Real Commitment: Would You Crawl Across Broken Glass?

PinExt Real Commitment: Would You Crawl Across Broken Glass?

broken glass Real Commitment: Would You Crawl Across Broken Glass?
How committed are you to what you are doing?

It takes passion and commitment to move a cause forward. Others have to vividly see this in you or they simply will not believe you and follow your persuasion.

We often go about our mission in life on autopilot.  We approach even vitally important matters with half-heartedness especially when it takes years to see it through to completion. 

In what do you believe?  How committed are you to your cause?  Will your present level of commitment be enough? These are important questions to ask yourself.

The story of Charles Peace

“Sir, I do not share your faith.  But if I did – if I believed what you say you believed – then although England were covered with broken glass from coast to coast, I would crawl the length and breadth of it on hand and knee and think the pain worthwhile, just to save a single soul from this eternal hell of which you speak.” ~Charles Peace

Charles Peace was a career criminal in England in the 1800s.  He committed numerous burglaries and was ultimately convicted and hanged for murdering a man.  Charles made the statement above to a reverend that visited him prior to his execution.  It was the reverend’s job to give Peace the opportunity to confess his crimes and save his soul prior to his execution.

Apparently, the reverend provided this type of service for the prison regularly.  It might have become somewhat routine to him.  Apparently, this was obvious to Charles Peace.  The reverend’s passion and commitment to his faith obviously did not shine through to Charles.  He was not convincing.

Passion and commitment are essential in any cause.

We cannot persuade others and get them behind us in our cause, no matter what it is, if we lack passion and commitment!  We must demonstrate our commitment to everyone around us.  They have to see it in our actions and hear it in our voice.  It isn’t so much the words you say as it is the way you say it.  You don’t have to be an eloquent speaker to persuade people, but you do have to be able to convey your passion to them.  They have to feel it. 

Charles Peace did not feel the reverend’s passion and therefore he was not convinced.  Maybe this is why others aren’t jumping on the bandwagon of your cause.  Maybe they don’t feel your passion.  Have you lost the fever?

We must be willing to go the distance and give it all.

Obstacles will always arise to block us from attaining our goals.  However, if we are truly committed, then we will not be deterred.  Notice that Charles says if he believed, he would crawl the length and breadth of England across broken glass to convince others.  In other words, he wouldn’t hold anything back.  The pain would be worth it.  He would go the distance and do whatever it took to meet the demands of his cause.

Are you giving it your all?  A good cause will demand sacrifice.  There will always be a struggle to accomplish anything worthwhile.  Pain is a part of the game.  What are you willing to give?

Time to reevaluate our level of commitment.

I imagine the reverend reflected heavily on Charles Peace’s statement to him.  In fact, I think it probably haunted him.  Was he truly committed and passionate about his faith?  This was a question he had to wrestle with.  The reverend had dedicated his life to his cause, but had the flame burned out?

It often takes something like the reverend’s encounter with Charles Peace to rock us out of our sleepwalk.  Where are you at in your level of commitment to your cause? 

Would you crawl across broken glass?

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PinExt Real Commitment: Would You Crawl Across Broken Glass?

7 thoughts on “Real Commitment: Would You Crawl Across Broken Glass?

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I’m just thinking: could Charles Peace not be convinced, not because he was not affected by the reverend’s passion but truly felt that the faith was not for him? For instance, my friend has a passion in knitting and while I may get swept by her enthusiasm when she talks about her hobby, I know that I do not have the patience for this hobby and will therefore never pick it up.


  2. @Evelyn: Your thinking is right. A person’s cause probably won’t fit everyone. However, if you are trying to convince as many as possible, you need to have passion and commitment. I think the quote serves as a gut check. To me, the phrase, “if I believed what you say you believed”, gives us some indication that the reverend’s belief was spoken, but maybe not in such a way as to be convincing. Of course, I am only speculating.

    Thanks for the well-thought out comment!

  3. It often takes something like the reverend’s encounter with Charles Peace to rock us out of our sleepwalk. Where are you at in your level of commitment to your cause?

    Do you have any tips on extending that feeling? You know the one that someone in your life close to you passes away and it pushes you do to more and realise that life is short…

    Great post


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  5. This is a thought provoking article for me. I’ve been involved in some activities for my kids through their school. I have become burnt out, and the passion is gone. And because of the the commitment is gone as well – which has led to others losing interest. I’m struggling with this. Your post is helpful in me determining how I should proceed. Thank you.

  6. @Glen: I have written a few posts in the past about using emotion and intensity to accomplish things in life. However, I may take your idea and write a more focused post along these lines.

    @Lance: I’m glad you found this helpful! When I wrote this, I was hoping it would do for someone exactly what it has done for you. The quote defintely made me stop and think when I first read it.

    Thanks for your comments!

  7. Nice post. I find that I’m of the same mindset as the criminal with last name peace. He’s at peace with his beliefs – as I am.

    You’ve made me question what is really important in life. I’ve been in this thought pattern for about six months now. Constantly asking myself – what is it that stand for? What is it that I am totally committed to? So far, there’s only one answer. My girlfriend. That’s it. Work could change. My writing could go away. I could stop exercising… lots of things could change – and the only thing I’m totally committed to is keeping my relationship with her going – it’s the best experience and worthy of crawling through glass.

    Now, there are other topics that could also be worthy of it… just need to clarify what they are and begin to focus on those. Is there really a profound reason to run 17 blogs? Nah. I really should be focusing just one a couple areas I’m really passionate about. Helping others get through the awful hand they’ve been dealt in life is one such passion.

    Anyway, thanks again for the reminder! I saw your tweet. Best of Life!

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