Smart Living Rule 8 – Never Stop Learning and Growing

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happy reader thumb Smart Living Rule 8   Never Stop Learning and Growing What have you learned recently?

I know one thing.  Life never stands still.  Neither should you!  You’ve got to continually challenge yourself to grow and learn if you want to experience smart living

Those that excel in life never stop perfecting their craft and exploring new avenues of enlightenment.  Grow yourself into a wonderful life! 

You really have to be a continual learner to survive today

It is easy to get lulled into thinking that you’ve made it.  You are at the top of your game so why not kick back and enjoy it? 

Or maybe you’ve gone the other way.  Maybe you think that you’ll never make it so why not just take it easy and coast through life.  When you tried to get ahead it never worked out anyway.

These are both dangerous ways to think.  I believe we all need periods of rest and relaxation, but way too many people make this their way of life instead of just an intermission.

They act as if the world is standing still.  Well, it is not!  You are either moving forward or sliding backward, but you are never just standing still.

Ideas and new ways of thinking move more rapidly today than they ever have in history.  We can instantly communicate and collaborate with people around the world with just the click of a mouse on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You’ve got to be continually learning and expanding your understanding or you’ll become obsolete.  You will get left behind and before you know it someone else will have taken over your job, your clients and your livelihood.

Examples of how the world has changed in just the last 10 years

Here are just a few examples of how the world has changed in just the last ten years:

  • Almost two-thirds of U.S. homes now have broadband Internet access.
  • Social networking sites have sprang up like rabbits and have more reach than e-mail.
  • The number of people using mobile phones has tripled in the U.S.
  • Digital Video Recorders like TiVo give us the ability to watch what we want, when we want.
  • Apple’s iTunes and iPod have transformed the way music is sold and distributed.
  • Amazon is doing the same thing to books with the Kindle Smart Living Rule 8   Never Stop Learning and Growing that Apple did to music.

It used to be if you wanted to connect with someone that you picked up the phone and called them or you went over to their house.  Now, you visit their Facebook page or text them.

It used to be if you wanted the latest song playing on the radio that you went to a store and bought a CD (anybody remember cassettes?).  Now, you simply logon to iTunes and download it to your iPod.

It used to be if you wanted to read a book you had to go to a bookstore or the library to pick it up, if they had a copy in stock.  Now you can purchase it online and start reading it on your Kindle in a matter of minutes from just about anywhere.

All these changes have come about in the last ten years and they just scrape the surface! 

Great video that illustrates the need for continual learning

I ran across this video that I think really challenges us to consider all the changes going on in our world today. 

If you dismiss this stuff you are really going to fall behind.  These are not just subtle changes. 

They are giant shifts in the way we as a society communicate.

This stuff is truly revolutionary!  Don’t get left behind.  Learn what you can now before it is too late!

Check out the video to learn what it is all about:

Isn’t that amazing!  The world is definitely changing!  There is no way that you can stop learning and still expect to move forward in life.  Smart living requires us to be continual learners!

Assignment: Get busy learning and growing for smart living!

What are you doing?!?  It is time to learn something new!  Here are just a few ideas on how to get started applying this smart living rule to your life:

  1. Open your mind to the possibilities – Many of us get stuck in a rut and need something to help us open our minds to new possibilities.  If this is you, then I highly recommend reading the following articles to stimulate some new possibilities that you can pursue.

    I Feel Trapped In My Life
    50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do
    Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

  2. Start learning something new – Get out there and learn something new today!  Here’s a list of some suggested activities to help you become a student again.

    - Get certified to scuba dive
    - Take a photography course
    - Read a great non-fiction book on a new subject
    - Buy a new gadget and learn how to work it
    - Sign-up and learn to use Twitter
    - Pick a place, research it and then travel there
    - Take an adult education class at a local college
    - Watch some of the fantastic videos on
    - Get a part-time job teaching something (great learning experience!)
    - Start a square foot garden
    - Keep reading this blog! (shameless plug!)

Smart living requires us to never stop learning and growing!

It is never too late to learn something new!  You can expand your job skills, acquire a new hobby or simply broaden your understanding of the world.  I just urge you to never stop following your curiosities and inquisitiveness.  The rewards are endless!  Being a continual learner is a prerequisite for smart living!

Follow this link to discover all the rules for Smart Living.

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PinExt Smart Living Rule 8   Never Stop Learning and Growing

5 thoughts on “Smart Living Rule 8 – Never Stop Learning and Growing

  1. This is actually an area I struggle with…the smart media, etc. I just started a twitter account a month ago and I’m still figuring it out.

    However, I am doing better at education. While I’m not taking adult continuing education, I have decided to go back to school for my master’s degree.
    .-= Dan´s last blog ..Mentoring in Fundraising =-.

  2. Hi, thanks for this post. The world is moving ahead with technology so that’s for reminding us that we need to constantly learn to keep up to date. It’s crazy that just in the last 10 years, we are able to transform a society where it was hard to get in touch with people to a society that now can get in touch with almost anybody instantly.
    .-= Tristan Lee´s last blog ..Success Story #3: Harland Sanders =-.

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