Please Your Boss: 12 Ways to Put a Smile On Their Face

PinExt Please Your Boss: 12 Ways to Put a Smile On Their Face

happy boss Please Your Boss: 12 Ways to Put a Smile On Their Face Want to get noticed at work?

People that please their boss are the ones that get raises, promotions and other perks.  Why?  Because the boss wants them to stay.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great things you can do to stand out from the crowd and it doesn’t even take that much effort.

In a sea of mediocrity, it is easy to float to the top!

How to Please Your Boss and Get More of What You Want

You can only get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.
~ Zig Ziglar

You should do your best to give all the bosses above you more of what they want.  If you put a smile on their face, you will almost certainly get more of what you want.

So, what exactly is it that they want?  Well, they want people that are self-motivated, take care of business and don’t cause trouble.  Of course, I’m going to offer a few more specifics.

One word of caution first, you must be genuine and authentic in implementing these strategies or they could backfire on you.  Do not use them to try to manipulate your boss!

Here are a dozen ways that you can please your boss daily:

1.  Ask their advice, use it, then thank them for it.

When you are working on a particularly difficult issue, ask your boss for their advice.  If you like what they suggest, then use it and be sure to follow-up with them later thanking them for helping you out.  The follow-up is crucial.  Your boss will love this approach!

2.  Say good things about your boss to others.

What you say about your boss influences your thinking about him/her and will ultimately impact the way you interact with them.  Talk your boss up to other people.  This will keep your attitude positive and it certainly can’t hurt if your boss hears you are saying good things about them.

3.  Readily accept opportunities to learn and grow in your job.

When you are offered the opportunity to learn something new, go for it!  Don’t hesitate for a moment.  The more knowledge and skill you have, the more valuable you become.  I’ve heard some people say, “Why should I do this if I’m not going to get paid more for it?”  This is very shortsighted thinking.

4.  Show up every day ready to give it your best.

Come to work ready to do what needs to be done.  Be rested and alert!  Have your game face on.  Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log!  A boss needs people that they can count on.  Be that person and you will definitely put a smile on their face.

5.  Arrive to work early.

Coming in early says that you are committed and ambitious.  It conveys the message that you are willing to put forth extra effort to achieve great things.  Your boss will notice.  If you are the first person they see every morning, then you’ll be the first one they think of when they are handing out promotions and raises.

6.  Ask questions to understand more about your company’s business.

Bosses are always impressed by people that are hungry to understand the business.  Don’t be a pest, but when the opportunity is right, ask questions.  Dig to understand all that you can.  Find out about other branches, relationships and what’s going on above you.

7.  Do more than your share of the work.

“That’s not my job” is the motto of the perpetually stagnant.  Again, the more people you help, the more help you’ll get.  When you run out of things to do, don’t relax.  Instead, go ask your boss if you can help them with something.  This will truly impress them!

8.  On occasion, stay after work to finish something important.

Demonstrate to your boss that you understand the priorities in your unit.  Don’t be hesitant to stay late when the work warrants it.  This says that you are truly self-motivated and self-disciplined.  Your boss wants to get the job done and get it done right.  Helping them to do this is a feather in your cap!

9.  Do whatever you can to make their ideas successful.

Support the ideas that are nearest and dearest to your boss’ heart.  Do everything within your ability to contribute to their success.  Your boss will appreciate this and will begin to think of you as an ally instead of just a subordinate.

10.  Don’t participate in negative talk or gossip.

Be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.  Griping and gossiping drains a unit of their productivity.  Your boss doesn’t need this.  He/She also doesn’t need a tattletale.  Follow the advice of your mother and unless you have something good to say, keep quiet.

11.  Offer well-reasoned suggestions and be ready to implement them.

Be proactive!  When you see something that can be done better, go to your boss with a well-reasoned plan.  Ask for the chance to implement the details yourself.  This kind of initiative is rare and welcomed by all good managers.

12.  Be honest.

Above all else, always be honest.  A boss values a person that they know they can trust.  Tell the truth even if it isn’t flattering to you.  It will pay off in the long-run.  The truth is often hard to discern so your boss will value your integrity if they know you always tell it like it is.

What other suggestions do you have to please your boss?

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PinExt Please Your Boss: 12 Ways to Put a Smile On Their Face

10 thoughts on “Please Your Boss: 12 Ways to Put a Smile On Their Face

    • Dustin – The complaining often hits a crescendo when people should be taking action. I’ve never understood this behavior. Employers want problem-solvers not troublemakers.

      • Do your possible best to please your boss all time, stop unnecessary complaints and try to put a little sacrifice in the bid to make him/her happy

  1. Surprisingly, in my job one of the top ways to impress my boss is to leave them alone. Don’t get me wrong, they want to be included for huge problems but they just want to be left alone when it comes to the small things. They have too many other things on their plate than to be worrying about little old me.
    .-= Adam´s last blog ..My Call From a Debt Collector =-.

    • Adam – Bosses do want to be left alone. Great addition! We all need to find the correct balance between keeping the boss informed and bugging him/her. Thanks for adding your thoughts!

  2. This a very well written post and I really liked the Zig Zagler quote.

    The first point made alone is where some people go wrong – we take advice but often forget to thank the person giving the advice once we use it. It may be for the smallest thing or a large scale problem – but unfortunately most of us are losing our manners :(

    My ex-boss was amazing to work with – I always felt that he kept me on par with him as opposed to working for him and that was a great confidence booster in an industry dominated by men (I’m an events planner) especially in India.

    I reckon I’ve managed to implement all of the above points successfully except for some gossip talks – which I suppose is natural especially in moments of frustration !
    .-= Dazediva´s last blog ..Tis The Season TO Be Jolly =-.

    • Dazediva – The follow-up thank you is what will impress your boss and you are right that most of us forget to do this. If you really want maximum impact, hand-write a brief thank you note and put it on their desk.

      We’ve all fallen short on some of these points. The key is to keep trying our best. Thanks for commenting!

  3. thanx for the great post, I used some of your points today on my radio program. Before getting my contract renewed my boss spoke to me extensively about point number ten.

  4. some organization dont just realize and apriciate what you do.i want to use the follow up i think it will work positive for me.

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