Ten Staycation Articles For Your Fun and Enjoyment!

PinExt Ten Staycation Articles For Your Fun and Enjoyment!

sunbathing Ten Staycation Articles For Your Fun and Enjoyment! Is your budget for vacation and spring break this year a little limited?

Well, you might need to consider a staycation.  This is the latest term for a stay-at-home vacation.  Isn’t it nifty?

With proper planning and an open mind, a staycation can be relaxing and enjoyable.  It might be just what the doctor ordered for the recreation and rejuvenation you need!

Here are ten articles to help you properly plan your staycation

The key to a fantastic staycation is to put a little forethought into it.  You need to plan it just like you would a vacation away from home.

Fortunately, several authors (including me) have already done a lot of the work for you.  We have written some terrific staycation articles that will cut your research time in half.

Here’s everything you need to know to have a wonderful staycation!

1.  Convincing your family a staycation is the right thing to do

Last year when gas prices were so high, I wrote Beat High Gas Prices This Summer With A Staycation.  In that article, I detailed how a hometown vacation could not only save you money, but could also be more relaxing than a traditional vacation.

Well, gas prices have gone down, but the need to conserve our money and to chill out are probably even more desirable now than a year ago.  The benefits I offer should make a staycation very attractive to even the most seasoned traveler.

2.  A staycation can even be a good choice for teens on spring break

Our teens may have to stay a little closer to home this year for spring break.  Family budgets are tight so, airfare may be out of the question.  Fortunately, this article offers 10 At-home Spring Break Activities That Can Turn Blah to Fun.

Honestly, some of the suggestions in this article appeal to me too!  They are a little more on the adventurous side.  In fact, your teens might gain a whole new respect for their local area after you help them use these ideas to plan a spring break staycation!

3.  College students can even enjoy a spring break staycation

Cancun and Fort Lauderdale might be a little quieter this year.  However, lack of funds is no excuse for co-ed boredom.  Yes, even college students can plan themselves a great time while staying close to home or the university.

In Staycation, All I Ever Wanted: 10 Ideas for Your Spring Break at Home, Emily offers some terrific ideas like hosting a dinner party and having a weeklong film festival as ways to recuperate during the week without classes.

4.  Got preschoolers?  You can still enjoy a successful staycation

Let’s face it, preschoolers can be a challenge on any vacation.  They can be cute, cuddly and loving one minute and holy terrors the next. 

Have you ever experienced the frustration and embarrassment when your toddler has a meltdown in a restaurant or other public place?  If you have a child under five, then chances are you have.

Well, Simple Mom says a staycation can still be fun even with a preschooler.  In Maximize Your Staycation With Preschoolers, she offers some tips you absolutely should read to ensure your time away from work is the pleasurable and relaxing time you desire!

5.  Staycation fun for school-aged children

Okay, we’ve covered the teens, college co-eds and preschoolers.  What about school-aged children?  Well, in Frugal Living: “Family Fun Staycations”, you’ll find all kinds of fabulous ideas to entertain your students during their free time.

This article offers suggestions on everything from fun web sites to theme days.  You can pack a week with back-to-back activities with what you’ll find here.  It will save you from hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored” during the break!

6.  Still need more ideas for things to do on a staycation?

I hope you’re not superstitious because Debbie offers us 13 things to do on a staycation.  The only thing that will doom your alternative vacation is not reading this article!

This list of fantastic fun will help keep you out of your normal routine and on track to rediscover all the recreation available just minutes from you home!

7.  Enjoy the outdoors?  This will set your staycation on the right path

For most of us, there are a ton of great adventures to be found just around the corner from our homes.  Our local state parks and recreation areas are super places to unwind and reawaken the Grizzly Adams in us all.

Sound inviting?  Well, this article will provide you with excellent tips for getting the most from an outdoor staycation.  I love the suggestion to go geocaching or take a hike!

8.  Staycations aren’t just fun, they are also green!

A staycation is not only inexpensive and fun, it can be eco-friendly as well!  Staying close to home can have a lower impact on the environment.  For instance, it preserves fossil fuels and reduces pollution.

How to Take a Money-saving Eco-friendly Staycation gives us tips on vacationing at-home and being green at the same time.

9.  What about the food?  Good meals make a staycation great!

I love eating new and interesting foods when I travel.  Well, fortunately you don’t have to sacrifice the culinary experience when you choose a staycation this year!

Here are some tropical recipes to spice up your staycation.  This article includes ideas for complete exotic meals.  You can learn to make everything from Caribbean salsa to Acapulco Chicken!  No duds for your taste buds here.

10.  A big list of ways to enjoy yourself to wrap things up

The simple pleasures in life are the best!  Marc and Angel offer us 101 Dirt Cheap Ways to Enjoy Yourself.  This one isn’t exclusively about staycations, but it certainly provides things to do that fit very nicely with the concept.

You are sure to discover some things that would have never otherwise crossed your mind in this fantastic list.

A staycation can be a fun-filled time for the whole family!

Even if you were skeptical at first, I hope you can know see all the possibilities that a staycation holds.  Who knows?  It might turn out to be the best time you’ve had with the whole family in a good long while!

Have you tried a staycation?  What was your experience?

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PinExt Ten Staycation Articles For Your Fun and Enjoyment!

6 thoughts on “Ten Staycation Articles For Your Fun and Enjoyment!

  1. I tried a staycation once. First I took my fly rod and snuck over my neighbor’s fence. After landing the second gold fish, I got shot in the butt with a double load of rock salt as I tried scampering back over the fence. Later the husband accused me of not fishing but stalking his wife. Two days later I went down to the neighborhood creek to try out my fly fishing skills. I had made a few real pretty casts, when a game warden snuck out of the brush and arrested me. He confiscated my $600.00 Sage Fly rod and $300.00 Orvis reel, plus all my hand tied flies. The next morning when my wife came to spring me from the local jail, she was so mad at me she refused any close contact with me for over a month. Later I had to appear before the judge and pay a $6,000.00 fine. All in all it was a pretty good vacation except for those few glitches. Okay, maybe it didn’t go exactly like this.

    Read Grayquill´s latest article – A Man’s Tools

  2. @Nicki – I’ve certainly enjoyed time off at home. My wife and I have our favorite places we love to visit. We also use the time to explore new things in our city that helps us get our of our ruts.

    @Grayquill – I tell my wife that we remember and tell more stories about the vacations that went wrong that we do the ones that went right. Big adventures make great tales!

    Thanks so much for your comments!

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