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caged I Feel Trapped In My Life Are you stuck in a rut?  Has life lost its luster for you?

It seems that many people feel trapped in the life they are leading.  The kicker is that nothing too bad is actually happening.  What I mean is that there are no current crises going on.  No one has cancer or has passed away unexpectedly or has even lost their job

It’s just that life has become very boring, predictable and irritating.  Can you relate to this? 

I certainly can.  I’ve struggled with feeling trapped in my life from time-to-time over the years.  It kind of sneaks up on you.  You build a nice, comfortable life and then bam!  You wake up one morning bored out of your gourd.

The good news is that you don’t have to live life this way.  There are options.  You may not see them right now, but we can work on that.

Five ways to make that trapped in my life feeling vanish

No matter how trapped you may feel, I guarantee you that it is not as bad as it seems.  You still have a lot of control and freedom.  You just need to open your eyes and see the possibilities.

Here are some things I do to make the feelings of being trapped vanish.

1.  Imagine what you want your life to be like a year from now

Your life is largely determined by the vision you have for it.  I don’t think there is any hocus pocus in this.  It’s just that nothing can happen in our lives until we first imagine it and then act upon making it come true.  Trust me on this.  Take 30 minutes and write out what you’d like your life to look like a year from now if everything went perfectly your way.  You’ll be amazed at how uplifting this exercise is for you!

2.  Start actively practicing gratitude

You have plenty of things to be thankful for if you just take a few minutes to acknowledge them.  Make a list.  Yes, a list.  Come on, just do it.  Write down at least 25 things that you have to be grateful for.  Twenty-five?!?  Yes, twenty-five.  It will stretch you, but you can do it.  Once you have the list read over it.  See.  You do have a lot to be grateful about.  Also, this is your list of assets that can carry you to that vision you created in Step 1.

3.  Talk to someone about your feelings

Get your feelings out in the open with your spouse, a trusted friend or a counselor.  Oftentimes, just saying it all out loud will help you to see that life isn’t as bad as it seems.  Plus, the encouragement you are likely to receive will be like a vitamin to your soul.  Open up and discuss your feelings of being trapped and it could be the key that unlocks a new sense of optimism for you!

4.  Read or engage in something uplifting

Find some inspiration online, in a book or at an event.  You need positive inputs right now.  Fortunately, there are a ton of options for you to swing your mind to the positive and to help you see all the freedom you have available.  If you are religious, attend your church or synagogue.  This is another great way to lift the fog from your life.  Find a source of inspiration that lifts your thinking and gets you out of that pit.

5.  Make a stand

Decide today that you will no longer follow the path of least resistance in your life.  Decide today to make a stand and improve your life for the better.  Decide today that you will start working to be free!  Being happy and living life to the fullest is a choice.  It is available to you.  However, there is a cost.  Are you willing to do the work and make the choices necessary to have a better life?  I challenge you to make a stand.

Spring open the door and grab hold of all that freedom!

Take one small step today to free yourself and you will see a world of opportunities open up to you.  Be consistent with practicing these strategies and you will accomplish things that will amaze you!  Your mind might resist, but it will change its tune rapidly if you just try my suggestions!

Are you feeling trapped?  What are you going to do about it?

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PinExt I Feel Trapped In My Life

41 thoughts on “I Feel Trapped In My Life

  1. It all comes from within. If one feels trapped in their life or job it is a matter of perception. What makes the difference is how we talk to, think about, and relate to ourselves first and foremost. If we see our self as stuck, we have already talked it up in our mind to the point where it has become true, even if it’s not. And how could it be true, how could we really be stuck in our life? We are all in control of our destiny, we just have to take the reins.

    • I love this piece. It is a great help to me. I never leave a comment on any piece I guess I will start doing that for a change that I want in my life. Life is so boring to me right now I will try what u suggested and will always give u a feed back. Thanks

  2. @Glen – Glad to know that the title caught your eye! ;)

    @Matt – I agree. We can make whatever changes we want in our lives, but sometimes circumstances seem overwhelming or the cost of making a change seems too high. Debt, past choices and relationships often make us feel like we are stuck. These thoughts and feelings of being trapped can become very strong. I hope the practical steps I’ve offered will help my readers to see there are alternatives.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments!

  3. I felt like this once and the most helpful thing was to talk to someone about it. It was my thoughts about my situation that were keeping me feeling trapped, not the actual situation. Talking about it with someone can change your feelings in an instant. Knowledge is power and you can’t expect yourself to have all the answers or know all the options on your own.

  4. Stuck in a rut is a good way to describe that trapped by my life feeling. I was actually a long haul truck driver for nearly four years and that was a perfect example of feeling trapped. I was only home for 3-4 days a month, and the job consumed my life. I have nothing against the company I worked for, it was just the nature of the job. By the time I finally quit I was so desperate to do all of the things that I had been missing like playing softball, dropping by a friends house on a normal evening, basically living a normal life. When I finally quit so I could get a job and be home every night it was like being released from prison. I was afraid that I would never get out of that job – that I would always find an excuse that I could use to justify staying there a little longer. What I learned as a result of that experience is that as tough as the challenge seems and as huge as the change to your life may be, you can always improve your life. The hard part is figuring out how and finding the motivation to actually do it.
    .-= WP´s last blog ..Why Bernard Madoff Deserves Every Second of His Punishment =-.

  5. @WP – Thanks for sharing your story! My father-in-law used to be a truck driver and he loved it. This just goes to show you that what is one man’s hell is another’s heaven. We each have to own our lives and build them to be what we want and not what someone else might desire.

    Glad to hear you’ve made a change for the better!

  6. I am 18 years old and currently am a freshman at a college on long island, new york. I commute to and from school every day. I feel trapped. I feel lost. I feel like everybody from my high school has moved on and made a new lives for themselves, and here I am, stuck. I am bored with my life. I do not want to be at this school anymore, and tried to transfer after my first semester to a school in new york city, but did not get in. I feel like all my pursuits will never go anywhere and that I am wasting time in this school. I am not following my dreams. i feel like i can’t follow my dreams. I had a hard time in through out my elementary-high school years adjusting and making friends. I did not have a/do not have such a great relationship with my father. I’m not skinny but i’m not fat. People say I’m good looking but i think i’m ugly. I decided to start pushing for my dreams of living in the city and having an internship by the summer, but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna work. I feel like all these factors are preventing from following my dreams. I want to be a superstar. I want to perform at Madison Square garden. But i don’t think i have a voice. But i want to be famous. I want to break boundaries and follow my dreams. But I don’t think I can. I don’t want this life anymore. I’m so lonely. and bored. and i feel like my life is repeating itself everyday. I’m jealous of my friends. And I feel like i’ve always been such a nice person, and that the people who have been cruel are getting ahead in life. I want my dreams. I feel trapped. I don’t know what to do.

    • Lonely soul – I’m concerned about you. Your comment worries me a little because I can hear your distress and frustration. I really feel for your situation and want to help. You are NOT alone, but it is up to you to turn things around.

      There are three things that I want you to do:

      1. I want you to find someone to talk to. It could be a counselor, adult relative or a life coach. I sincerely think you need an empathetic ear to listen to your concerns and to help you sort them out. You might need to go to a few different people until you find the right one that is willing and able to help you. Don’t get discouraged if the first person you approach doesn’t work out. Keep searching until you find a trusted advisor that can speak some encouragement and guidance into your life. This is your first priority.

      2. I want you to get a copy of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield to read. You can check it out at the library or buy it. If you get these principles ingrained in your head now, then you will be able to do and acheive whatever you want in your life. Read this book!

      3. The third thing I want you to do is start actively practicing gratitude. You may think this sounds corny, but I can assure you it works. You probably won’t feel like doing it at first, but do it anyway. Take a few minutes every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed to write down at least 5 things that you are grateful for. They can be simple things like the sun is shining or I’m having lunch with a friend today. Make sure you write them down and reflect on them for a few minutes. This will have an enormously positive impact on your mood which will make you happier and will also make all your pursuits go better. Google “gratitude journal” for more information on this.

      Finally, let me remind you that you are only 18! I know it seems like everyone else’s life is taking off, but you have plenty of time to be wildly successful. Slow and steady wins the race! I’ve been in your shoes and I know it seems overwhelmingly depressing, but you can do this. You just need to go at your own pace and give yourself the time, support and space to grow into your full potential. Don’t give up so early!

      Please follow my suggestions and keep me posted on your progress!

  7. If it was only as easy as you make it sound.
    I don’t feel trapped, I am trapped.
    I was forced to work for my dad, my girl pushed and pushed until she forced me to say yes. Now she living with me. I have a ton of responsibilities. I have been doing the same fucking thing for 3 years. I hate it, and I hate almost every aspect of my life!
    What do I tell the people who rely on me? “I am bored so now I’m gonna screw all your lives up”. I wish I could just leave but my conscience keeps me back.

    It’s not money. It’s not the girl. I just feel that I have no controll over my life and all my important decisions have been made to suite others.

    I have fallen into bad habbits now. I don’t visit my family anymore. I don’t have any friends anymore. My social life is a disaster (altough i kinda like not being social at all). Work and my girl takes all my time. The only time I can do what I want is when i’m taking a dump.

    Life is just too fucking hard man. Maybe I should just give it all up and run away….

    • Dear L, You might not like me pointing this out, but you are playing the victim. I’m not judging you. I want to help you, but first you have to accept responsibility for your role. Here is how I see it. You have chosen the path of least resistance and although you don’t like the result, you aren’t accepting responsbility for your choices and doing something to fix it. This is classic victim behavior. You want to blame someone else and act like life has handed you a raw deal. You may have made the choices passively, but they were your choices, you made them. Now that the bad choices are behind you, you are in a hole that is harder to get out of than if you would have stood up to your father and girl to begin with. Does this sum it up pretty well? Again, I hope you will give me the latitude here to boldly confront you.

      Running away is not the way to fix this. It will only cause you more problems. Please think of me as a good, old friend that isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. You need to man up! You need to start actively making positive choices in your life. It is going to take some time, but you can untangle yourself from the things you don’t like. You just have to do it gently and patiently, but persistently. I’d suggest you make a list of the top three things that most lead you to feel trapped. Be specific. Now, create a plan to start making small, tiny changes to regain control. You say that I make it all sound so easy. Well, the steps you need to take are pretty simple, but you are right, they are not easy. You are going to need to stand up, make some hard choices and live with the consequences. This is called being a man. Stop wallowing in “poor old me” and start doing something to give yourself a sense of pride and control.

      You can do this. I know you can. You just need to calm down and take a logical, well-thought out approach. I wish you the best!

  8. I started to do the list and I could not go above nine things or persons. I started and my phone for minutes trying to come up with the tenth thing and could not. I agree with what is stated that nothing severe is going on. I am not sick, I have a job that people want, and I have a comfortable living. Yet, I hate all of it, I feel out of place and pressured as if I were conforming to someone’s idea of what my life should be like. It doesn’t make sense, but I feel stuck and bored out of my mind.

  9. I get what you are saying Jeff. I had a really bad day yesterday and I came across this site, so I decided to post my feeling here. I understand what I have to do, but I don’t know how.
    I really don’t mind my girl and have gotten used to my father’s controlling nature.
    I get bored with my job because there is nothing exciting about Labour Broking. I have so much stress and constant BS that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I can cope but sometimes I just lose it, and it affects my whole day. My dreams have been on hold so long that I don’t even know what I wanted to do in the first place. My life has had some dramatic changes because of the “passive” decisions I have made. I want to get back on track and live my own life but there is allot of mouths that need to be fed out of our company. I have become a competent HR manager and my dad no longer feels the need to be arround. In his mind I have controll of the company. That puts the responsibilty of 3000 employees solely on my shoulders. I never wanted this but I have past the point of no return. The future might have a fork in the road for me, but I know I have to choose the way..

    • L, I wish you the best. One positive thing I read is that it sounds like you might have some money. Money opens up a lot of options. You might not be able to change everything about your circumstances, but you should look for small ways to improve what you hate the most. Maybe you can afford some interesting and adventurous vacations to spice things up a bit. Also, maybe you can hire a personal assistant or other person to help free you up from some of the more monotonous tasks you have to perform. There are almost always ways to make things better. I’d encourage you to look for what you can change. Another idea is hiring an executive coach to help you restructure some of your responsibilities so you can enjoy life more. Chances are if you are truly as bored and unhappy as you say, that you won’t be able to hold things together for too long. It is better to take action now to try to fix things before they fall apart on you. I hope it all works out.

  10. Hey Jeff,
    So, I read your post and I also read the great advice you’ve given to those in your comments section.
    I found your blog post because I googled, ‘I feel trapped”. Yes, I’ve gotten to the point where I am at a loss for what to do I am Googling sayings in hopes that an answer will appear. Of course, in life there is no magic recipe, not even one that can be delivered through Google’s complex algorithms. But I am glad it brought me to your site.

    If I could share as well…
    You see, I really used to love life. I used to have FUN. My friends knew me as the girl with spunk and liveliness. But I’ve lost that. To what I don’t know. And it’s been for so long that I can’t even pinpoint it. Indecision over time becomes decision, and now I feel trapped in Limbo.
    I’m in a relationship with an amazing guy for almost 4 years. But I feel like I’m dieing inside in the relationships now. I’ve begged and pleaded for him to let me go, just for a little bit, but he just pulls me in stronger. I’m not strong enough to walk away.
    And I’ve felt like this for so long that it seems the indecision and heavy weight of my relationship is spreading like wildfire into every other area of my life.

    Anyway, I hate to complain. I’m all about taking action but I’ve become immobile. I’ve never posted a comment like this before.
    I think I’ll take your advice above to find someone to talk to – a counselor or life coach – I think having someone to help me organize my scattered thoughts might be just what I need.

    Well, thanks for the post! I enjoyed it and appreciate your sincerity in your words above.

    LAUREN :)

    • Lauren, you are so right that there is no magic recipe that can solve all life’s problems. I’d certainly never claim that I have one. However, I do know that answers seem to come once you start taking positive action. I’d definitely recommend talking to a counselor or life coach. It sounds like you could use the encouragement and direction. I think it would do wonders for you. I hope you stick around and let me know how things turn out for you.

  11. I really enjoyed this article. It is something that I have struggled with for a long time. I was comfortable in a job that I hated, but was to afraid to do anything else. In November of 2009 I was given the gift of unemployment. It has been a struggle trying to manage my life and family with very little money, but at least I had a roof over my head and loving parents on both side that were helping keep my children fed.

    Each year, for the last four, have seemingly been getting worse. The only thing that gets me through these struggles is that, tomorrow is a new start. I feel the lack of joy and I don’t feel like I am living this life I was given to it’s fullest! I don’t want to share the lifeless, joyless life that I am leading now in my small corner of my world with my children. I want them to see the adventure and excitment. Most certainly, the beauty that this world has to offer. So my adventure begins, my voice will be heard and I hope to inspire atleast one person.

    You have a wonderful blog that I will now be following, because you have inspired me!

    • Jennifer, I’m glad to have you as a reader and I’m thrilled to hear that I inspired you. I love how you say, “I was given the gift of unemployment”. Often, people rise out of struggles to become bigger and better than ever. I wish you the best!

  12. It’s easy to spout 5 things to do to be happy. Really? Just five things? Bullshit. Even though I agree with the 5 actions, I do not think that it is easy or even possible for certain individuals to follow them. There are lots of reason; abuse, addiction, mental illness on and on goes the list.
    You must become intimate with yourself as the Buddha said when thinking of hatred one knows that one is thinking of hatred, know what the fuck your doing. Right now! Do you know? You better figure it out because the hour glass is not full.

    • John, I know that many people have suffered terrible things that makes life seem completely hopeless. Although it isn’t easy, doing what I suggest is the only way you can salvage something from nothing with the time you have left. It may not be easy to put the past aside, but it is possible and absolutely crucial that you do so. I’m cheering for you and I believe in you. Now, you need to believe in yourself. I wish you the best.

  13. Hi Jeff,
    I am a mother and have two gorgeous kids a daugter, 7 and a son 4, my partner is also a loving, caring husband and loves me crazy, weve been married 10 years now.
    The problem lies in a big mistake i feel we have made in buying a property here in England Birmingham for £190,000 which was bought in september 2007 before the recession and house prices dropped.
    The house is on rent as we can not afford to live in it just yet, we borrowed 50% of it from relatives and friends to who we are now clearing our debt, the rent pays the mortgage of the remaining 50%.
    the problem all lies with myslef feeling hugely trapped because i live with my husbands parents who we live with for free. All sounds hunky dory but i feel trapped because of the decision we made of buying the property and trying to pay off relative and friends before moving in.
    It is difficult living under someone elses roof and under their rules and especialy when you have a father inlaw who critisices you for any little mistake we make even if it means we accidently left the hallway light on we get a big lecture and a good telling off, including cant wait till you move into your own place.
    The worst is when my kids are involved
    I feel intervened, my mother inlaw intervenes with my children alot and spoils them rotten, when i try to dicipline them she intervenes and says to them dont listen to your mother we going to hit her, she also feed them sugary foods which i totaly disagree with and when i say no to her she gets offended.
    I feel i have no control over my babies and feel like a bad mother, because i am always shouting at them due to my inner frustration, i tend to take it out on the poor souls.
    My children are challenging kids, my son is over hyper and tends to throw a tantrum over simple reasons and because i feel like i am always shouting at them i feel they are more badly behaved.
    My husband is hardly home he works all day and comes in the evening at 8pm just when the kids are ready for bed, so i am the one dealing with them all the tima apart from weekends, yet most weekends my husband has things to do or places to go so again he is not home.
    My mother inlaw has daughters who come and stay pretty much every weekend and my childrens routine is all messed up when they come.
    I feel like i have made the biggest mistake by buying a house which we will not be moving into for another 3 years.We can’t even sell it at the minute as we will loose out alot of money and not get back what we paid for it as house prices have come down.
    I am now 30 and i feel like i am still treated like a kid by his parents.
    I am a perfectionist and love being neat and tidy whereas my mother inlaw is the total opposite and i have to live in an unorganised atmosphere apart from my teritories which is my bedroom and the kids room (which i decorated to my likings and organised how i like it)

    I work full time an hardly see them all day and when i do i am over tired to deal with them and not put in my 100%. I try weekend but others take over.

    What do i do?????? i feel trapped and ruled by others, i can not live my own life to how i would like it to be, others intervene too much and if I was to tell my mother inlaw how i feel about her i will be regarded as a nasty daughter inlaw and unappreciative because i live under thier roof for free.
    Just yesterday i was preparing luch for my kids and making healthy chicken wraps,my son couldnt wait as he was hungry and was screaming the house down, so my mother inlaw decided she should make hima jam sandwich, for the first time i put my foot down and told her no, she hasnt talked to me since.
    i am in a big mess and dint know what to do.What would you advice me on this sitiuation.
    Thanx Sumy xxx

  14. Hi Jeff,

    I happened to chance upon your blog by accident but I’m glad that I had. I feel so trapped by the situation I am in. Its hard to explain through words mostly because you also need to know the cultural background that I am coming from. My parents are from Southeast Asia and because of this fact are very traditional. Which wouldn’t be too bad but the problem is that I just don’t agree with their crazy traditional values, which are sexist sometimes.

    Because of this there is a lot of tension in the house and I literally cannot do anything without asking my parents for permission. The only time they even allow me some space is when its something school oriented, if its anything else they get really pissed and just start taking about how traditionally this is right and how I’m just such a bad person that I want to go out and enjoy myself. And in my culture your parents do have a lot of control, for lack of a better term, in your life. It wouldn’t be so bad but its just people who have parents from the same background are way more lenient than mine.

    Which brings me to my second reason for my depression. I have no friends within my Southeast Asian community. I am literally a stranger to them all. They know who I am virtue of the fact that we grew up together but thats where it stops. My family lost its touch the community when their own intermediate family migrated here. And I just see all their posts on Facebook and how their lives are moving forward and how their having fun and I get depressed and upset because I can’t relate to these people anymore because of this I feel trapped.

    Anyways I just needed to filter some of this information out and this seemed like a nice place to do it because you give really good advice Jeff. I hope you can shine some perspective into my life even though my post might be hard to understand and relate to.

    • Aura, hello! It is nice to meet you. Your situation is somewhat difficult for me to address because I don’t know your age. I think my advice would be quite different depending on how old you are. If you could tell me your age, then that would help.

    • @Aura: Aura i just read your post to Jeff and i realised…YOU ARE ME! I am in the exact same situtation! I too have controlling, traditional, old school Asian parents. All i want to do is get out of the house and see the world, but i can’t. In their eyes I need to study, get a good job, get married etc. We are only young Aura, it may not seem like it now, but there will come a point in our lives when our parents will finally see us as adults and we can do what we please. It just takes a bit longer in Asian culture before we are allowed to do our own thing. They mean well Aura, even if at times we dont see it.
      Also, after not seeing my asian friends for so long, I no longer fit into their clique, but by having strict parents and an Asian background i cant ever fully fit into the British community either! Sometimes i feel very frustrated by that, but other times i content myself by thinking that i’m lucky to be part of two cultures instead of just one.
      Saying that, i do still feel trapped and depressed quite often, but i think Jeff’s brilliant advice will help and i hope this post helps you to realise that you are not alone xXx

  15. Im in a long term relationship with my girlfriend. We have a 2 year old kid. We’re in huge amount of credit card debt. I love her but I’m no longer in love with her. I recently had a one night stand and I feel ashamed but it’s made me think about getting out of this situation and starting a fresh with someone new. Not the girl I had the fling with but someone else. I’d like more kids but my girlfriend can’t have any more because of medical reasons.
    We both work hard in demanding full time jobs. We have a house that needs a lot of renovation work. We dont have money to flip it over. We can’t sell it, we’d be in negative equity. We can’t rent it as its in a poor state. I don’t know what to do. I feel so trapped. There is no end in sight. I have thoughts about running away and leaving the country. I don’t feel suicidal as I know I could never do that to my daughter. I don’t go out and socialise anymore. I have no money. I don’t do anything apart from worry about money, eat, sleep and watch TV. I’m 40 next year and I feel my life is over. I think my relationship is cursed. Getting out of this situation is the only thing I can hold on to but how?
    Should I tell her how I feel. Should I tell her about the affair? It will destroy her. I care about her but i can’t see myself being with her for the rest of my days. Please help.

  16. I’m a sophomore girl in high school and for the past 6 months or so I’ve felt stuck and unhappy with my life.

    My big sister and I have always been each other’s best friends, so when she started off for her first year of college, I became more lonely and antisocial.

    I have a lot of extra time. I’d love to find fun, creative, or even volunteer opportunities to become involved in, but so far I haven’t been able to find groups to my liking.

    Often I suffer bouts of depression. My days feel empty and meaningless but for a few moments at a time. I get jealous of others. I find myself not eating healthy or sleeping well, and I become exhausted. When I go through low times, I withdraw from people and feel uncomfortable talking my situation. Since the start of my depression, I unintentionally lash out at my mom and it’s hurt our relationship. I make plans to improve my life and attitude but they never seem to stick. I need encouragement and help.

  17. I feel trapped. I fell in love with a man that has 2 teenagers!! The older male teenager constantly gets in trouble and has really put a burden on our relationship and our quality of life. We are afraid to leave our bedroom door open or leave knifes in the kitchen. We are always getting calls from the school with behavior issues. I have never lived that this before. Sometimes I just want to walk away but I don’t want to leave a great companion. I feel trapped in a situation I didn’t ever imagine would happen to me. My children are grown and never took me through this. Need help…. need some inspiration.

    Thank you

  18. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the ideas. I am trying them out today to see if they help with my trapped feelings. I have a questions about #1 – what guidelines do you have for this exercise? Or in other words, how do you discern when an idea is escapism vs. a realistic, goal-oriented view? For instance, I think it would be unhealthy to say “I won $50 Million in the lottery!”

  19. Aged 62 and retired from a stressful high powered job I had let myself go but at turn of 2012 decided to do something about it. Getting fit again, losing weight, but also coming of anti depressants. Finding your web site just a few days ago ia a real bonus for me, giving me the kick start to enjoy life again. Thanks.

  20. I don’t just think I’m trapped: I am. My FIL needed care during a terminal illness; now I’m taking care of my MIL. There are only two ways out: walk away from my SO and leave him stuck with her or wait until she dies.

    I know you mean well, but sometimes positive thinking just isn’t enough.

  21. Catherine,

    Sounds like a tough situation for you. I can understand some of what you are feeling because I was stuck in a difficult situation for the last three years. I was seriously and deeply depressed, feeling trapped and alone. In fact, I found this page around a year ago by searching for “I feel trapped” on google during one of my really bad days.

    I followed the “one year ahead” suggestion and to my utter suprise, much of what I wrote came true. Now, I don’t think that by itself was a silver bullet, but it gave me a vision, and as part of that vision I got some help from a therapist and learned more of what it means to have positive thoughts. He taught me how to use affirmations. I learned we are constantly affirming our beliefs one way or another. Whether we tell ourselves something positive or negative, we tend to create the reality around it that makes it happen. I started using positive affirmations and experienced a total turn around in my attitude and feelings. I went from feeling suicidal every day to not thinking about suicide at all. Nothing major changed about my situation, but my thinking did change and that made all the difference. After my thoughts changed, then things began to happen.

    I recommend a couple of readings for you if you are interested:

  22. Trapped in a nice, comfortable life. How sad for you. Why don’t you try being trapped in a life that SUCKS? Maybe then you wouldn’t be so bored, poor baby.

    • Nanette, I’m sensing a little hostility. :) Anyway, I just have one question for you, “If your life sucks, then why don’t you fix it?” I’m not trying to be mean or antagonistic. I’m just asking an honest question.

  23. Jeff, you are missing the word “trapped.” Don’t you think she would fix it if she could? Trapped, by definition, means she is restricted from getting out. Circumstances in life can and do literally trap people. Furthermore, deleting posts of differing viewpoints that contain no vulgarity is juvenile.

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