We Need To Celebrate And Enjoy The Small Things

PinExt We Need To Celebrate And Enjoy The Small Things

windowslivewriterweneedtocelebrateandenjoythesmallthings 641dcelebrate 3 We Need To Celebrate And Enjoy The Small Things Celebrating the small victories in our lives is important.  We’re all probably pretty good at celebrating holidays, birthdays, and promotions, but what about the smaller, more routine accomplishments?  It is much easier to ignore these and let them pass without acknowledging them.  In doing so, we miss out on a lot of joy in our lives.  These are opportunities to count our blessings and be grateful.  They are also a chance to reflect on how much we’ve accomplished which gives us strength to carry on.  I think that celebrating the smaller things is an important habit in living life to the fullest.

First grade awards assembly is a great example.

I will be attending my daughter’s first grade awards assembly a little later this morning.  This is what got me started thinking about celebrations.  It is so cool that the school takes time out to recognize the kids for their accomplishments over the year.  I’m sure there will be several little awards that seem almost trivial, but I don’t think they are really.  They encourage the children and help them build a sense of pride in their effort.  It helps the kids to stop and think about how far they’ve came and what they’ve learned.  If we were taught to do this as kids, then why does it seem that we have forgotten about it as adults?

Ideas of small things to celebrate in our lives.

We need to remember to celebrate more often.  We need to do what the kids are doing and take time to recognize our own accomplishments.  Not just the big ones, but all the small victories in our lives as well.  Here are some things to stimulate ideas for celebrating:

1.  Celebrate that it is Friday.

I remember when I was a teenager and Friday arrived.  There was a sense of excitement in the air all day long.  When school was out on Friday afternoon in the Spring, I remember leaving the campus with the windows rolled down and the car stereo cranked up a little louder than normal.  I celebrated the sense of freedom and adventure that the upcoming weekend promised.  I felt joy for all that I had achieved throughout the week.  We can do the same now.  Start today!  You don’t have to do something big, but do something to celebrate what you did this week and to start the weekend with an adventurous attitude.

2.  Celebrate the completion of a goal or project.

windowslivewriterweneedtocelebrateandenjoythesmallthings 641dfiesta 3 We Need To Celebrate And Enjoy The Small Things What have you accomplished lately that you missed celebrating?  Go back and reward yourself in some small way.  Buy yourself a small gift.  Go out to dinner with your family or friends in recognition of your accomplishment.  We recently paid off our last debt except for our mortgage.  My wife and I took a debt-free vacation to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate.  We even paid cash!  Of course, you don’t have to go on a vacation.  You can just buy yourself your favorite treat.  Anything that marks the event in your mind and helps you to enjoy it.  The whole purpose of setting goals and achieving things in life is to be happy.  Why miss an opportunity?

3.  Celebrate a windfall.

Many people have started receiving their Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate checks so why not celebrate this windfall a little?  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not advocating blowing the whole thing, I think you should use your rebate wisely, but taking $50 to buy your family dinner at a restaurant is fun and won’t hurt anything.  We can become so focused on getting on to the next thing, that we forget to celebrate when an unexpected good thing happens to us.

Celebrating the small things adds joy to our lives.

I hope these ideas have stimulated your thinking about what you can celebrate in your life.  My list here is by no means exhaustive.  However, it should help you to get started thinking in the right direction.  Become more mindful of the good things in your life.  The more you appreciate them, the more joy they will bring to you.  A part of living the good life is stopping long enough to relish in the moment!  Wahoo!  It is Friday!

What do you have to celebrate?  Leave a comment below and share it with us all.

Photos by -Dario- and pasotraspaso

PinExt We Need To Celebrate And Enjoy The Small Things

5 thoughts on “We Need To Celebrate And Enjoy The Small Things

  1. Jeff-I agree. We tend to get caught up in the drama and ignore the accomplishment. Or we forget the accomplishment and focus on the next goal.

    We do have to be careful that our “celebration” doesn’t undermine the value of major accomplishment. For example, young kids usually all get a trophy no matter what place they come in. This is good when they are five or six, but at some point we need to base the award on actual achievement.

    This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the small things-yeah Friday! I’m just clarifying that the reward needs to match the achievement. Finish a report…take a break. Sell $5M…buy yourself that new racket.

  2. I definitely welcome the idea of celebrations. However, I find it easier to celebrate my daugthers’ little wins rather than my own. I’m now learning that it is important to celebrate my little wins too. It helps keep the motivation going and to put things in perspective; rather than lamenting about not having reached the BIG goal yet!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. @B Smith – Agreed. The reward should match the achievement, but I think that we often ignore it all together. We tend to minimize things to the point that we never celebrate our victories. We need to live a little and enjoy what we’ve done!

    @Evelyn – It is often easier to celebrate the accomplishments of others, isn’t it? I wonder why that’s so.

    Great comments! I appreciate every one of them!

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  5. Hi!!!
    I celebrate ma health,security,peace,open doors,marriages,kids,da fact dat am alive Nd movin on,ma freedom,birthdays,deathdays and etc ,amongst da many.
    I’m in love with U and ur Site.


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