New Year’s Resolutions: Seeking Good Advice and Ideas

PinExt New Years Resolutions: Seeking Good Advice and Ideas

new year fireworks New Years Resolutions: Seeking Good Advice and Ideas Need some guidance to help you determine your New Year’s resolutions?  Well, me too!  So, I went looking around for some of the best advice and ideas. 

I want to be deliberate and thoughtful about the goals and resolutions that I commit to for the coming year.  I already have some resolutions in mind, but before I fully decide, I am reviewing what others are resolving to do.

What others are advising about New Year’s resolutions

Of course, given the time of year, there are a lot of people out there writing their opinions about how we can improve our lives.  Here are the best articles that I found and liked:

1.  Don’t just set and forget resolutions, set goals for real change

Ron at The Wisdom Journal wrote DON’T Set Any Resolutions.  He stresses that resolutions frequently go by the wayside too soon and therefore fail to produce results in our lives.  He reasons that resolutions are too absolute and unrealistic.  They are all or nothing propositions that often focus on negative behaviors.  This all contributes to their failure to produce any real change or improvement.

Ron recommends that we set goals instead of resolutions.  He even suggests some excellent goals to consider in four key areas of our lives.  You should check out his suggestions.  I found some things that are helping me.

2.  Focus your resolutions on the areas that matter most to you

Frugal Dad has spelled out three very specific goals or resolutions for the coming year in his short series of articles:

I really like the way that Frugal Dad has set very specific, measurable goals for himself.  If you read these, you will also see that he has thought through his resolutions very carefully.  These aren’t knee-jerk type resolutions.  They are meaningful changes that are realistic and that will have a positive impact on Frugal Dad and his family.

In addition, I like how there are only three goals that Frugal is focusing himself on in the coming year.  He has focused his efforts in the areas that most important to him and that he think will make the biggest difference.  Very interesting!

3.  Be constantly mindful of your resolutions throughout the year

Finally, I like what Chris Brogan wrote in Your 3 Goals for 2009.  He takes a slightly different approach to resolutions.  He picks three keywords that encapsulate what he wants to accomplish.  By having only three words to focus on, it is easier to run everything you do through them as sort of a filter to be sure you are maintaining the big picture of what you want to accomplish over the course of the entire year.

Chris’ approach to resolutions seems to offer a lot of flexibility while adding significantly to the likelihood of success.  After all, life changes.  The specific goal that you set for yourself today could become obsolete tomorrow. 

For example, say you want to increase the number of subscribers to your blog to X by the end of the year.  Well, you might reach that goal in March.  What then?  Well, if one of your words was “build”, then you would simply remain focused on continuing to build your blog.  The word reflects your overall intention.

I don’t know if I’ve adequately described Chris’ approach.  Read his article!  It is very insightful and then you’ll get a better idea of exactly what he does.  I think I will try it!

New Year’s resolutions can be useful if you spend time on them

One thing that all three of the bloggers above agree on is that they like the word “goals” better than resolutions.  I have to agree.  I’ve never been much for having resolutions.  I guess there’s just too much baggage with them.  Of course, I still think that the beginning of the year is a good time to reflect on where we are in our lives and to set some goals for where we want to be a year from now.

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” ~ Proverb

I’ll be sharing more about my goals or resolutions very soon.  I hope this has helped you to consider ways to improve your life

Please let me know your resolutions for the coming year!

Here are more New Year’s resolution articles that you might enjoy:

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PinExt New Years Resolutions: Seeking Good Advice and Ideas

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Seeking Good Advice and Ideas

  1. In the Road to Riches Programs we use “intended outcomes” and yes, they need to be specific, measurable and in time. Resolutions, as Jeffrey Gittomer says, “don’t stick.” Thanks for the post.

    Two of my goals:
    To make $20,000 in sales per month by the end of the year.
    To weigh 116 lbs by the end of February. (That’s about a 12 lb. loss.)

  2. I guess I’ll go against the grain, but I like having numbers for my goals. For my 2009 goals, I made a combination of goals that vary in difficulty to ensure I do complete some of my goals. I want to make sure I give myself the opportunity to “win”.

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