Simplicity in Life: 10 Free Resources To Achieve It

PinExt Simplicity in Life: 10 Free Resources To Achieve It

bright flower Simplicity in Life: 10 Free Resources To Achieve It Want to simplify your life?

A simpler life is a better life.  Clutter, busyness and disorganization cause stress.  They also waste time and energy that could be better spent on more enjoyable activities.

We all need to make simplicity a priority in life.  However, it may not come naturally to you. 

Well, I have some good news because I’ve assembled some incredible resources to help you get started with simplicity.  In these articles, you’ll find a lot of no nonsense, practical advice that will have you leading a simpler life in no time at all!

10 Fabulously Free Resources for Achieving Simplicity

Toss out all the stuff that is cluttering up your life so you can live light and free!  There is no need to hang on to piles of seldom used possessions or to other complexities.

Let’s get started!  Here are the resources you’ll need:

1.  Start with learning the benefits of simplicity

Every endeavor in life requires you have the right motivation to succeed.  Once you have a clear understanding of all the benefits of simplifying your life then you are sure to jump into the process with enthusiasm.  I highly encourage you to take a look at the 14 Benefits Of Simplicity That Lead To A Good Life to get the proper motivation.

2.  Go even deeper to get the proper perspective on your stuff

How much stuff do we actually need to be happy?  You’ll find a very interesting discussion on this topic in Stuff-onomics: Hidden Side of What You Own.  Even when we know we should let go of some of our stuff, it isn’t always easy.  This article will prime you emotionally to turn loose of unneeded stuff and it will give you a system to evaluate what to keep and what to ditch.

3.  Stimulate your mind with ideas on where you can simplify

Simplicity is something to embrace in every area of life.  However, everyone is different.  You may do fine in some areas, but need help in others.  Take a look at the Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life as a resource to help zero in on where you could improve.  Don’t get overwhelmed!  Just use this list to stimulate some ideas!

4.  Zero in on 2 or 3 areas where you can really make a difference

Want an easy-to-digest list to help you identify just a few areas of focus?  Check out 30 Ways to Make Your Life More Simple.  It is brief and to the point, yet extremely useful.  You can scan these suggestions in just a minute or two and walk away with some truly meaningful ways to make your life more simple.

5.  Embrace a step-by-step methodical approach to simplifying

If you are the type that likes to breakdown big projects into bite-sized chunks, then read Simplify Your Life in Six Simple Steps.  It will help you to systematize your simplification efforts.  I particularly like the idea of becoming a “90-percenter” so I can enjoy more of the good stuff that life has to offer.

6.  Simplify and get more out of life all at the same time

Simplifying does not mean giving up things.  It means letting go of the bulk so you can live a lighter and more enjoyable life.  I think this is best expressed in 27 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life.  This list really offers some fantastic ways to simplify and get more from life all at the same time.  Trust me, there is more to abundance than just accumulating piles of stuff!

7.  Rid yourself of the waste that is dragging you down

What wastes your time?  Identify this and you will instantly add hours to your days.  In 10 Ways to Simplify and Eliminate Waste in Your Life, you’ll find a powerful method to find and destroy the things that are draining you of your most precious commodity.  The recommendations are all excellent and there isn’t a word wasted!

8.  Wrap your mind around uncluttering

Uncluttering or decluttering, whichever you prefer, is a specialized task that is a big part of simplicity.  If you have packrat tendencies, then you definitely want to read the Seven benefits of uncluttering to help wrap your mind around this concept.  Clutter costs us in a number of ways that often go unrealized so there are probably benefits on this list that never crossed your mind before.

9.  Step into decluttering with these terrific techniques

Eliminating all your clutter at once may be too overwhelming.  If so, then take a look at Decluttering 101 for some excellent techniques that will help you get started without freaking out your inner packrat.  Personally, I like the “just a box” strategy mentioned in this article, but you might find one of the other suggestions more helpful.

10.  Graduate to a clutter-free home

Once you’ve mastered the basics of clearing the clutter, then you will be ready to move up to the big leagues of simplicity.  In Keep Your Home Clutter-Free, you’ll learn a proactive approach to preventing clutter.  This approach will not only simplify your life, but it will also save you money.  What a terrific bonus!

Simplicity Resources to Help You Find the Best Life

Underneath it all, you have a great life!  You just need to uncover it from all the entanglements that have accumulated over the years.  Simplicity is like ripping off a band-aid.  Getting from here to there just hurts for a moment and then you’ll see with your own eyes that everything is all better!

What tips do you have to offer for achieving simplicity in life?

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PinExt Simplicity in Life: 10 Free Resources To Achieve It

8 thoughts on “Simplicity in Life: 10 Free Resources To Achieve It

    • Thanks, Mandi! A simple, organized and clutter-free life is one stripped of the entanglements that drag us down and keep us from leading the best life possible. I hope these resources help people to make positive changes in that direction.

  1. Thanks for this list, Jeff. It’s a fantastic compilation of ideas and links, and I can’t wait to read the ones I haven’t seen yet. I will be sure to be back!

    • Ashley – I’m glad to be able to put this together for you and all my other readers. The articles that I linked to are fantastic and provide some of the best information I could find on how to live a simpler life. Enjoy!

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