Online Vision Board: Create Yours Today

PinExt Online Vision Board: Create Yours Today

vision board Online Vision Board: Create Yours TodayHave you created your vision board?

Keeping what you want at the forefront of your mind is amazingly powerful – yet extremely simple.

Nowadays, you can create an online vision board for free.  Vision boards are essentially a collection of images that keep you focused on what you most desire.

Images speak a thousand words and your mind is very easily influenced by images. That’s why vision boards are so powerful.  At a glance, your mind is fed a vivid picture of exactly what you want your future to look like.

Online Vision Board Resources

I’ve been using the old-fashioned style of vision boards for quite awhile now and find them very useful.

However, I’ve only recently delved into using an online vision board, but my experience has been very favorable.

What I like so much about an online vision board is that it is available practically anywhere.  I can pull it up at work, at home or even when I’m on the road.

Also, there are just so many awesome, beautiful images available online to create an intensely powerful board.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed my online vision board so much, I thought I’d put together a resource guide to help you create your own.

Here are several online vision board resources:

I created my online vision board using Pinterest.  You can check it out and even follow my pins if you like.  Pinterest is completely free to use and it is loaded with all kinds of great images that allow you to create a board very tailored to your interests.

Examples of Vision Boards for Inspiration - these are the old-fashioned kind, but still excellent examples

How to Use Pinterest as an Online Vision Board

Can Pinterest Change Your Life?  – Research says YES!

Pinterest Is the New Vision Board

Pinterest Vision Boards – a couple of good examples

The Ultra Chic Vision Board of 2012

If you haven’t used Pinterest before, you might want to check out one of the links below to learn a little more about how it works.  This will help you get started quickly with your online vision board.

Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network

Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide - very good!

Create Your Online Vision Board Today

This is definitely more than enough to get you started with your own online vision board so I’ll stop before I overwhelm you.

I’ll leave you with one last link, just in case you aren’t into an online vision board.  This is an article I wrote that tells how to create a vision board you can touch and feel.


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PinExt Online Vision Board: Create Yours Today

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  1. nice post, hmm creating Pinterest boards is a nice way of creating vision boards online, i also think that creating a video of your vision board is fun and entertaining for visualizing what you want, thanks for the helpful resources

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