Your Life Is A Journey of Preparation: 25 Things To Do Along the Way

PinExt Your Life Is A Journey of Preparation: 25 Things To Do Along the Way

life journey Your Life Is A Journey of Preparation: 25 Things To Do Along the WayWhat is life preparing you for?

Your experiences, encounters, trials, tribulations, successes and failures are all a part of your journey of preparation.

Life gets you ready for what’s next.

If things aren’t happening for you on your desired timetable, perhaps it is because you aren’t ready yet.

Maybe you need more experience or additional skills or to let go of a bad habit.

You are a work-in-progress.  Everything that happens in your life is a stepping stone for what is next.

While you are waiting, try not to mess things up.

25 Useful Things To Do Along the Way

As you travel along on this journey, you can expedite your progress or you can obstruct it.  Woody Allen is quoted as saying, “80 percent of success is just showing up.”  In a sense that’s true.  Because as you show up, you get caught up in the current of life and it pulls you along.

Of course, there’s still the other 20%.  And it can make a BIG difference.

So, what do you do with yourself as you are waiting and trying not to get in the way?

Here are 25 useful things to do to grow, learn and accelerate toward success:

1.  Make a lot of mistakes, but eliminate failure as a possibility.

2.  Pay off your debt to lighten your load.

3.  Learn to let go of the past to eliminate the negative from your life.

4.  Get busy building stronger relationships because it is often all about WHO you know.

5.  Make healthy living a priority so you can enjoy your success when you get it.

6.  Choose to adopt success-building phrases and attitudes.

7.  Assess whether you have the patience and perseverance you need to succeed.

8.  Follow a strategy designed to help you beat stress and improve your effectiveness.

9.  Get organized and make your to-do list actually work.

10.  Learn a thing or two about the science of happiness.

11.  Start relaxing and enjoying your leisure time more fully.

12.  Toughen yourself up mentally so you can continue to show up.

13.  Realize that comfort is not an option when you desire success.

14.  Familiarize yourself with your lizard brain and how it conspires against you.

15.  Rekindle your creativity to generate new ideas.

16.  Understand that facing opposition is a good thing.

17.  Find out why procrastination is not all bad.

18.  Become irreplaceable at whatever it is that you do.

19.  Read some really great personal growth books.

20.  Create your own vision board and learn how to use it.

21.  Trim a few suckers from your life to produce more fruit.

22.  Practice frugal living basics to maximize what you get out of your money.

23.  Prepare yourself for some unexpected twists in life.

24.  Determine what you are willing to walk across broken glass for.

25.  Start celebrating even the smallest of victories that you achieve.

Enjoy the Journey and Make It Useful

Yes, life is a journey.  One of preparation. Engage in the journey and you might find the key that unlocks the door of opportunity that you’ve been stuck behind.

PinExt Your Life Is A Journey of Preparation: 25 Things To Do Along the Way

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