I’ve said over and over again that “life takes money”. 

You don’t have to be over-the-top rich to enjoy a good life, but a little money sure provides some nice fuel and lubrication for great living.

10 Wise Ways to Handle Your Money

I’m always on the lookout for financial wisdom.  Lately, there has been a lot of good stuff offered so I’m going to share.

1.  Decide to Be Wise with Your Finances

Don’t be an apathetic debtor like the couple in the story on Frugal Dad.  You have to make a firm commitment to do what is really wise if you want to get ahead with money.

2.  Get Some Wise Financial Advice

Don’t do what you’ve always done financially and expect different results.  Get some qualified guidance.  My Dollar Plan explains What to Expect When Working With a Financial Planner.

3.  Be Wise with Your Insurance

Don’t file frivolous claims on your insurance because it will wind up costing you down the road.  The Wisdom Journal points out 3 Claims Sure To Jack Up Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums that you want to avoid.

4.  Be Wise with Your Taxes

Don’t mess with the IRS!  Dave Ramsey says, “If you play with fire, you are going to get burned.”  I can’t think of a more perfect example of a way to get burned financially than doing something stupid on your taxes.  Free From Broke offers 6 Tips to Avoid IRS Penalties, Interest and Filing Fees This Tax Season.

5.  Be Wise with Money in Your Marriage

Don’t let money cause problems in your marriage.  Some people think money fights are inevitable, but they are not.  Bible Money Matters lays out a great plan for Overcoming Money Issues In Marriage.  This guidance could save you a lot of heartache and misery!

6.  Be Wise with Christmas

Don’t go into debt celebrating Christmas.  Does this type of behavior really express the true meaning of Christmas?  I don’t think so.  Financial Highway shares 10 Money Saving Tips for a Debt Free Christmas.  Put a little common sense back into your holidays!

7.  Be Wise with Your Budget Percentages

Don’t let your household budget get out of whack.  Budgets Are Sexy tells us that Breaking Down the Budget by Percentages is a good way to analyze your spending to be sure you are doing the right things with your money.  I couldn’t agree more!

8.  Be Wise with Saving and Spending

Don’t spend a dollar to save a dime.  Retailers are marketing their goods aggressively right now to try to get us to buy what they’re selling.  Even the government is encouraging us to spend to stimulate the economy.  However, I’m a big believer in doing what Moolanomy suggests in Help Yourself, Not The Economy.

9.  Be Wise with Real Estate

Don’t buy more house than you can comfortably afford.  Get Rich Slowly asks How Much House Do You Need?  This is a good question to ponder before buying.  It sure could have saved a ton of people from foreclosure the last few years.

10.  Be Wise Even with Your Recreation

Don’t spend too much on fun.  I love to have fun, but a lot of people go overboard and waste themselves financially living today without any concern for tomorrow.  Enemy of Debt points out that you can Enjoy Frugal Entertainment Without Breaking The Bank.

You might also want to check out the 231st Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance for more wise articles and guidance on money.

How are you wise with your money?

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PinExt Money Wisdom: 10 Ways to Be Wise With Your Personal Finances

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